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How did you become a Chlobro?

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Share your stories about how you got the addiction.
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I know I've mentioned it several times before, but this is the first time I explain it elaborately in such a thread.

It was back in early March 2013 when I finished Dishonored, and I was interested to know who voiced the characters after finishing the game. When I saw that the voice actor for Emily Kaldwin was extremely beautiful, and that I recall seeing her somewhere before (it was the Kick-Ass and Hugo trailers, but I somehow never got to watch those in the cinema and forgot about them), and also the fact that she has the same birthday as I do (month and day, I'm exactly two years older than she is) , I became really interested in Chloë. I then checked her twitter and her filmography on Wikipedia and then searched the web for fan sites, and I discovered this place, but I didn't post because I didn't understand how it worked. So I downloaded and watched Hugo, Let Me In, and Kickass (in that order) and I became totally obsessed/in love with Chloë, even though I was mired in school work, because it was my last year of high school. The feeling of discovery was awesome, and I made my first post here, if I remember correctly, on March 16th, 2013, and I've been hooked since then, despite periods where I think my addiction has subsided. It never truly has left me.

>Here's the first picture from Chlomo that I saved in my Chloë folder.
323Poland 58d4
I was in a seance Horror cinema and flew movie Carrie. Watching him really liked Chloë as she played in the film. I came home and checked the cast of the movie (before I did not know who it is). I saw a game in which the movies and saw everyone :) It was in October 2013. For now I go to her twitter and I follow everything. Even started a channel on YT dedicated to her. Sorry, I am of Polish and I used a translator :)
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  6221United States 094d
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I just read "Hugo" and it was a bit before the movie came out.
I instantly fell in love with the character Isabelle.
So when I saw the movie, and Chloë playing Isabelle I loved how she really brought the character to life!
The next day, I started googling all about her…and so yeah I've been a fan ever since!! :)
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  6418United States 6b16
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Saw Kick-Ass and just liked the character of Hit-Girl. I started seeing pictures of her being posted on 4chan and began to think she was a little hottie, then she went on the Jay Leno show, That interview pretty much sealed the deal and I was in love with her.
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294achloe-grace-moretz-actress-kick-ass-carrie-cover-story-02.jpg 177.91 KB, 1093x1459
Well it started when I read this amazing story and thought it would make an even more amazing film. I contemplated writing the screenplay and while searching for an actress who could play the heroine. I stumbled upon a clip from Kick Ass (the first one) where Hit Girl is taking out thugs. I realized I had found my girl and started viewing all of her films. Later found this website and realized it wasn't as bad as the trolls on IMDB made it sound. I look forward to seeing all of Chloë's new films and hope to work with her in the near future for I am in the process of getting the screenplay I wrote sold.
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I saw the ending of Kick Ass on tv in 2012. I said to myself I had to see the movie from the beginning cause it was funny and epic. I only did this in 2013 cause I saw the trailer of Kick Ass 2 and I was going to see that in the cinema.
Between these 2 events I also saw the dark shadows trailer. The girl playing in that movie was so beautiful that I just had to see it. But then again… I didn't until I saw Kick Ass.
So in 3 days I actually watched: Kick Ass, Let me in (which was when I fell in love with her), Dark shadows, Hugo, Kick Ass 2 (cinema), Carrie (cinema), Hick and Texas killing fields. (All in this order)
After I saw Dark Shadows I found this forum and saw it was awesome! The next days I watched the 2 movies in the cinema and the others.
After all the movies I had to get new content and this forum is perfect.
97672Ecuador e27f
let me in haha good kind of me too bro how old are you?
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Basically a reaction gif started it all…
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well, tbh that is a great gif, look and interview
97862United States 3bc0

The interview was unbelievably uncomfortable.
Is that the one that started with her Jarvus ad?
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97982Netherlands 998a
>on /b/
>see Chloë
>start saving her pictures
>start posting her pictures
98292Poland ba9e
After watching a kick-ass in 2010
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I watch a lot of movies and I started to like her in amityville horror (2005). Then, I started to see her pop up more and more and I was in love with her. I watch her interviews and I love how humble she has stayed and just how powerful she is. Just looking at her you see a lovely role model for woman and just being a good human in the first place. Plus, shes a genius actress. Being close to my age is a plus too. Only two years
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I fell in love with her when I saw this picture on a megazine, so I started to follow her on the internet and to collect photos. Then I started to collect dvds of her films and now she's one of my muses, and of course I love her acting skills ;)
110498United States b05b
I fell in love with her the moment I saw her on the big screen at the cinema. I was asked to come along and see Kick-Ass with friends from school and at the time, I heard nothing about it I literally went into the cinema blind not knowing what to expect. I thought the first part of the movie was cool though, seeing Aaron do his thing but the moment Chloë appeared on screen, and started slicing off limbs and swearing her mouth off, I was in love. And that scene in the lobby with her as the schoolgirl made me fall in love. I went home, googled who she was, then started collecting pictures and even downloaded a pirated copy of Kick-Ass. Since then, been a massive fan since, I even helped run a Facebook fan page which died. Now Im just more casual fan of Chloë, I watch her movies and occasionally come here but thats bout it now.
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  134828Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAchloe_moretz_museum_of_the_moving_image_086.jpg 4.77 MB, 2067x3000
On the occasion of the one year of my posting I will write how I become a Chlobro.

I don't recall all the circumstances but here is what I remember:

I was bored one day in spring 2014 and decided to watch some movie on Popcorn time. I saw Kick Ass 2 in the list and decided to give it a try since I don't usually watch superhero films. I really enjoyed it and I watched Kick Ass (1) the next day.

Then I started to watch other movies with Chloë and I really fell in love with her and her acting. I watched her movies and I started to follow her on instagram and twitter. I guess I still wasn't obsessed with her in that time like I am now, but I checked her twitter and instagram every day mainly to see if she posted any new picture.

Some time later I found Chlomo Chan account on twitter and followed it because I liked the updates "they" posted, but I didn't go to the website (or I went but probably didn't like it :P before the great update.)

Then in the beginning of 2015 I started to lurk here more and on January 28 I made my first casual post here: >>>/8/35612
I didn't even introduce myself, haha…And then I become really obsessed with Chloë and Chlomo!

← btw. this was my first profile picture on my twitter account ChlobroCZ (created little later on February 7 2015)
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Well, it all started in 2014, when I met Chloë Grace Moretz thanks to my brother.

Seeing that my brother liked Chloë, I wanted to give Chloë a try and look at Kick Ass for the first time, it was the best decision I could have made.

Thanks to Kick Ass I fell in love with Chloë and his performance.

That same day I started to follow her in all her social networks and also to see all her films, after meeting many Chlobros and thanks to other Chlobros I met Chlomo, this beautiful place full of fun, the home of the Chlobros.
210733Belgium b000
OMG 😮! Did you actually meet her in person?
210735United Kingdom!V99oSHELBY
I think he means he found Chloë through his brother

210842Belgium a1dd
Still awesome!

(I should probably write up my chlobro origin story sometime as well… 😛)