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chloe moretz 1477507523205_suspiria_chloe.png

Suspiria (2017)

 179904Denmark 1cab
b03esuspiria_chloe.jpg 1.03 MB, 960x1440
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Also starring: Tilda Swinton, Dakota Johnson, Mia Goth, Jessica Harper
Release date: 2017
Director: Luca Guadagnino
Writer: David Kajganich (screenplay), Dario Argento (characters), Daria Nicolodi (characters)
Description: A young ballet dancer travels to a prestigious dance academy in Europe, only to discover it is a front for something far more sinister and supernatural amidst a series of increasingly grisly murders.
179905Denmark 1cab
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chloe moretz 1477514200454_Suspiria_sees_U.png
  179910United States 3766
3766Suspiria_sees_U.jpg 7.29 KB, 200x200

She says it's a "cover" not a "remake". But I am confused. In records a cover version is often the same arrangement but a different performer. It sounds like she means "inspired by" but thought that was too diluted. And "un named role"? In the original its the 3 witches, the mean ballet nazi and her first room mate.
179911Denmark 1cab
>It sounds like she means "inspired by"
Yeah, I think that is right too. I think she just used a wrong word, cover, because she didn't really wanna say anything due to her contract obviously, but then chose to say just a little bit anyway.

How much they'll change we'll have to wait and see, but it doesn't sound like they do a 1:1 remake at least.

I'm still much more interested in figuring out Chloë's part in this movie.
179944United States 5e46
I can't help but wonder if Chloë has chosen a P.J. Soles career trajectory. [think baseball cap]
179948United States 1ae0
it's the reimagining of a remake that was a reboot of a retcon…
167.99 KB

chloe moretz 1477597647578_it_hardly_makes_sense_to_me.png
  179949Denmark 1cab
1cabit_hardly_makes_sense_to_me.jpg 167.99 KB, 1369x813
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chloe moretz 1477620209870_argento.png
  179958Denmark 1cab
1cabargento.jpg 94.46 KB, 780x737
Dario Argento Says the Remake of ‘Suspiria’ Shouldn’t Happen…

For those who don't know, Dario Argento is the creator of the original Suspiria (1977).
179959Denmark 1cab
A very old article from 2011 - for some background that mentions the remade was supposed to be made back in 2011 by David Gorden Green, but obviously the project got dropped reasons I have not yet found.

David Gordon Green Plans to Recreate Scenes, Use Original Goblin Score for Suspiria Remake

There's 2 interesting things in that old article. The info about them having the rights to the Goblin score, but that could have changed due to all the changes in ownership according to >>179958

The other interesting info-part is that they were planning on removing the ballet school and just make it an all-girls boarding school - but again, most likely the whole script been rewritten since then
179968Denmark 1cab
If you google

suspiria remake david gordon green

You can read up upon a lot of older articles from 2011-2015 about the whole project up until David found Luca Guadagnino to make the remake.

Some of the articles (I'm too lazy to link them here now since it's 4.25am) mentions some of the same things Tilda said about the remake not being a remake but a cover, f.eks.:


>It would be very respectful of the original film. It's like the restaging of an opera. It's not there to take away from what exists, but to be inspired by what it is, and make something that is its own unique experience, just like 'Prince Avalanche.' Very unique but very respectful.

>It's no different than taking a book that people like and making a movie version of it. It's adapting something that exists.
180046Denmark 1cab

I don't know Italian, but according to the Google translate, it seems like they build part of the Berlin Wall for the set.

Also, Mia Goth is already in Varese with the others on the way, though it seems like we'll be waiting on Chloë - tho might be the Google translation.
170.38 KB

chloe moretz 1477933101948_actress_chloe_grace_moretz-1366x768.png
  180082United States 5e46
5e46actress_chloe_grace_moretz-1366x768.jpg 170.38 KB, 1366x768
"Opened April 14, 1922, long more than a cinema was considered a showcase of the city. In style seventies as required by the script of the film Luca Guadagnino , set to be exact in 1977, the year when the film came out Dario Argento . If the horror of that time moved in a dance school (macabre) of Freiburg, the new tip instead of Berlin. A choice that does not provide quotes for Varese, the city (with Budapest) where "Suspiria 2" will be shot.

To remove all doubt is surprise that some tourists or Walker noted: in the park of the Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori has popped a wall. Not really seen any that will play the part of the Berlin Wall.

Double the motivation of his presence: on the one hand to hide varesine tracks, the other fully affirm the German master of the affair.

An outside Berlin - other obligatory quotes "Wings of Desire" and the beautiful "Goodbye Lenin" - made with wooden panels - the first deposited to the old cableway station - covered by a soft antiqued plaster layer.

The all placed parallel to the north side that is not by time. The darker side, to understand each one facing the Three Crosses. Choice in some way obliged whereas the south side, definitely more choppy, offers a wonderful view of Varese and the plain. As shown with "A Bigger Splash", a remake of the French "The swimming pool", Guadagnino does not pose the problem of fidelity to the story that inspired him. Hard to tell if will do likewise with the true history. In a nutshell: the Hotel Campo dei Fiori, intended as a school of dance, in which the two parts of divided Germany is? The absence of written and graffiti pushes eastward but the close distance between the building and the Wall leaves room for some concern. However, Monday 31 there will be the first take.

After the actress-revelation Mia Goth , first star arrived in Garden City, the Palace these days came Tilda Swinton , with lots of Oscar assets, and Dakota Johnson (one of the Fifty Shades). It must however wait a bit 'for Chloë Grace Moretz . Starring Hollywood, nothing new - Tilda Swinton was also in "I Am Love" and, with Dakota Johnson in "A bigger splash" - for Guadagnino in the States is highly regarded.

just concluded filming of "Call me with your name," the director moved to Palermo Cream prepares to that challenge will go beyond the inevitable comparison with the film and the Silver fans. Easy to imagine this "Suspiria" a presence of eros - among highlights of poetic Guadagnino - able to displace those who only hope to feel fear."

Okay. No reason to get excited. I'm excited.
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chloe moretz 1477934620095_CwHItxeWIAAOmSQ.png
  180083Denmark 1cab
1cabCwHItxeWIAAOmSQ.jpg 208.73 KB, 1365x2048
>Happy Halloween from Day 1 of Luca Guadagnino's SUSPIRIA. Coming from @AmazonStudios, Frenesy Film + @MythologyEnt.
180136Denmark 1cab
IMDB has now been updated indicating that Chloë Grace Moretz will be playing, Patricia.

While this is a remake of a very old movie, I hope people will not spoil the character (or use spoiler tag), though of course since they are remaking it as a "cover" we can't be sure how the part will play out vs the original.
180151Italy 9c70
Please, don't be mad, but I know Suspiria really well and I only wanted all of
you to know that "Patricia" is a very little character. She's the girl that the
protagonist meet during the beginning of the movie, and I WILL NOT SPOILER,
but she have a very small amount of scenes.

That's said, maybe it's why Chloë accept this role.
Because she is only a small part, and not a big "BUSY" one.
180152Denmark 1cab
At least she'll have one of the most iconic scenes in the movie IF they recreate it.

Again, we have no idea how small or big this characters screen time will be, but probably it will not be that big, which we already kinda knew since all the major roles were already taken before Chloë signed up.

But who knows what this scripts has in store for us. If we go by what Tilda said, this is NOT a remake, but more an adaption of the original movie, so Patricia's role could be a lot different.
180154Italy 9c70
Yeah. It can be shorter :(
40.43 KB

chloe moretz 1478106836179_Chloe_covered_in_BLOOD.png
  180179United States 5e46
5e46Chloe_covered_in_BLOOD.jpg 40.43 KB, 203x208
DAMN! Playing Patricia is a "small" role that is the WHAM that keeps the viewer vibrating for the rest of the film. IT destabilizes the viewer, making them submissive and suggestible. Even if the rest of the movie is a snail crawling across a windshield, if THIS scene is great, she will have cashed her paycheck.
66.3 KB

chloe moretz 1485977806693_diana-photo.png
  187346United States!!HB99K.NCeE
!!HB99K.NCeEdiana-photo.jpg 66.3 KB, 446x299
188382Denmark 1cab
A little info about Suspiria which still has scenes to be filmed in Berlin in a couple of weeks

Berlinale: Luca Guadagnino on Why ‘Call Me by Your Name’ Strikes Such Deep Chords

>You are now working with him on ‘Suspiria.’ It’s been a busy year for you.

I wanted to make two movies in year, and I did. I shot this movie in May/June, and then I shot “Suspiria” in October, November, and December, even though I still need to keep shooting a few more days this year.

>What can you tell me about ‘Suspiria’?

We will be completing shooting in Berlin in a couple of weeks. It’s set in Berlin in 1977, when Berlin was divided into East and West. It’s a movie about guilt, and it’s about motherhood. It has no primary colors in its color palette [unlike the original]. It’s the opposite of “Call Me.” “Call Me” is light, warm, and summer-ish, and “Suspiria” is winter-ish, evil, and really dark.
134.17 KB

chloe moretz 1487101101527_alchemy-by-steven-meisel-for-vogue-italia-march-2015_tablet.png
  188459United States daaf
daafalchemy-by-steven-meisel-for-vogue-italia-march-2015_tablet.jpg 134.17 KB, 768x1024
Mia Goth on SUSPIRIA - by the way she, like Chloë, has a 'look' that belongs in a film like this. Dakota Johnson is sweet but a little bland, like Bridget Fonda.


Mia Goth: “Well what I can say about that is I think people are going to be really pleasantly surprised to realize that it’s really not a remake at all. I think people are going to be really shocked. It’s a nod of the hat to Dario Argento and his version of ‘Suspiria’, but we really do take it to a completely different place”

.Bloody Disgusting: How so?

Mia Goth: “Well, if I say that then I think I’m going to be giving a lot away, but like Luca’s got a real eye for aesthetic, like he’s a really tasty person, like he really knows what he wants and I think it’s going to be visually stunning”.
10.28 KB

chloe moretz 1487612744494_suspiria.png
  189410United States c53e
c53esuspiria.jpg 10.28 KB, 300x168
Mia Goth Interview! A Cure for Wellness, Suspiria Remake

115.48 KB

chloe moretz 1489178733020_C6lZ7rLWwAEcQDS.png
  192624Denmark 1cab
1cabC6lZ7rLWwAEcQDS.jpg 115.48 KB, 853x1280
Suspiria wrapped filming today

>It's officially a wrap for Luca Guadagnino's SUSPIRIA! Coming from @AmazonStudios, @MythologyEnt and @KPeriodMedia

>It's SUSPIRIA WRAP 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 thanks to everybody
192779Italy b661
Sorry if I'm a stupid on this subject, but… if a movie it's coming from AmazonStudios, or for Netflix, that's mean it will NEVER arrives in cinemas? Or on Blu-Ray and DVD? Please let me know, because here in Italy (and France) we are really "in the 90's" about this things.
198391United States 42bb
Radiohead’s Thom Yorke to Score ‘Suspiria’ Remake

Also from that article: "Amazon Studios … will release “Suspiria” theatrically in the United States. "
155.46 KB

chloe moretz 1498182338319_suspiria_poster.png
  202188Venezuela 8a11
8a11suspiria_poster.jpg 155.46 KB, 1200x1800
544.12 KB

chloe moretz 1498237351706_CGM_photo.png
  202210United States c496
c496CGM_photo.jpg 544.12 KB, 1536x2048

Sadly, Chloë isn't even under the title and title image. But neither is Mia Goth.


The Chicago Cinema Society (via Dread Central) has announced it has discovered an uncut 35mm print of Dario Argento’s “Suspiria” that hasn’t been screened since at least 1978. The print was found in the storage room of a closed Italian movie theater and is in such good condition that it will be touring around the country this summer and fall.

READ MORE: ‘Suspiria’: Radiohead’s Thom Yorke to Score Luca Guadagnino’s Horror Remake

In an official message posted on their website, the Chicago Cinema Society wrote:

The Chicago Cinema Society is excited to announce that we have discovered an uncut Italian 35mm print of ‘Suspiria.’ The print was rescued from an Italian cinema that had closed down and the print had gone untouched in their storage area since 1977-78. After a brief inspection to assess the overall condition of the print, it appears as if it had only been screened a handful of times at most. The print is in excellent physical condition with no substantial wear, uncut heads and tails, minimal fading and no vinegar syndrome. Once we had the print in our film archive, we then made a very careful inspection to determine which version of ‘Suspiria’ we had obtained. We were stunned to find that the print is a completely uncut 6 reel print with a run time of 98 minutes in Italian language.

The discovery comes on the heels of a remake that is expected to hit theaters in 2018. The new version is directed by Luca Guadagnino and stars Tilda Swinton, Dakota Johnson and Chloë Grace Moretz. The story follows an American ballet student who transfers to a prestigious dance academy in Germany and gets swept up in a series of supernatural murders. The original starred Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini, Flavio Bucci, Miguel Bosé.

You will be able to see the uncut 35mm print on the big screen at the following locations:

July 28: The Metrograph, New York City, NY
September 16: The Belcourt Theatre, Nashville, TN
October 14: Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA
October 26-27: Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA
Early Fall: Venue confirmed and TBA, Los Angeles, CA
Late Fall: Music Box Theatre, Chicago, IL
14.29 KB

chloe moretz 1501860917552_Capture.png
  205422United States!!HB99K.NCeE
!!HB99K.NCeECapture.jpg 14.29 KB, 345x154
IMDB reports the running time as 170 minutes. 2 hours and 50 minutes?
205423United Kingdom!!QkvMohYsxY
That can't be right. That is soooo long. It says in the poster the movie is gonna be 104 minutes
205424Italy 12aa
I so much wanna see it!
94.29 KB

chloe moretz 1504814094607_chloe-moretz-in-kicka-ass.png
  207481United States 0b05
0b05chloe-moretz-in-kicka-ass.jpg 94.29 KB, 720x450
I really wish Chloë wouldn't do these remakes. They are almost always unsuccessful and represent very little by way of creative achievement. And this one is a particularly bad train to jump on, given that the original is near perfect, in its direction, cinematography, art design, and music, by the band Goblin.

Why partake in a sure-fire loser? It seems to me that Chloë has been getting a lot of bad advice lately on what projects to accept. For a while, I thought she was going to be a part of the next generation of really great young actresses who would eventually evolve into the next crop of grande dames of film. But increasingly, I've become convinced that is not the case.
407.22 KB

chloe moretz 1504897574373_chloe-grace-moretz-462393.png
  207544United States 8a5a
8a5achloe-grace-moretz-462393.jpg 407.22 KB, 1920x1080
I am wary for our sweet canary, BUT, think of The Fly or Dawn of the Dead, sometimes remakes are Fully Fine and not retreads. I am however shallow enough to hope she gets drenched walking back in the rain.
100.42 KB

chloe moretz 1507751354222_chlo-grace-moretz.png
  210660United States 7cb6
7cb6chlo-grace-moretz.jpg 100.42 KB, 736x1112
Mia Goth Interview! A Cure for Wellness, Suspiria Remake

At Least as edifying as Tilda Swanson's comment……


… but I can't find naught on this - quiet. Teoo quiet.