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File: 1336817106542.png (30.12 KB, 100x142)

  Should we allow the upskirt picture? Anonymous (e690) 20214

Let's hear what the community has to say. <br/><br/>

Poll removed. See below why.

  Anonymous (d11a) 20220

This place is getting as bad as 4chan. Thought you said you guys were better, guess you were wrong.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20222


Stop being such a whiny bitch. If the guys here don't want it it won't be allowed. Simple as that. But the real question is: do they?

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20223

File: 1336817548121.jpg (49.33 KB, 510x383)

It's getting close.

just wondering but wouldn't a proxy allow multiple votes?

  Prufrock (72fd) 20224

File: 1336817550140.jpg (46.99 KB, 604x453)

  Prufrock (72fd) 20227

Lurkers who might just be into chloe as a sex object and would probably vote yes to fakes get as much as a say as posters. Poll is a bad idea I think.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20229


> and would probably vote yes to fakes

This is not much worse than her prancing in her underwear in front of the mirror in Hick. It may be a big deal to some people however it's not that big of a deal.

And I don't care how they would vote on fakes, that will not be allowed here and is not debatable.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20231

Actually this guy has a good point


He already had an upskirt of her. The only difference is that this was taken by the paparazzi.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20234

  Prufrock (72fd) 20235


It is much worse! She and her guardians read the script to Hick and consented to everything a long the way. No consent in this pic.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20236


Like I said in the other thread "that was purely accidental. The photographer sought this then it was published as an up skirt (it's not a great picture of her is it)"

  !CalcLbWSVA 20237

>This is not much worse than her prancing in her underwear in front of the mirror in Hick. It may be a big deal to some people however it's not that big of a deal.

Exactly. The underwear part isn't really that big a deal, more the disgusting way the photographer did it… Doesn't feel right to post that kind of stuff but at the same time it isn't that terrible.

  !CalcLbWSVA 20239

Yes of course it's worse in the way that Chloe has no control over this. But the picture itself… nope.

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20240

Anons voting yes

Trips voting no


  (de00) 20241


Can someone just post it, let whoever wants it save it, and if people are still bitching by tomorrow then remove it permanently from the site.. ie. put it on the same list as fakes

  Anonymous (63e1) 20243


This was a nice experiment but not much more than that. It will be the last time I try the polldaddy solution (or any other similar one). The problem is not only that someone might use a proxy but because everyone can vote and I don't see why it should be that way.

The only votes that should count are those from the active members of the community. Are you a lurker? Well, your opinion doesn't mean squat. You haven't made your opinion heard so far, so why start now?

We'll do it the old fashioned way. Just say it here. This way I can see who gave the answer and if he is a regular poster.

I'm still not sure about this picture. Yes, it was taken without her consent but it reveals nothing we haven't seen before and the only one making a fuss about it is Pufrock (aaagain).

However as a general rule things will stay as they are unless the majority of people here feels it should be otherwise. This picture was not allowed so far. Unless people here will say they have no problem with it and they constitute a considerable majority it will remain that way.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20244


It's not the worst thing in the world. But that's a 15 year old girl you're looking up the skirt of there.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20245


> put it on the same list as fakes

That would mean instant permaban ofr anyone who posts it. They're not the same thing.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20246

File: 1336819324436.jpg (36.78 KB, 512x344)


> But that's a 15 year old girl you're looking up the skirt of there.

And it is a 15yr old girl that people here fantasize about

  (de00) 20247

for fucks sake just post it…


  (b453) 20248


  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20249

File: 1336819531681.jpg (83.88 KB, 510x383)

>Mfw anon is samefagging

  !CalcLbWSVA 20251

File: 1336819621618.jpg (179.26 KB, 720x960)

Well does seem a bit silly to completely ban it. It has already been spread around quite a bit and this is a chan that posts more than a fair share of inappropriate stuff.

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20253

File: 1336819702233.gif (36.62 KB, 240x200)



  Prufrock (72fd) 20254


Yeah but not in relation to Chloe.

  Anonymous (d4e4) 20255

Does it really matter that much if you're a regular poster or not? Some people aren't the most sociable (even on the internet) or like to attentionwhore as a namefag all the time. I come here everyday and am much up to date on everything chloe but I don't post much for the above reasons unless. Why should I or others like me not get a say?

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20256

File: 1336819844078.jpg (12.57 KB, 311x338)

Limit anon to the number of votes to reduce samefagging, but so they can have their say?

  (de00) 20257

File: 1336819979955.jpg (26.21 KB, 209x191)


admin/mods can see samefagging…

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20258

File: 1336820013452.jpg (25.58 KB, 510x383)


Well don't I look like quite the fool.

  Anonymous (d4e4) 20259

>unless something really catches my attention

I don't think it's right to allow overly-prude posters to dictate what we can see or not see. Your site has "enter or leave" there for a reason.

  Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 20260

Well, kind of a difficult one this and it's hard for me not to sound like a hypocrite here, because I'm certainly not letting it get posted over at the forum, but given the nature of this particular site, it seems odd that the picture wouldn't be allowed here.

In all fairness, I saw the thread it was posted in originally after it had been deleted and going by the comments and the fact it had been deleted I was expecting it to be A LOT worse than what it is.

It's fucked up that some dickhead pap took the shot in the first place, it's just jarring that talking about Chloe sexually and making sexual related OC is fine, but an upskirt is banned here.

  Anonymous (1165) 20261

>2012 making chlobros go elsewhere to find it

  Anonymous (bb5f) 20262

File: 1336820330627.jpg (90.54 KB, 368x424)

Never should of been deleted in the first place. Just created yet another shit storm.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20263


I just think if it was allowed to be posted it would be posted like every fucking hour. And it'd just mar all respectful appreciation of Chloe here. I don't talk about her sexually and I don't think that is appropriate either tbh.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20264


Lol, I am no prude! Like I said I am just uncomfortable with Okaying this behaviour from the paps that she, a 15 y/o has to deal with daily.

  (de00) 20265

File: 1336820634511.jpg (58.01 KB, 363x279)


Well I don't think it's appropriate for you stalk the fuck out of Chloe and find every house she's ever lived in, but I don't whine like a lil bitch and force the site to make dedicated threads just bc YOU!!!! have a problem with something.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20266


Well like I said on the other thread nothing I do affects Chloe and her real life.

  Anonymous (d11a) 20267

File: 1336821068644.jpg (269.6 KB, 1160x1543)

Just don't go down that road, guys.

That picture is a disgrace toward Chloë - taken by a predator looking for an upskirt picture of a minor.

Chloë deserves much better than this - she has proven again and again, that she has class and her head on straight. Not something we see everyday in Hollywood.

Do you really wanna destroy that? There are plenty of other places for your "sex" pictures.

  Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 20270

File: 1336821395624.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1056)

I guess it won't be posted again.
Move on bros.

>mfw this thread

  Anonymous (b453) 20272


I saw more people in this thread saying they don't see the problem with it than vice versa

  Anonymous (63e1) 20273


> Does it really matter that much if you're a regular poster or not? Some people aren't the most sociable (even on the internet) or like to attentionwhore as a namefag all the time. I come here everyday and am much up to date on everything chloe but I don't post much for the above reasons unless. Why should I or others like me not get a say?

What has attention whoring got to do with anything? You are and can always be an anon and that being shy and not sociable excuse is ridiculous., You are posting as an anonymous user, you have no identity. What is there to be shy about? Nobody knows who you are.

And yes, it matters to me if the user is a regular poster. If he is to me that's saying "hey' I'm a part of this place so my opinion matters". By just being a lurker who looks "over the fence" his opinion is less relevant. He isn't [actively] involved in it, why should I value his opinion?

  Prufrock (72fd) 20274


have some j-pop

  Anonymous (63e1) 20276


> There are plenty of other places for your "sex" pictures.

Stop being such a god damn prude. "sex' pictures? WTF?

  Prufrock (72fd) 20278

At the end of the day it's a big deal for those who don't want to see it (I would stop posting if it became a regular fixture) and I don't imagine for those who don't mind it that its banning is that much of a deal.

  Anonymous (b453) 20279

File: 1336823053986.jpg (13.07 KB, 203x190)

We a reducing this site to kindergarten moderation by deleting pics like this. If you don't want to look at it don't click on it. Also don't even try to compare something like this to fakes, everyone knows that shit is wrong on a totally different level.

  !CalcLbWSVA 20280

File: 1336823276337.gif (5.65 MB, 269x350)

We already got very sexual loaded Hick images and gifs posted and really just sexual Chloe stuff in general, if that hasn't made you leave yet I doubt a bit of Chloes panties at a premiere will.

It's not a huge deal to me though, that much is true, but I thought the whole point of this chan was a more adult version of the already existing Chloe chan and the official forums, not being able to post something like that upskirt, which is pretty damn easy to find other places, seems a bit dumb.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20281


What about "consent" do you not understand? I'm 100% fine with the Hick stuff. I'm not one of those prudes on the official forum.

  Anonymous (1165) 20282


Even the mod on chloemoretz.com/ doesn't see the problem with it being posted here. Why do we have to have a debate every time one of these moralfags has a cry about something.

  Anonymous (d4e4) 20283

You're right nobody knows who I am. In which case you shouldn't make assumptions about people you don't know. Did I say anything in my post about being shy? No, I didn't, I'm not shy - just unsociable.

The second part of your post has merit though and I will concede.

  (de00) 20284


faboost can you post it on minus so I can have a look at what everyone is whining about.

  !CalcLbWSVA 20285

File: 1336823589427.jpg (91.65 KB, 500x800)

I don't see this place banning the thousand of papparazi photos that has been taken without consent or the pictures that was hacked and stolen from her facebook and laptop.

  !CalcLbWSVA 20286

Done, it's the last photo in the gallery.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20287


There's nothing sexual about them. A guy took an up skirt shot of the 15 y/o Chloe without her consent and then published it as an up-skirt/sexual shot.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20289


He has a good point. A lot of pictures, including the more personal ones with her and her family could be considered even more intrusive as they are invading her private life. That upskirt was at a public event and she knows very well that this is the kind of stuff that happens and it will happen even more often as time goes by.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20290


Invasive but not sexually invasive and predatory toward a 15 year old.

  (de00) 20291


I agree some of the personal stuff that gets posted here is a lot more intrusive, but people like prufrock have double standards for that stalker crap.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20292


And invasion of privacy can be much more of a deal than a picture taken at a public event where paparazzi are just waiting for these sort of things

  Anonymous (63e1) 20293

So, to conclude:

does anyone besides Prufrock feel that this picture should be banned?

yes or no

  Prufrock (72fd) 20294


Well whatever, I don't know about the private/stolen pictures you guys are talking about them. Make me aware of them so I won't post them. But still for me:

>sexually invasive of a minor.


>invasive of a minor's private life

  Prufrock (72fd) 20295

  (de00) 20296

Bean and Dante probably don't, but they complain about everything

  Prufrock (72fd) 20297

Cheddar too went ape the other day.

  (de00) 20298

I just had a look at the high res version, and would of basically ignored it and glimpsed over it, if prufrock wasn't being such a moralfag about it

  Prufrock (72fd) 20300


This guy also.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20301


So that's 1-0 for banning it

  !CalcLbWSVA 20302

File: 1336824683153.jpg (34.16 KB, 500x375)

>Well whatever, I don't know about the private/stolen pictures you guys are talking about them. Make me aware of them so I won't post them. But still for me:

There's so many that it would be kind of hard.

No. Shouldn't be banned, generally against censorship unless it's way over the line (like rule 34), which I really don't think this is. Certainly didn't think it would cause this much drama on here or it would even be considered banning.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20303


How is this not as bad if not worse than fakes. You're advocating paps stick cameras up her skirt.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20304


> How is this not as bad if not worse than fakes

Are you fucking kidding me?

  Prufrock (72fd) 20305


The chances are she won't have to deal with that in her every day life. She might come across them, and that'd be fucking horrible so yes I don't approve of them at all. But she will have to deal with the pap trying to get up-skirts of her. Faboost by posting it on his site has provided a market for that/we would be allowing it.

  (de00) 20306

File: 1336825351146.jpg (65.65 KB, 211x326)


The only thing the very few people whining and bitching about this photo have achieved is bringing even more attention to it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it and I hope admin puts it in next weeks Photoshop contest to teach them a lesson.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20307


>there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

now are you fucking kidding me?

  Anonymous (63e1) 20309


Say that again and this time try to make sense

  Prufrock (72fd) 20310


What don't you get? I'm saying that Chloe having cameras stuck up her skirt might on balance be *worse* than fakes of her. Both are wrong. Both should not be advocated.

  !CalcLbWSVA 20311

>Faboost by posting it on his site has provided a market for that/we would be allowing it.

The photos are already out there and posted several places. Always posted every photo from terrible low cell phone pics to HQ photos on there, don't really care if you approve of it or not, I don't find the picture itself that bad.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20312


You.re not saying WHY it might be worse

  Prufrock (72fd) 20313


Because it's more obviously invasive to her whereas she might never come across a fake of her.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20314


We are talking about posting those pictures HERE.

Once again, how is posting fakes and that picture even remotely close?

  Prufrock (72fd) 20316


Well alright then, what's wrong with posting fakes?

  Prufrock (72fd) 20317



This is probably because you don't realise that, beyond all this shit we come out with, Chloe is just a young girl and this sexualisation of her might hurt her. It's especially blind of you considering how you share these images on the official forum where her mainstream fans reside.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20318


Once again:

Is that a real question?

  Prufrock (72fd) 20319


Share that gallery on the forum*

  Anonymous (63e1) 20320


> Chloe is just a young girl and this sexualisation of her might hurt her.

Then blame the directors of hick and tum burton, blame her family and brother for allowing her to be sexualized in those movies. Let's not make her into a wittle defenseless victim. She is maturing, she is discovering her sexuality, she is not afraid to make that known on and off the screen.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20321




As we've said that is consensual, and it's not her, she's an actress ffs.

W/e guys if you wanna look up Chloe's skirt and openly perve at her then fine. I'll just leave/whatever, I just thought i'd found a place to appreciate chloe among bros who weren't absolute prudes in terms of swearing/other non-chloe related content.

  (de00) 20322

File: 1336826527229.jpg (129.74 KB, 440x392)

I'm not condoning what the photographer did but I have more of a problem when something so trivial gets deleted and we have to have a debate about it. I'm getting sick of seeing admin having to create/reborn threads… and now making a fucking debate thread because a mod has deleted something.

The last thing chlobros want is to come to this site and not even be able to see what is being discussed.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20323


That's the thing. I don't support what the paparazzi did but the picture is out there. Should we pretend it doesn't exist?

Should we pretend chlobros don't fantasize about her either?

  Prufrock (72fd) 20324


Well yeah, I think what faboost has done is worse tbh. The whole spectrum of Chloe's fans go on his site and will see that/share it.

I just don't want to see it here in terms of the quality of the discussion being respectful.

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20325

File: 1336826829763.jpg (53.67 KB, 400x413)



I do believe we have already had this discussion…

  (de00) 20327


This obviously isn't the site for you. Feel free to fuck off.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20328


I will when the decision is made.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20329


>I want to see respectful discussion

>fuck off


  !CalcLbWSVA 20334

File: 1336827465481.jpg (105.93 KB, 322x306)

>Well yeah, I think what faboost has done is worse tbh.

Hah. Well I'm not going to pick what is good enough for the people to see and have half complete sets on there, if a bit of her panties is enough to get anyone up in arms Nirvana is free to delete and edit out everywhere where the minus link has been posted. Going to upload the last batch from the event later tonight, doubt many will even notice it to be honest.

  Anonymous (113f) 20335


This is my shared opinion.

  Anonymous (5267) 20336

File: 1336827558301.jpg (73.31 KB, 1000x750)


  Prufrock (72fd) 20337


Normally crap photos where you can't even see the person's face are deleted by the photographers. This has not been moderated in the same way and I think if you have respect for Chloe you should delete it for them.

  (de00) 20338

File: 1336827936197.jpg (974.85 KB, 2027x3000)


great set btw downloading the lot atm

  Anonymous (d4e4) 20339

File: 1336828676022.jpg (40.66 KB, 267x400)

> I'll just leave/whatever

  Anonymous (312a) 20340

File: 1336829178149.jpg (197.4 KB, 1152x864)

I dont want prufrock to leave over one picture.
Prufrock do you not see what you are saying throughout this thread as a tad bit hypocritical I mean given what you have admitted to doing in the past. Its just one picture surely you can just bite your lip and tolerate this one picture. You either like what this site brings to your chloe fandom in which case you will stay irrespective of incidents of a similar nature or you dont in which case you should leave now.
But why let one picture spoil a good thing.

  Anonymous (df28) 20341

Don't like it. Talking about her dating life here is pretty retarded, but relishing her embarrassing moments? I personally respect her, so that latter point is out of line for me.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20342


Well like I say I can just see it being posted in every thread/leading the discussion in every thread and there being a *total* degradation of discussion, lol.

Maybe leaving is a bit melodramatic I guess what I'm getting at is that I don't want to hang around with bros who, in the words of the above poster "relishing her embarrassing moments" and viewing her as a sex object, but I guess people do already view her as a sex object with the posting of the Hick stuff. I already bite my lip over that.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20343

>do you not see what you are saying throughout this thread as a tad bit hypocritical I mean given what you have admitted to doing in the past

well i said the other day that I won't do anything like that again tbf. And I won't, you can get wrapped up in the lack of respect here and I'll be mindful not to ever post anything that could be seen as creepy ever again if I do stick around.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20344

File: 1336830858454.gif (1.01 MB, 350x276)


> but I guess people do already view her as a sex object

And this comes as news to you?

  Anonymous (63e1) 20345

File: 1336830938737.jpg (68.66 KB, 565x313)

> Maybe leaving is a bit melodramatic

Another drama queen is born

  Prufrock (72fd) 20346


Well there's a difference between finding her sexy, whilst respecting her, and viewing her as an object that exists for your gratification. I didn't know where the bros stood on this.

  Anonymous (312a) 20347

Dude I would say some of the bros that lurk here are potentially legit peadofiles(certaintly by no means the vast vast majority) so your gonna have to engage with terrible people ocasionally.
Also you dont know that chloe is embaressed about that picture, maybe shes proud of it. Just ignore it and focus on enjoying the aspects of this site that appeal to you as anindividual. I dont want to see a good contributer fecking of over something so insignificant.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20348


Well it's not really up to me, I don't want to hang about in a place which is *overtly* OK with enjoying sexualised content relating to Chloe! As it is when sexual comments are made about her they are frowned upon mostly. If the image isn't banned (now the discussion has been opened) then that is an official OK for all that degradation/sexualisation/objectification is it not?

  (b453) 20349

File: 1336832006418.gif (110.74 KB, 348x481)

maybe this is more appropriate…

  Anonymous (c144) 20350

  Anonymous (312a) 20351

File: 1336832474200.jpg (31.54 KB, 200x200)

Have it your way but allowing one incident to sway your opinion seems a tad infantile and permitting it be posted freely certaintly wont set a precedent for a flow of overtly sxualised or crude material, this is a localized instance of what you are against and looking foward I dont forsee many more occurances of a similar nature.

  Anonymous (c144) 20353

File: 1336832944389.jpg (1.68 MB, 1805x3543)

  Anonymous (fa62) 20363

File: 1336833134117.jpg (101.19 KB, 700x394)

I really think this topic should of been left alone after the image was deleted in the original thread.The more attention you bring towards the image the more controversy there will be.

I suggest chiles to make the final decision, up pin the thread, and leave it at that.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20370


Maybe. I think that on the basis people have said about it being posted on /tv/ four times in the past few days and that it has been brought up three occasions here but maybe it is better to see how it unravels before saying anything like that. I wasn't threatening anyone (in fact I was very aware that if i said i'd leave that could sway neutrals the other way!) I just wanted to make the point that you'd be alienating some people by doing it.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20371

>I think that on the basis *of what people have said about it being posted on /tv/ four times in the past few days, and that it has been brought up three occasions here but maybe it is better to see how it unravels before saying anything I will leave.

  Anonymous (7611) 20373

A little late to this as I was sleeping, but I already made my thoughts made extensively in the previous thread when it was deleted so I won't go into it again in that type of detail. I feel it's retarded as fuck that it was deleted/not allowed since things much worse are. It's not even that bad of a picture, we get to see a hell of a lot more skin in Hick for christ sake. No, I don't like the pap doing things like this to Chloe, but the picture is out there and nobody can stop it now anyway. Thanks for allowing a vote.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20376


> I really think this topic should of been left alone after the image was deleted in the original thread.The more attention you bring towards the image the more controversy there will be.

Leaving it alone would make this whole issue feel taboo and people would just bring it on and on and on. Just like the whole namefags vs anon issue it needs to be addressed and dealt with.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20378


One last thing re Hick. You can be posting content from Hick and not intend it to be a sexual provocation. You might admire her acting/think it's cute or whatever. If you're posting this up-skirt you're only really saying/provoking one thing.

  Anonymous (7611) 20379

Not surprised you replied that way and I'm not going into the argument with you again because honestly I don't care and I'm tired of your moralfagging/bitching over it especially with the creepy as fuck hobby you have. Don't bother to try and justify that either, I've already heard it before.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20380


Grow up.

  Anonymous (d11a) 20381

The difference between Hick and this picture is consent - its just as simple as that.

Chloë and her family has accepted making Hick and do what ever happens in that movie. Pictures from Hick is like pictures from any premiere or event, that Chloë goes too.

But Chloë sure as hell did not accept or content that picture to be taken. Its privately intrusive and a disgrace. Stupid pictures like that should not be accepted. Pictures like this one is like pictures taken from treetops with big lenses of Chloë inside her home. Its private matter and should be left private.

Now, the picture is luckily pretty harmless in it self - and I think almost all agree on that - and that its the pap taking the picture who's on the blame here.

Whats going on under Chloë's dresses is not our business - and she could have been wearing smaller or seethrough or even no undies - and still its none of our business.

It still dosnt mean, she wants to flash it out for us.

Its a stupid picture. Luckily pretty harmless - this time, but what about next time?

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20385

Sorry guys. I'm a bit late but my feelings are literally exactly the same as Prufrocks.

Now everyone has seen the picture anyway and everyone who wanted to ti fap to it, did so and saved it on their computers. We don't need to post it here now, do we? You can all have it on your computers but to have it on what is apparently a fan site doesn't make sense. Luckily, the picture hasn't gotten further than 4chan and no forums have spread the word. If it did, it really could damage her and her career. I feel like alot of you are being really selfish spreading this picture around and wanting it to be posted here. The only reason you guys want the picture is because you want to fap to it. It isn't to save in your Chloe folder and post it because its a beautiful photo of her. It's for your own lustful needs towards this 15 year old.

  Anonymous (fa62) 20387

File: 1336836601429.jpg (401.73 KB, 987x2671)

  !CalcLbWSVA 20389

Well I totally get a lot of what you are saying but "hurt her career"? Come one, if she was getting out of the car drunk and underwearless that could hurt her career, but how is some paparazzi quickly snapping a photo going to do have any effect on her carreer, reputation or anything?

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20391


Because director's will be too busy fappin' that they'll forget to hire her for their movie?

  Anonymous (d11a) 20394

File: 1336837263311.jpg (62.29 KB, 604x453)

I am totally against this pictures, too.

But I don't think it will hurt her career at all. But its stuff like this that could change a happy, quirky and outgoing person as Chloë to become more cynical - maybe even toward her fans.

Happy Chloë do not need that in her life.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20395

File: 1336837278629.jpg (71.41 KB, 512x344)


> The only reason you guys want the picture is because you want to fap to it.

Just like tons of other chloe pics.

  Anonymous (d11a) 20398

File: 1336837319660.jpg (19.9 KB, 274x276)

  Anonymous (63e1) 20407


> Happy Chloë do not need that in her life.

Do not need what? This isn't the official chloe fanclub. This site is not made for her and she is not exposed to this.

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20408

I don't know. Anything could happen. It really would affect her in many ways. The fact that it would make her embarrassed and scared to be wearing clothes like this should be enough. She wont be wearing dresses like this to premieres any time soon if she hears about the picture, which she undoubtedly will. No more Chlomo legs for you guys.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20410

Where is this whole affecting her BS coming from? This is by the people on chlomo.org for the people on chlomo.,org

We're not tweeting her or sending her links saying "hey chloe, look at this pic"

  Anonymous (7611) 20412

Hell, if anything this pic helps to enforce the fact that Chloe isn't a normal dumb hollywood bimbo because she actually wears underwear. Saying this will hurt Chloe is dumb, if anything like I said it will reinforce the fact that she's a lady. The only person that will be villainize by this photo is the people who took and released it. I also resent the fact that just because I see no issue with it being posted suddenly cheddar and a few other moralfag buddies thinks it means I want to fap to it. I collect all chloe pics I can find simple as that. I have the pic, and I didn't fap or become aroused to it either u asshats.

  Anonymous (d11a) 20415

You do not think that friends, family or people she works with will eventually - if not already - find this place?

This place is not very hidden - considering the spam advertising on all Chloë related youtube videos and different forums for Chloë.

Normal stuff from here will most likely not interest or reach Chloë - but bad rumours or pictures like this will reach her eventually.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20416


> You do not think that friends, family or people she works with will eventually - if not already - find this place?

Which is why we have the splash page. When you click ENTER you do so at your own risk.

  Anonymous (7611) 20417

There's a huge fucking warning page too, it clearly states to expect a board of an adult nature before you enter, yet for some fucking reason we are arguing over the inclusion of a photo on this site that is rated PG-13 at the very best.

  Anonymous (d11a) 20418

File: 1336838670397.png (40.42 KB, 179x145)

>The only person that will be villainize by this photo is the people who took and released it.

Actually, why the fuck don't we figure out who that person was?

If anyone deserves to get on the list, its that bastard paparazzi.

Now, where is that location stalker guy when we need him…

  !CalcLbWSVA 20419

File: 1336838679378.jpg (371.48 KB, 806x1118)

>No more Chlomo legs for you guys.

Call me crazy but I prefer jeans.

That said, yes, would be a huge shame if Chloe would get negative towards both fans and just the public in general.

  Anonymous (d11a) 20420

What splash page?

I always enter directly to the forums.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20421


Yeah so delete it from your site!

  Anonymous (7611) 20422

>Now, where is that location stalker guy when we need him…
He's too busy preaching on his soapbox to be bothered

  Anonymous (312a) 20423

It wouldnt make her feel scared or embaressed shes not 10.

Has anybody stopped a moment to maybe consider the fact that perhaps chloe wanted this to happen and or doesnt really care. She did say herself she is a part of the public domain and if thats the case well then she knows full well/expects schtuff like this to happen, she knows all about the vultures she has to deal with them on a daily basis and as such is adequetly prepared to deal with such eventualities.

  Anonymous (b304) 20424

i don't think it's that much of a fucking stretch to say that if it was up to chloe, she wouldn't want it here. that should be enough.

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20425

He'd be easy enough to find because there is film if her getting out of the car from far away on the the livestream of the event, I believe. The photographer is in a position which is easily traceable. Even Prufrock could do it.

  Anonymous (d11a) 20426

File: 1336838959247.jpg (32.71 KB, 599x500)

Who read that? Thats like trying to say people should read the ToS before any product they use.

Noone reads that stuff - especially on the internet… Its: CLICK! CLICK! ENTER! YES! YES! GOD DANG IT LET ME ENTER! YES! CLICK!

  Anonymous (7611) 20427

Okay if you want to go down that road then we have a LOT more to remove from this site than just that single up skirt!!!!

  Prufrock (72fd) 20428


pretty much on the money for me.

I've said I won't post anything else I do she wouldn't be happy with here so that's not a stick to beat me with guise.

  !CalcLbWSVA 20429

File: 1336839044647.jpg (32.67 KB, 192x212)

It hasn't been on there for quite some time now, just didn't feel like telling you cause you were fucking annoying in here.

Anyway it's not my site, just got a image gallery on there and really, it's been out on celeb boards for quite some time now without people even taking notice of being able to see her panties, despite lots of replies to the batch of photos. Maybe Chloe won't find it but at the very least I am sure her family and management will be made aware of it.

  Anonymous (d11a) 20430

File: 1336839068367.jpg (269.6 KB, 1160x1543)

Chloë is NOT Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan or Britney Spears…

Of course she would not want this to happend - wtf is wrong with you?

  Anonymous (63e1) 20431

> What splash page?
> I always enter directly to the forums.

But newcomers go through it so take your point and bury it.


if it were up to chloe this place wouldn't exist

- it has nutcases fantasizing about her, obsessing to the point where they're borderline stalkers
- it has jokes about trevor being gay
- it contains demeaning things about her and her family
- etc

  Anonymous (f1e2) 20432

Can't post right now, but I have to give my opinion.

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20433

>Upskirt of a 15 year old

I think its borderline a picture which no one should see. I personally would like to know where the anon who posted it go it from to be honest.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20434


Glad you came round. Sorry I annoyed you.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20435


We can cut all that shit out, can't we? The trevor jokes are just a laugh though aren't they, no one here is actually a homophobe.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20436

File: 1336839279698.png (190.14 KB, 400x400)

> I personally would like to know where the anon who posted it go it from to be honest.

probably one of the many batches of pics that come from such events?

  !CalcLbWSVA 20437

It's one celeb forums all over the interwebs dude. TFLAN, mansion-of-celebs and lots of imageboards, whoever posted it on here certainly didn't have anything to do with shooting the photo. The people on places like TLFAN usually have some kind of press associations so they can get access to these photos and then leaks them to sites like that.

  Anonymous (7611) 20438

Seriously, no trolling here, grow the fuck up.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20439


and the rest? people are overly obsessed with her
people fantasize about her
people saying demeaning things about her family and not always as a joke

  Anonymous (d11a) 20440

File: 1336839419820.jpg (107.76 KB, 1272x720)

  Anonymous (b453) 20441

File: 1336839424251.jpg (23.13 KB, 160x151)

This is an adult site and as far as I can tell it isn't breaking any rules. Most people want to see a photo like this out of curiosity rather than anything deviant. By deleting it all you did was make them want to see it even more.

I don't want to see kindergarten moderation and over-censorship on this chan. Most chlobros don't cross the line and we don't need to have a heated debate every time a controversial photo is posted.

  Anonymous (7611) 20442

Hey guys listen to Prufrock again, yeah he wants us to act a certain way so we should listen. Also let's all choose names and become great friends. Fuck this shit is getting annoying. This site used to be fun now it's a constant battle of a few and their views on every subject.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20444


You think having friends isn't fun?

  !CalcLbWSVA 20445

> By deleting it all you did was make them want to see it even more.

Yup. It's a really big case of the streissand effect here. Of course the way it was taken is not cool at all and very different from hick, but the photo itself is really not more explicit than all the hick media we are getting at the moment.

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20446

I realised that dumbass. Usually the set has the photographers or the companies name on the site somewhere.

  Anonymous (b304) 20447

that's just part of being a celebrity that she and her family have accepted. but i'd like to think no one here actually stalks her. that's an actual invasion on her private life.

>jokes about trevor

….seriously? it's just teasing… i'm sure he wouldn't care. for fucks sake, the guy is extremely metrosexual and lives in las angeles. you really think he gives a fuck at that point?

>demeaning things about her and her family

dunno what that's referring to. for the most part the website seems to be more respectful towards both her and her family than i ever expected. never seen anything blatantly degrading posted here.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20448


I think he is just opposed to namefagging

  Anonymous (63e1) 20449


You left out the part with people fantasizing about her, and not always in a joking manner

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20450

File: 1336839841871.jpg (26.01 KB, 560x302)

>This thread

Can't we just agree to not post it here, but if people want to see if they can find it elsewhere(I will say if needed), and then just delete, or at least un-sticky this thread. This is just turning into a bitch fest and dividing the 'chlomo' community.

Also which is gayer? being the car or the car park?

  Anonymous (7611) 20452

No, what I think isn't fun is you sucking the life out of everything this site originally was because you can't fucking handle it. I seriously feel you would be better off at the official forums. It also pisses me off that 1 or 2 namefags can bitch enough to bring a debate to anything they don't like on this site.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20453


It's not just about the picture itself but what kind of content should be allowed or not.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20454


it's not just 1-2 namefags, that's the problem.

  Anonymous (7611) 20456

I have not problem with namefagging, I have serious problems with being told that I should namefag against my will to do so. It's my fucking choice. But that's in the past and has already been decided. Thank goodness the admin of this site has the sense to see past that crap.

  Anonymous (b304) 20457

just assumed that's part of being an actress…. crazy motherfuckers are going to become in infatuated with you and there comes a point where you and your family sit down and consciously decide that this is the life you want. but this picture was never agreed upon, and obviously it would never be.

you criticize these people, and then try to defend posting a picture like this? that seems like a blatant contradiction. if you're really so aware/sensitive to her personal feelings, i would think you'd at least make an attempt to respect her.

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20458

You are saying that anything that people don't like should just be accepted and left alone. Unfortunately, people like to voice their opinion instead of hiding in the shadows. Why should I not mention it if I feel like it's a problem?

  Anonymous (63e1) 20459


For the 10th million time. That system wouldn't have made you a namefag. You would have been an anon, you'd just have an unique ID in every thread.


  Prufrock (72fd) 20460


Can't handle it or just slightly more mature?

There's a fine line between the cheeky, flintiness I'd be happy with (and they wouldn't be happy with over there) and the overt sexualisation of her as an object. Why do we have to talk about her sexually for this to be fun?

  Anonymous (7611) 20461

Well it was actually 1-2 in both cases.
Namefag debate - Prufrock initiated
Upskirt debate - Prufrock and Cheddar

  Anonymous (63e1) 20462


> just assumed that's part of being an actress

so is the possibility of paparazzi trying to take a picture of your panties

> but this picture was never agreed upon, and obviously it would never be.

and neither was the previous upskirt photo yet that was posted and no one cried about it

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20463

Dante is on our side and a couple other anons.

There's nothing wrong with a debate about these issues anyway.

  Anonymous (7611) 20464

Why does everything need to be your definition of fun for it to be fun for others?

  Anonymous (63e1) 20465


the namefag debate is done

> Upskirt debate - Prufrock and Cheddar

plus a bunch of anons too

  Anonymous (b304) 20466

i'm not saying it's a huge fucking deal man, i'm just saying, why would anyone WANT to post it here?

if you call yourself a fan of chloe, then just leave it for the plebs who eat that shit up, actually be respectful towards a 15 year old girl.

how is that hard for you to understand?

  Anonymous (7611) 20467

Dante kept quiet about it though, he didn't bitch and moan to the point of getting this debate thread made.

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20468

>Dante kept quiet about it

thats cos he's dead brah

  Anonymous (1165) 20469

This photo isn't breaking any rules. You have a choice whether or not to enlarge it. There is a lot worse on this site than this photo so get over it for fucks sake.

I'd hate to see how butthurt these people are going to be when something worse comes out showing camel toe.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20470

File: 1336840630199.jpg (46.99 KB, 604x453)


It's just my view. Why do you have to attack me and get so angry when i put my view forward?

I THINK the fun we have should be fun that Chloe wouldn't be completely mortified by. Like she might sigh if she opened up the chan but she wouldn't be like /\

  Anonymous (63e1) 20471


> , i'm just saying, why would anyone WANT to post it here?

Because it would make this place feel like it's run by a bunch of hypocrites

- Threads about sniffing her panties, wanting to make sweat love to her and so on? That's perfectly acceptable
- A pic showing an upskirt at a red carpet premiere? How dare you, sir? I have my standards and my principles. I'm a gentleman.

Because I don't want this place to turn into a pg-13 / family friendly / whiteknighting community. The old chan was like that and almost every other chloe forum out there

  Prufrock (72fd) 20473


And yes blah blah stalker location creepy shit. Said a million times I regret doing that.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20474


> I THINK the fun we have should be fun that Chloe wouldn't be completely mortified by. Like she might sigh if she opened up the chan but she wouldn't be like /\

For the Nth time this site is not for chloe. She should not see this place. Period.

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20475

File: 1336840768667.jpg (944.61 KB, 2157x3000)

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20476

The reason why joking around about rainbow panties and the zebra is ok is because IT'S A JOKE. This isn't a joke, it's real.

  Anonymous (7611) 20479

Anyway, I'm done with this debate sucking the life out of my day. The admin will decide what is best in the end anyway. I just don't get all the double standards of why one thing is wrong, but other similarly perverted stuff is okay and allowed. Let's be honest with ourselves here, if Chloe were given the choice, this site wouldn't exist the way it currently is anyway. In the end it just causes stress and confusion to the visitors of this fine site to try and figure out what is okay and what isn't.

  !CalcLbWSVA 20481

File: 1336840976231.jpg (534.54 KB, 2001x3000)

come at me, bro

  Anonymous (63e1) 20482


> The reason why joking around about rainbow panties and the zebra is ok is because IT'S A JOKE

Who are you to speak for everybody and decide what's a joke and not? if you think people being attracted to her is a joke I suggest you re-evaluate this whole thing because you're dead wrong

  Anonymous (7611) 20483


  Anonymous (d11a) 20485

File: 1336841015779.jpg (26.34 KB, 375x500)

Hi, I am new here. You can say, I am a fan of Chloë - but not in an obsessive way.

Now, what is this picture, that you guys are talking about.

Let me see it and I will give you my profesional oppinion on it.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20486


I'm not suggesting it because of that hypothetical situation, just as a barometer of how we should behave.

  !CalcLbWSVA 20487

File: 1336841046131.jpg (45.98 KB, 500x500)

I would like to make a statement that my sexual attraction to the zebra is not a joke, we are going to live together one day and I will call it Maria.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20488


> just as a barometer of how we should behave.

It doesn't matter how she would behave this site is not for her nor will it change to be acceptable by her. Like I said there are far more suiting communities out there she can visit.

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20489

File: 1336841105100.jpg (531.94 KB, 2771x3029)


Bring it, bitch.



  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20490


Can you have an open marriage?

Then me and my wife (rainbow panites) can come visit and we can wife swap.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20491


I know I'm talking about us. Chloe will never see this site but that doesn't mean us as adults have free-reign to be disrespectfully to her. It's about us and us having class as much as anything.

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20492

Well talking about jizzing on the zebra to impregnate her is a joke and no one is actually going to the zebra to sniff it because she sat on it. I never thought that people were literally obsessed over those rainbow panties even though they are the same as any other underwear she's ever warn.

  Anonymous (b304) 20493

ohhhh myyyy goooddddd i can't take it anymore… I DON'T GIVE A FUUUUUUUUUCK.

post the picture if you want but for fuck's sake delete this thread. i won't be posting it, nor downloading it. but i really just don't care anymore. that's on your hands.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20494


> I know I'm talking about us. Chloe will never see this site but that doesn't mean us as adults have free-reign to be disrespectfully to her.

This is a continuation of the chloe threads on b sans the trolls and other crap. I'm not sure what your definition of disrespectful is but it would surely apply to those threads too.

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20495

File: 1336841431062.jpg (595.01 KB, 1178x1601)


THIS. A million times this.

  Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 20498

File: 1336841496258.png (63.26 KB, 209x200)


I agree, this thread makes me sad.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20501


> ohhhh myyyy goooddddd i can't take it anymore… I DON'T GIVE A FUUUUUUUUUCK.

Thanks for sharing that with us. You could have done the normal thing and ignore it but you had to take the "let me bitch" route

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20502

So can we agree to just not post it? We've all seen at and the fappers have fapped to it and downloaded it. There is no reason for this website to host the picture.

  Anonymous (de00) 20503

File: 1336841672394.jpg (65.65 KB, 211x326)

  Anonymous (63e1) 20505


> There is no reason for this website to host the picture.

By that logic we shouldn't post any arousing pics of her.

  Anonymous (d11a) 20506

File: 1336841714855.jpg (47.76 KB, 500x500)

>and no one is actually going to the zebra to sniff it because she sat on it.

Are you sure?

  Anonymous (de00) 20507


No we can agree to post it. It's up to you if you want to enlarge it or save it to your folder.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20509

File: 1336841812652.jpg (149.95 KB, 573x528)

tfw if that mod wouldn't have deleted it this mess wouldn't have happened

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20510

Why do you want to see it in the chan? You obviously already have it downloaded.

  Anonymous (deb9) 20512

>we want a 4chan based
>not allowing the pic
Jesus Christ, what's gonna be the next? forbid to say chloe is hot?

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20513

Nope. Just don't want upskirts of 15 year olds when she didn't consent to it. There isn't a next.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20514


That seems like the next natural step.

  Anonymous (b304) 20516


  Anonymous (63e1) 20517


She didn't give her consent on the other one either but that was posted and no one bitched about it.

  Anonymous (de00) 20518


bc I don't want to change anything on this chan. By not allowing it your are setting a new precedent.

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20519

Are you talking about the one with the spec of blue? That doesn't count as anything.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20521


Why not just delete this thread and leave it up to the feeling in the thread/mod's discretion whether or not it is deleted the next time it comes up?

  Anonymous (7611) 20522

Idea: Let's have a vote next time on who thinks cheddar and prufrock should start their own chan if they don't like this one the way it is.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20523

File: 1336842233453.jpg (174.89 KB, 859x1280)


> That doesn't count as anything.

that's the exact same fucking thing.. An upskirt shot which she didn't give her consent to

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20526

File: 1336842272826.jpeg (9.51 KB, 380x258)


>No one is actually going to sniff the zebra

  Anonymous (de00) 20527


maybe this chan is more suited to them:


  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20528

It's about 10 pixels of blue!

  Anonymous (63e1) 20529


Aha, so now we're counting pixels.
10 pixels of blue = ok
20 pixels of black and white = unacceptable

thanks for drawing that line for us

  Anonymous (b453) 20530

Maybe the people whining and causing 200+ post debate threads should be banned instead of deleting a simple up-skirt photo.

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20531

That's hyperbole to the max.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20532


How about you skip the hyperbole and explain things in a normal manner?

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20534

What would you like me to explain?

  Prufrock (72fd) 20535



Chlofro knows.


That's a decent pic of Chloe. Also it wasn't invasive/predatory so it isn't disrespectful to post it in that way.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20537


Why is one upskirt ok and the other is not?

  Anonymous (1165) 20538

File: 1336842820676.jpg (275.22 KB, 720x834)

>Post photo
>Lock thread
>Let people get on with their lives

  Anonymous (63e1) 20539


> That's a decent pic of Chloe. Also it wasn't invasive/predatory

it's someone taking a picture of her and showing her underwear without Chloe realizing it

  Anonymous (deb9) 20540

File: 1336842917749.jpg (170.97 KB, 988x725)

>le true story lol XDDDDD

  Anonymous (b304) 20542

File: 1336842945304.jpg (107.77 KB, 899x1348)

sitting here trying to equate chloe's snatch to the one ring.
it has divided us and corrupted the weak-minded.

we must destroy it.

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20543


knows what?

  Anonymous (1165) 20544


lets just destroy half the posts on this site

  Prufrock (72fd) 20545


It was an accident. The girl who took that wasn't looking for an up-skirt. She was looking for a good pic of Chloe (her face) and they got it. This new up-skirt image was taken and published as an up-skirt.

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20546

File: 1336843043635.jpg (112.21 KB, 604x453)



  Prufrock (72fd) 20548


How to be cheeky and have a laugh within the line.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20550


> This new up-skirt image was taken and published as an up-skirt.

link to such claims?

The way I see it the paparazzi took tons of pics of her, including while she was in the car and her panties just happened to be showing

  Anonymous (1165) 20551

>published as an up-skirt

stop making shit up

  Anonymous (d11a) 20552

File: 1336843141269.jpg (62.29 KB, 604x453)

For gods sake… Lets just kill this thread and move on… Its fucking saturday and I am lonely in my home and even the fake anon internet people are being stupid now…

Its like stupid humanity wanting to have and see what they can't have and see gone wild…


  Anonymous (63e1) 20553


Why do people keep bitching about it? Don't like it, don't enter it, don't acknowledge it.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20554


Maybe but he had the chance to delete it from his camera. And so did the people who uploaded it to their site. It's a terrible photo of Chloe. That photographer will have had 100's of her, you're not telling me they upload all of them?

  Anonymous (1165) 20555


agreed, whats so hard about ignoring it?

  Anonymous (63e1) 20556


Maybe they just uploaded a batch of pics like they always did without realizing you could see her panties. Or maybe not. Either way you were making shit up it seems. It was published like a normal photo.

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20557

File: 1336843372205.jpg (700.92 KB, 936x1125)


Ah, thanks

  Anonymous (d11a) 20558

Again, you are failing to understand the difference between accepting showing your undies by going to the beach where you know people will see you - and having a camera stuck up under your dress or some twat barging into your room while dressing and taking a picture.

And its not even the same woman on that picture… Maybe the right one never goes to the beach?

  Anonymous (7611) 20559

File: 1336843425748.gif (1.04 MB, 300x169)

>chloe's snatch
>must destroy it

  Prufrock (72fd) 20560


Nah I just thought, why would they be taking pics of her near the door of the car? I've never seen that with Chloe before. I assumed that was their technique for the up-skirt.

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20561

File: 1336843486685.jpg (1.35 MB, 4096x6144)


I was waiting for you to arrive

  Anonymous (63e1) 20562


> Nah I just thought, why would they be taking pics of her near the door of the car? I

because paparazzi take tons of pics. that's their fucking job. In the car, out the car, in the airport, on the street, wherever they can.

  !CalcLbWSVA 20564

File: 1336843696295.jpg (59.07 KB, 594x396)

Eh there's quite a few photos of her like that, usually she's covering up pretty well though.

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20565

There is no reason to be taking a picture of the back of a girls head as she gets out of a car. It wasn't going to be published in any magazine. When have you ever seen a picture of someone getting out of a car instead of on the red carpet?

  Anonymous (d11a) 20566

Of course it's their technic to get those upskirt photos. They know pretty well what they are doing and when the biggest chance for getting that money shot is going to be.

Paparrazzi being sordid scum… Lowest of low to do that on a 15 year old girl - where is the respect?

  Anonymous (63e1) 20567


And this time she was distracted so it's not like she was spreading her legs and it's not like paparazzi did anything they haven't done before.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20568


OK, well they still had the chance/should have moderated this.

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20569

Wow. That would of been an upskirt if she didn't cover it up. She must of been about 13 then? The paparazzi are terrible people.

  Anonymous (d11a) 20570

File: 1336843859289.jpg (28.77 KB, 280x396)

Great! Now Pedobear found out…

  Anonymous (63e1) 20571


Whenever the paparazzi were on stage, like that time she came out with the mcdonalds bag or that time she was out with her mother on the street going to ger her nails done.

Herpa derpa.

  Anonymous (deb9) 20574

File: 1336844010220.jpg (41.26 KB, 324x586)

>spreading her legs

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20575

Those were because its in the public interest to know where she is and what she is up to. We all know that she got out of a car at the Dark Shadows premiere.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20577


What the fuck are you saying? paparazzi will take tons of pics of celebrities no matter where or when

  Anonymous (d11a) 20578

File: 1336844137442.jpg (113.83 KB, 714x474)

  Anonymous (dc95) 20579

It doesn't even show much, just some inner thigh and panties. She showed more in The Poker House.

Chloë's house was once robbed. Many items were taken, including a computer which had private photos. Those photos were leaked by the robber. I'm sure her parents didn't consent to those pics going public, either. Should we ban them as well?

Besides why is the sexualization of children okay when the parents approve/get paid? That essentially make parents into pimps.

  Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 20581

No photos from the laptops that were stolen were ever put online.

Any FB/personal photos that we've seen have always come from Chloe's family or friends FB pages.

  !CalcLbWSVA 20582

Ah alright. Still doesn't change the point though that it was photos never meant to be released for the public.

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20583

Exactly. That is the problem with this picture.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20584


I see no problem. She was at a public event. She knew what she was getting into.

  Anonymous (d11a) 20585

That is rubbish!

She didn't go to that event to get her undies flashed. She went there to promote a movie - not her underwear.

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20586

Of course! It's her fault for getting an upskirt picture taken and put on the internet! It's ok guys. The thread can stop now.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20587


That is not rubbish that is a reality. You are at a public event, paparazzi will be everywhere trying to take pictures of you from whatever angle they can.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20589


it's part of being an actress and she didn't show anything we haven't seen before

  Anonymous (d11a) 20591

File: 1336844625994.png (190.92 KB, 350x280)

How about the red carpet is just fucking exchanged with a big glass floor where we can put all the paparazzis below and they can take pictures of all they lovely women on the carpet…

… And Trevor in a kilt…

… Damn… Flawed plan!

  Anonymous (f20b) 20592

Where the hell did that picture even come from? I've searched pretty much every single celebrity website and message board I know of(including many not shy about being pervs), and none of them have that upskirt picture…only Chlomochan and 4chan do.

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20593

You have to be trolling.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20594

Can we leave this now. There hasn't been a considerable majority in favour of allowing the pic = stays as it is for now I guess.

  Anonymous (d11a) 20595

Its part of being an actress? To have paparazzi take pictures of your undies - or better yet you missing undies?

Stop using drugs, you moron.

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20596

That's why I thought that an anon here who posted it was the photographer…

  Anonymous (de00) 20598

yeah prufrock and cheddar = majority… whatever

  Anonymous (d11a) 20599

File: 1336844899396.jpg (137.35 KB, 414x352)

I still say we hunt that fuck down. I wanna find the source and fuck him up!

We are gonna hunt wabbits - who are with me?

  Prufrock (72fd) 20600




I haven't been here for a while and it's still going on between lots of anons/cheddar/everyone else.

  Anonymous (b453) 20601

You cant get it through your fucking head can you. By denying this from everyone you are setting a new precedent on the censorship of every paparazzi photo posted here in the future. Stop changing my fucking chan!

  Anonymous (d11a) 20602

Thats it… I'm out of here.

Stupid place just got /b/-tarded.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20603


> You have to be trolling.

being an actress means shots like that are a constant risk and we have seen her underwear before so there is nothing to troll about

  Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 20604


It is on a few celebrity boards. The one I normally get pics from has it, but I didn't even notice it until it was posted here (181 HQ photos, so it was easy to miss).

  Anonymous (63e1) 20605


> I haven't been here for a while and it's still

you've been here the whole damn time

  !CalcLbWSVA 20606

tlfan.to and mansion-of-celebs.com both got it

  Dr.NoQuints!!2Zuw3UMnvo 20608

File: 1336845394943.jpg (123.23 KB, 301x501)

I'm not going to get too invested in this shitstorm. My opinion is that it's already out there and we've already seen her in panties. It's not like there's nudity or anything. Given the origins of this site it's a bit weird the debate is even happening.

tl;dr let people post it if they want, no one has to look

  Anonymous (de00) 20610

File: 1336845396983.jpg (27.7 KB, 563x303)

This is going to turn into the old chan and all we will see is this.

  Solar!!7jvwXbIqxQ 20611


Yeah, they're the ones I use (best 2 sites for HQs) and I just checked. I didn't even notice when I downloaded the pics from those sites, it wasn't until it was posted here that I did.

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20613

>Just got posted
>Just got deleted
>Clearly not allowed
>Can we stop this shit now?

  Anonymous (63e1) 20616


> Clearly not allowed

I don't see the clearly part

  Cheddar!!woFEDRhtcg 20617

Not allowed yet…this thread has not concluded anything.

  Anonymous (f20b) 20622


That must've been why I haven't seen it. Those are sites in which only registered members can view, I believe.

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20624


Pretty sure it's on minus faboost

  Prufrock (72fd) 20638


My opinion was always under the assumption that this was actively an up-skirt shot, if it's not:


Then I'm less arced about it being banned. Still don't think people should post shit like that but happy to just frown on them when they do tbh.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20647


Well, it's clearly not. So can we post it (people who are not interested simply ignore it), get it out if our system and end the drama?

  Prufrock (72fd) 20649


I dunno, it's not up to me. Not yet I guess.

  Anonymous (de00) 20650


Yes end this shit

  Anonymous (63e1) 20651


> it's not up to me.

But you've been it's biggest and most outspoken supporter so if you have no real problems with it I doubt the others will.

  Anonymous (c1f3) 20661

File: 1336847258272.jpg (96.23 KB, 500x509)


OK, here we go.

This is a Chloe pic, right? Then it should be posted. I come here every day because I like to talk about Chloe with my chlobros and I use the chan as a source for Chloe material.

If one day I notice people are hiding some pics how can I trust this chan? The reason why I love chlomo is because here we can be ourselves (wich doesn't mean we can be jerks, let's make this clear). We can be mature and not a bunch of idiots pretending to be 10 years-old, like it is in Chloe's forum and the other chan.

I think we are mature enough to have this kind of pics here. And it's not pornography, it's just a god damn photo and it's part of a set. If it's part of a set then it should be posted.

Stop being pathetic moralfags. This chan is dedicated to Chloe and EVERY, I repeat, EVERY single photo of Chloe available in the world wide web should be posted. We are not talking about sex shoops, we are not talking about pornography. We are talking about official Chloe pics.

Grow up, people. We all knew this was going to happen one day and there's no reason for us to try to hide this pic. Let's act like grown ups, ok?

And about the "sex stalker hurr durr", who cares? Seriously, this kind of people is everywhere on the internet and this crazy stupid paranoid thing is completely irrelevant.

Just because some people will fap to this pic we should turn this shit into a taboo? Jesus! Man up. MAN UP, I repeat.

And sorry for any grammar mistakes I may have committed. I've passed all morning trying to post but my internet provider messed my IP address yesterday, so I'm in a hurry right now and very stressed.

  Anonymous (c1f3) 20663

>Given the origins of this site it's a bit weird the debate is even happening

THIS! We are anons and chlobros. We are not a bunch of kids.

  Prufrock (72fd) 20664

Yeah, just maybe not post it because it's a shit photo of Chloe.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20667


> Yeah, just maybe not post it because it's a shit photo of Chloe.

That's not for you to decide. We post all pictures of her, good or bad.

  Anonymous (c1f3) 20670

File: 1336847832834.png (1.47 MB, 1178x897)

Nice argument. I wonder how long it took for you to come up with this.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20671

File: 1336847904028.gif (1.46 MB, 338x300)


> mfw I was thinking the exact same thing

  Anonymous (63e1) 20672

File: 1336848034247.gif (1.72 MB, 340x330)


Maybe we shouldn't post it because the panties don't match the dress

  Anonymous (1165) 20675

maybe we shouldn't post it bc we cant see her clit

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20678


Well thought out post anon, well done.


  Anonymous (63e1) 20679

Maybe we shouldn't post it because we can't see if she''s shaved or not

  Anonymous (f20b) 20681


There'd be a LOT of inappropriate comments if Chloe had some dark red panties on…

  Anonymous (1165) 20683


she's not shaved, she waxes

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20684


Trevor here, she isn't.

  Anonymous (63e1) 20685


dat feel when you'll never get the hair filled stripes from the trashcan behind the beauty saloon

  Anonymous (d4e4) 20894

Looked under "May 9, 2012 UK premiere of Dark Shadows In London, England" on minus faboost and didn't find it. I honestly just want to see it to see what the fuss is about which i am sure is not that big a deal to have a 300+ post thread about it. tlfan and mansion of celebs are both closed off, any other sites? Thank you

  Prufrock (72fd) 20896

look in the other thread


  Anonymous (63e1) 20897

  Mr. Bean!!9bINe43AAo 20898

File: 1336861346057.png (91.88 KB, 246x361)

  Anonymous (d4e4) 20899

I know big slowpoke on my part but found it on Chloechan for anyone that wants to see it. Definitely not worth the fuss…

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 20900


Well it's in this thread, it's in the thread below and it's on the first of google (last 24 hours) under her name, and it's on TPB. FUN!

  chloe 21205

Hi chloe can i have ur number?

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 21206

File: 1336902552481.jpg (342 KB, 1023x1537)


Not sure if serious or troll

  thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 21207

File: 1336902649095.jpg (63.85 KB, 360x225)

  Narwhal !FisPY5nvaE 21208

File: 1336902735608.jpg (35.02 KB, 245x243)

  Anonymous (63e1) 21210


(323) 248-7187

  thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 21211

File: 1336902962459.jpg (26.23 KB, 395x396)

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 21212

File: 1336902963599.jpg (1.35 MB, 4096x6144)

His fb mkes me want to cry

  thedante!s4jsf1HzKo 21214

do share

  ChloFro!.ChloeUJLY 21215

File: 1336903110246.jpg (31.02 KB, 500x667)


>Not copying email and then just googling it.

He's either a troll or 12, leave him alone.

  !CalcLbWSVA 21217

Wrong. It's 516-356-5056

  DANGER;prodigy!!txc0ZK1Cc6 21858

File: 1336970283180.jpg (123.23 KB, 301x501)

  Anonymous (7074) 26438


  Cheddar!IChedzmaqM 128834

File: 1353978441417.jpg (50.69 KB, 297x310)

>mfw this was bumped

  Anonymous (e59e) 128850

File: 1353980097433.jpg (375.12 KB, 1489x2365)

Odd that this poll ever existed on a site who's banner content is 50% centered on this particular over-the-top jailbait scene.

Chedz, what's the over/under on the amount of crotch shots in swimwear we can expect to bless this holy site with after the release of Carrie?

  Anonymous (312a) 128860

Spammer bumped, they seem to pick random threads.
>who's banner content is 50% centered on this particular over-the-top jailbait scene
Cite me three examples.

  Anonymous (e59e) 128866

File: 1353981676206.gif (4.79 MB, 218x472)

I'm looking at Nyan Rainbow…thing right now. There's the Taste the Rainbow banner. Fuckin, probably another one.

Know what I'm tired of hitting f5 and you're a dirty cocksucker for knowing that's there's probably only 2 of em.

Regardless, I have no beef. Rainbowland is my kind of place.

  Pixel!!P6VCghJWrM 128959

File: 1353992372359.jpg (27.66 KB, 372x438)

>Cite me three examples.

>there's probably only 2 of em

  Rien!!fO/vNY.k1w 128964

File: 1353993707833.png (241.25 KB, 430x321)

and the jack and the beanstalk one…? The director of that movie was a pedo, I'm sure.

  Anonymous (46b2) 129410

Waifufags are pathetic.

  Anonymous (8c8e) 129916

File: 1354141278126.jpg (81.76 KB, 417x600)

I wanted to ask about this one here see if anyone had seen it before, but considering this thread I don't even know whether it can be posted now. It doesn't show underwear which seems to be the beggest complaint so I will try it.

  Anonymous (312a) 129920

She looks pretty pissed for whatever reason.

  Anonymous (63e1) 129948

File: 1354142020291.gif (1.2 MB, 280x221)

Good find, bro. very good find.

  Anonymous (b94f) 130041

new for me and really sexy

  Anonymous (100f) 131062

  Anonymous (100f) 131063

  Anonymous (e59e) 131068

File: 1354254904027.jpg (840.64 KB, 2021x3000)

Where the HQ now?

  LOL The_Walking_Ed (f820) 138794

Hi all
I'm a Chloe fan since Amityville Horror,i love her and i never fap for her,but if you think that NOW she's not attractive,YOU have a problem man.

  Anonymous (63e1) 138795

Tell me about it. If you saw her walking down the street and you didn't get a boner, then you should consult a doctor because your Aaron Johnson is either dead, or you're gay

  Lol2 The_Walking_Ed (f820) 138818

in this case,i hope for you that you are gay

  The_Walking_Ed (f820) 138821

but if you have a boner simply when you look a girl walking down the streets,you have a problem too.

  Anonymous (63e1) 138826

File: 1355254205907_133384554582jpg.jpg (4.43 KB, 142x157)

Not just 'a' girl. Chloe

  The_Walking_Ed (f820) 138828

In this case you are a normal man that like beautiful girls.
Remember: moralists are best wankers ever XD

  Anonymous (63e1) 138837

File: 1355254605273.jpg (27.21 KB, 353x332)

Speaking from experience?

  The_Walking_Ed (f820) 138839

no, or my nickname would be The_Wanking_Ed :P

  Anonymous (63e1) 138842

File: 1355254798249_131577834158.jpg (33.35 KB, 422x503)

Well I'm not shaking your hand either way, not even through the internet

ps: using smiley faces on an imageboard … come on … get some chloe pics

  The_Walking_Ed (f820) 138844

i'm new here… i have to know how use this damn site

  Anonymous (63e1) 138847

File: 1355255009203.gif (1013.17 KB, 279x268)

How did you become a fan and how did you come across the site?

  The_Walking_Ed (f820) 138850

i discovered this site in a google search. I became a chloe fan when i've watch her acting in her movies .


Sorry for my bad english

  Anonymous (63e1) 138851

File: 1355255316480.jpg (14.23 KB, 284x318)

btw you should post in this thread: >>138562
The one you're in is ancient

  The_Walking_Ed (f820) 138855

ok,ok…don't kill me for that….

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