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chloe moretz 1454992233650_12524033_554305321385594_4092535285781204258_n.png

CARRIE PETITION: Please Sign and Share!

 137570United States 8627
a5c612524033_554305321385594_4092535285781204258_n.jpg 99.72 KB, 590x603
The #CarriePetition NEEDS YOUR help!

Fans are extremely close (81%) toward reaching the set goal of 20,000 signatures on the Carrie petition! This has always been a fan effort and word of mouth is extremely important in ensuring that the Extended Director's Cut of Carrie (2013) starring Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore is released on DVD and Blu-ray. That means fans (like you) are the driving force behind this effort. Its success depends on YOU!

The petition page itself lists 30+ scenes (amazing scenes) that were removed during post-production. You can read the list (and sign) at the following link: http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/carriepetition

Carrie fans need YOUR help! The studios need to see YOUR demand - they are currently considering the possibility of releasing an Extended Director's Cut of Carrie (2013) but there has yet to be a final confirmation (either way). And so fans must rally together (by signing and sharing this petition) to ensure that the Extended Director's Cut is released. Please sign the petition and share the link on your social media accounts. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of fans on this site who could easily bring the signatures from 16,154 to 20,000. Please help by signing and sharing the #CarriePetition!

Thank you so much for your time!
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chloe moretz 1474381545121_Sigh_Here.png
  176558United States 996f
996fSigh_Here.jpg 145.77 KB, 1066x392
Wouldn't it be a trip to make a tray of weenie taquitoes, a pitcher of mountain dew ice cream float and turn out the lights, put your feet up in the recliner and, (tapping some gravel into the crease), watch the opening titles on The Director's Extended Cut of CARRIE?
183387United States 454e
^ that would be a great night !!!!!! 😝

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chloe moretz 1403513667540_chloe-moretz-dreams.png

Chloë Moretz dreams

!Mu5DJ1d1S.chloe-moretz-dreams.jpg 62.01 KB, 498x356
if you're lucky enough to meet Chloë in your dreams, tell us about it here.
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183149United States!!HB99K.NCeE
Too detailed. Well, I've got only one and I haven't shared it here because it's a downer.

Chloe, Trevor and I are walking on a beach; maybe in Mexico. We see a little stand on the landward side of the beach selling fruit drinks. Chloë says she's thirsty. I say I'd be glad to get drinks for everyone. While I'm waiting in line at the stand, Chloë and Trevor walk away.
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chloe moretz 1480946516328_04.png
  183157Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSA04.jpg 20.88 KB, 300x307
that's so sad

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chloe moretz 1479693863083_member.png

Chloë Grace Moretz General Discussion Thread #869

 181750United States 9e13
8d4cmember.jpg 35.43 KB, 900x900
>Member berries thread
Post memorable moments from Chloë's life.
Each post must start with 'Member'
ie Member Chloë's… Member when Chloë… Member how Chloë…
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182951United States 2cba

If the earth could withstand catastrophic occurrences like meteorite crashes and volcanic ash blocking out the sun, I think it will withstand some fossil fuels being used.
183064United States 2974
Of course the earth will survive hotter temperatures, but it will be harder for us to.

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chloe moretz 1404336977319_chloe_moretz_cosplay_and_lookalikes.png

Chloe Moretz cosplay and lookalikes

!Mu5DJ1d1S.chloe_moretz_cosplay_and_lookalikes.jpg 83.21 KB, 480x720
People who look Chloë or try to look like her or one of her characters

CHLOMO FOLDER: Misc\Cosplay; Misc\Lookalikes
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chloe moretz 1479912914146_Csj5fhVWYAAs9WZ.png
  181974Russian Federation 67cc
67ccCsj5fhVWYAAs9WZ.jpg 263.23 KB, 1571x2048
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chloe moretz 1480842338133_IMG_20161204_151504.png
  182932United States bc30
bc30IMG_20161204_151504.jpg 107.23 KB, 675x1200

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chloe moretz 1403121239477_chloe_moretz_scans_articles_interviews.png

Chloe Moretz magazine scans, articles and interviews

!Mu5DJ1d1S.chloe_moretz_scans_articles_interviews.jpg 111.33 KB, 638x543
A thread for all the Chloë magazine scans, articles and interviews (printed, online or audio).

- try to keep the conversations to a minimum (discussions should take place in the numbered threads)
- mods can and will delete posts if needed (such as duplicates of articles already posted and talks that should be taken in the numbered thread)
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182214Norway 09d2
i'll definitely do that 👌🏼
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chloe moretz 1480801033741_Gloria_IN_November_2016.png
  182909Denmark 8b0f
8b0fGloria_IN_November_2016.jpg 108.11 KB, 589x794
Gloria IN - November 2016 (Croatia)

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chloe moretz 1480715433384_chloe_moretz_stopping_by_a_hair_salon_1.png

Chloë Moretz stopping by a hair salon in Hollywood

 182739Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAchloe_moretz_stopping_by_a_hair_salon_1.jpg 552.91 KB, 2568x3000

December 2, 2016

Los Angeles

Credit: Picture Pub
CHLOMO FOLDER: Candids and events\2016\2016-12-02 - Stopping by a Hair Salon, Los Angeles
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chloe moretz 1480769864621_20161202_chloe_moretz_heading_to_andy_lecompte_salon_18.png
  182876Denmark daea
daea20161202_chloe_moretz_heading_to_andy_lecompte_salon_18.jpg 1.92 MB, 2382x3573
2.43 MB

chloe moretz 1480769886584_20161202_chloe_moretz_heading_to_andy_lecompte_salon_19.png
  182877Denmark daea
daea20161202_chloe_moretz_heading_to_andy_lecompte_salon_19.jpg 2.43 MB, 2610x3915
Chlomo folders updated

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chloe moretz 1403125347565_chloe_moretz_hit-girl_fan-art.png

The Hit-Girl fan-art thread v2

!Mu5DJ1d1S.chloe_moretz_hit-girl_fan-art.jpg 236.71 KB, 720x1000
The fan-art thread for drawings, paintings, sketches of Hit-Girl (Chloë and her other characters have her sepaate thread)

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170523Colombia 4bb4
>>170521 No problem! This place is like heaven! <3
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chloe moretz 1480513878351_Cyg4tq1XUAAu7bU.jpg_large.png
  182551United States!!HB99K.NCeE
!!HB99K.NCeECyg4tq1XUAAu7bU.jpg_large.jpg 199.13 KB, 750x913
Not technically art, but informative and fits this thread the most closely.


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chloe moretz 1478721737220_joan.png

Chloë Grace Moretz General Discussion Thread #868

 180637Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAjoan.jpg 389.14 KB, 921x795
Chloë is an actress..

..so post Chloë acting!
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chloe moretz 1479694299017_6302000.png
  181751United States 66b5
66b56302000.png 98 KB, 451x345
Member when we had new threads regularly
182507United States 83d7
Chloë Grace Moretz is a nice girl, and i love her movie like "Carrie 2013", kickass 1&2 and "let me in"

Chloë is the funniest girl ever, i have bloody Carrie white figure

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chloe moretz 1442173714667_neighbours.png

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

!Mu5DJ1d1S.neighbours.jpg 179.09 KB, 807x1280

Genre: Comedy

Also starring: Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Selena Gomez

Release date:

Director: Nicholas Stoller


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chloe moretz 1480197451724_NB2_promo_shoot_LQ_6.png
  182258Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSANB2_promo_shoot_LQ_6.jpg 53.75 KB, 450x600
44.55 KB

chloe moretz 1480197459136_NB2_promo_shoot_LQ_7.png
  182259Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSANB2_promo_shoot_LQ_7.jpg 44.55 KB, 450x600

1.11 MB

chloe moretz 1403122657194_5th-wave-movie-poster.png
!Mu5DJ1d1S.5th-wave-movie-poster.jpg 1.11 MB, 1100x1760

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Drama

Also starring: Nick Robinson, Alex Roe

Release date:

Director: J Blakeson


Description: After the 1st wave, only darkness remains. After the 2nd, only the lucky escape. And after the 3rd, only the unlucky survive. After the 4th wave, only one rule applies: trust no one.

Now, it's the dawn of the 5th wave, and on a lonely stretch of highway, Cassie runs from Them. The beings who only look human, who roam the countryside killing anyone they see. Who have scattered Earth's last survivors. To stay alone is to stay alive, Cassie believes, until she meets Evan Walker. Beguiling and mysterious, Evan Walker may be Cassie's only hope for rescuing her brother--or even saving herself. But Cassie must choose: between trust and despair, between defiance and surrender, between life and death. To give up or to get up.
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177141Denmark 11a3
Ah okay, I forgot to view full thread for checking, though it also seems to gallery is not updated with that update.
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chloe moretz 1479961432627_image.png
  182027Australia 051c
051cimage.jpg 13.38 KB, 317x211