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The Little Mermaid

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Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

Release date:

Director: Rebecca Thomas


Description: A young mermaid gives up her life in the sea to love a human prince.
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Why The Little Mermaid will be different from animated version.
Small interview with bits of new info
>It’s live-action, and we’re going to have full speaking scenes underwater.

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If this version is like Carrie "intended to be closer to the written source material'" then there is the matter of which ending they will use of the Hans Christian Andersen tale, the one he wrote the tale to lead up to, or the one he tacked on….
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"…So don't worry that the live-action Little Mermaid will reinforce the misogyny of the original, in which a girl sacrifices her essence for the mere shot at gaining a man's favor. Moretz is on it. 'We want to make this good for girls," she says. 'We can't make this regressive tale in a modern world. We're going to flip it on its head. It's going to feel good for women and men in the sense that it's not just appropriating feminism, and it's not leaning on regressive stereotypes.' CGM
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When will she start filming?
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why did this movie not happen ? anyone know
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Nothing definitive, but Disney made noises about making their own version.
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thanks…..although, in retrospect …. perhaps it will be a kinda silly movie, for some people at least.

i mean, if i like neighbors 2 and the kick ass movies, i doubt i would like the mermaid…….but then again, who knows lol