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chloe moretz 1463416953016_mailman.png

Chloë Grace Moretz General Discussion Thread #852

 155876Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAmailman.png 596.33 KB, 720x1012
Chloë wearing a costume
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157911United States abd1
>using daily mail comments as a measure for anything
Come on now. I'm sure you're not an idiot.
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chloe moretz 1464092874730_Chlo_Grace_Moretz_at_XIV_Karats_10.png
  157913United States!!jIrIw70F9w
!!jIrIw70F9wChlo_Grace_Moretz_at_XIV_Karats_10.jpg 2.52 MB, 3472x3912

Kick up your heels on the new thread.

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chloe moretz 1462677374767_jeej-wrangler.png

Chloë Grace Moretz General Discussion Thread #851

 153843United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFsjeej-wrangler.jpg 69.88 KB, 640x427

Post as much Chloë as you can, as fast as you can! Don't fall behind!
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chloe moretz 1463414492381_r13.png
  155875Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAr13.jpg 26.8 KB, 443x506
>Chloë makes it easier to get up in the morning
yup, always first thing to check when wake up is chlomo new posts and Chloë news haha
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chloe moretz 1463417012942_mailman.png
  155877Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAmailman.jpg 59.95 KB, 369x777

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chloe moretz 1462097139182_Right_after_everyone_hit_pause.png

Chloë Grace Moretz General Discussion Thread #850

 152391United States!!HB99K.NCeE
!!HB99K.NCeERight_after_everyone_hit_pause.png 391.39 KB, 857x510
Neighbors2 looks to be wild and crazy. From her movies or real life, Chloë at her wildest and craziest.
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chloe moretz 1462677026884_CC186V1UsAAlaVS.jpg_large.png
  153842United States!!HB99K.NCeE
!!HB99K.NCeECC186V1UsAAlaVS.jpg_large.jpg 148.89 KB, 1023x685
What? No, no, I did this one. I'm hinting that I'd love a Qud flood thread. One of your famous threads; you have a reputation to uphold, after all.

←this pic cracks me up every time I browse past it in my specials folder. I should delete it so I quit posting it.
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chloe moretz 1462677410576_jeej_wtf.png
  153844United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFsjeej_wtf.jpg 288.83 KB, 600x578
I'm a bit out of practice, but you asked for it



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chloe moretz 1461433855160_chloe_moretz_kick-ass_irish_premiere_021.png

Chloë Grace Moretz General Discussion Thread #849

 150842Spain af6e
e5cdchloe_moretz_kick-ass_irish_premiere_021.jpg 82.12 KB, 426x640
I know our girl is an angel, but sometimes… Well the topic is: "Aggressive Chloë"
Special weekend, Chloë starts to filming The Little Mermaid and confirmed she has a boo <3
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chloe moretz 1462096938327_DSH-SS-CGM0069r.png
  152390United States!!HB99K.NCeE
!!HB99K.NCeEDSH-SS-CGM0069r.jpg 349.05 KB, 1800x1200
One Argentina and the other Brazil, iirc, but I'm not positive.
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chloe moretz 1462097216502_Chloe_Moretz-32.png
  152392United States!!HB99K.NCeE
!!HB99K.NCeEChloe_Moretz-32.jpg 74.81 KB, 287x286

Hop, skip or jump over to the NEW THREAD

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chloe moretz 1403518326442.png

How did you become a Chlobro?

!Mu5DJ1d1S.1403518326442.jpg 68.54 KB, 319x480
Share your stories about how you got the addiction.
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110498United States b05b
I fell in love with her the moment I saw her on the big screen at the cinema. I was asked to come along and see Kick-Ass with friends from school and at the time, I heard nothing about it I literally went into the cinema blind not knowing what to expect. I thought the first part of the movie was cool though, seeing Aaron do his thing but the moment Chloë appeared on screen, and started slicing off limbs and swearing her mouth off, I was in love. And that scene in the lobby with her as the schoolgirl made me fall in love. I went home, googled who she was, then started collecting pictures and even downloaded a pirated copy of Kick-Ass. Since then, been a massive fan since, I even helped run a Facebook fan page which died. Now Im just more casual fan of Chloë, I watch her movies and occasionally come here but thats bout it now.
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chloe moretz 1454013801439_chloe_moretz_museum_of_the_moving_image_086.png
  134828Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAchloe_moretz_museum_of_the_moving_image_086.jpg 4.77 MB, 2067x3000
On the occasion of the one year of my posting I will write how I become a Chlobro.

I don't recall all the circumstances but here is what I remember:

I was bored one day in spring 2014 and decided to watch some movie on Popcorn time. I saw Kick Ass 2 in the list and decided to give it a try since I don't usually watch superhero films. I really enjoyed it and I watched Kick Ass (1) the next day.

Then I started to watch other movies with Chloë and I really fell in love with her and her acting. I watched her movies and I started to follow her on instagram and twitter. I guess I still wasn't obsessed with her in that time like I am now, but I checked her twitter and instagram every day mainly to see if she posted any new picture.

Some time later I found Chlomo Chan account on twitter and followed it because I liked the updates "they" posted, but I didn't go to the website (or I went but probably didn't like it :P before the great update.)

Then in the beginning of 2015 I started to lurk here more and on January 28 I made my first casual post here: >>>/8/35612
I didn't even introduce myself, haha…And then I become really obsessed with Chloë and Chlomo!

← btw. this was my first profile picture on my twitter account ChlobroCZ (created little later on February 7 2015)

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chloe moretz 1460845778497_chloe_moretz_out_for_breakfast_2.png

Chloë Grace Moretz General Discussion Thread #848

 149749Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAchloe_moretz_out_for_breakfast_2.jpg 1.43 MB, 2400x3600
ITT: Chloë wearing a sweatshirt

… or just casual clothes
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150841Croatia f4f6
Well, after all that time spent with mature and more or less emotionally stable (boring) adults and acting accordingly, I guess everyone would like to take a break… However I hope she keeps it in her pants for a little while now, cause otherwise we'll be looking for a Little Jailmaid, haha, kidding…
150843Spain e762

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chloe moretz 1460229792486_Beauty_586.png

Chloë Grace Moretz General Discussion Thread #847

 148315United Arab Emirates!!LxbAlHl9/M
!!LxbAlHl9/MBeauty_586.jpg 472.56 KB, 1367x2048
Inspirational Chloë thread!

Chloë has inspired all of us perhaps, and some of us for sure, to do awesome, creative things we probably wouldn't have done otherwise, or just even look at life or the world in a better way.

To celebrate my return to Chlomo, here's a thread in which we appreciate how Chloë inspired and continues to inspire us.
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chloe moretz 1460844914965_the5thwavebanner.png
  149748Finland 1b03
1b03the5thwavebanner.png 82.54 KB, 307x177

Almost forgot, you install it by just dragging the file to your browser window!
149750Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Still no new Chloë thread, eh?


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chloe moretz 1459310590918_Happy_Chloe.png

Chloë Grace Moretz General Discussion Thread #846

 147071United States a635
1504Happy_Chloe.jpg 258.33 KB, 799x798
In spite of all this drama past, present and future let's lighten things up by posting the many happy faces of Chloë Grace Moretz
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chloe moretz 1460229560864_Better_be_Sure_About_That.png
!CHLOE6iOUoBetter_be_Sure_About_That.jpg 59.95 KB, 302x318
Do it already! we have 2 posts left after this. o_O
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chloe moretz 1460229848680_Chloe_Bread_2.png
  148316United Arab Emirates!!LxbAlHl9/M
!!LxbAlHl9/MChloe_Bread_2.jpg 404.58 KB, 1224x816

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chloe moretz 1458938155632_birthday-pic.png

Happy birthday chlomo.org

 146653Romania 0ad7
84cdbirthday-pic.jpg 334.49 KB, 903x1752
Chlomo.org turns 4 years old today. It feels like an eternity has passed since we started.

I hope you've had a fun time here and that you'll join in the following year as well

PS: here is how the previous years went:
2012, 2013: http://www.chlomo.org/history/
2014: http://www.chlomo.org/history/year-3/
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chloe moretz 1459417359717_CJbbWw2UEAAS4m0.png
  147191United Arab Emirates f66f
f66fCJbbWw2UEAAS4m0.jpg 46.1 KB, 500x650
3 years in this amazing family
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chloe moretz 1459607018874_Chloe_Approves_21.png
  147400United Arab Emirates!!LxbAlHl9/M
!!LxbAlHl9/MChloe_Approves_21.jpg 181.81 KB, 640x594
A bit late for this but here goes:
I've been on and off here since March 2013. Chloë and Chlomo have brightened up my life and inspired a lot of my artistic works and poetry since then, both directly and indirectly. I also met a lot of cool people on here and discovered really awesome non-Chloë stuff as well such as new bands, movies, and shows.

Cheers, folks! Here's to another awesome year!

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chloe moretz 1458402990912_General_Chlo_Grace_Moretzl.png

General Chloë Grace Moretz Discussion Thread #845

!CHLOE6iOUoGeneral_Chlo_Grace_Moretzl.jpg 432.09 KB, 751x500
Post your favorite OC's or create your own!
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chloe moretz 1459309392916_cmahd111.png
  147070United States!!HB99K.NCeE
!!HB99K.NCeEcmahd111.jpg 55.02 KB, 695x533
Suggestion was for DVD covers or movie screencaps generally. But, eh, the person doing the thread should have wide latitude.
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chloe moretz 1459310743585_11931035_1490909747886012_1016440860_n-1.png
  147073United States 1dd3
1dd311931035_1490909747886012_1016440860_n-1.jpg 45.66 KB, 206x294
YAY!! my official first thread, common over