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chloe moretz 1492690121926_chloe_wants_your_vote.png

Chlomo needs you

!Mu5DJ1d1S.chloe_wants_your_vote.jpg 150.57 KB, 800x970
As you might have known I haven't exactly been active in a while here. The fact of the matter is I do not have time for chlomo anymore and it sucks that this issue reflects in the site's quality (lack of gallery updates for example).

There is also the issue that soon I might not be able to afford the site's cost either.

I don't want to close the site as I think it's the best place for Chloë fans and a wonderful community overall.

So,. based on that I think the best solution would be for me to pass on the ownership of the site to someone else. That person will inherit everything (source files, server access, hosting, domain … everything).

However I'm not sure if such a person exists. Our mods already do a lot of work keeping the site running but we need a person to be in charge and keep this site going. If we don't find such a person, we will probably end up closing the site.

Any suggestions, inputs or solutions you might have are more than welcomed

We would also need people who could manage our facebook, twitter, youtube and maybe instagram and tumblr pages as well.
196853Australia bae0
Give us time, that's all we ask.
Fuck you dropping the mother of all bombs on us…
We need time bro or just nuke us now and be done!
I'm not saying that we need to reach a conclusion now
but this shouldn't take a month or so either
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chloe moretz 1492693727861_this_makes_chloe_sad_2.png
  196855Denmark e095
e095this_makes_chloe_sad_2.png 215.7 KB, 500x213
Well, shit…

First off, I don't wanna see this site close. That is for sure. There's just too much hard work and dedication put in this site, and I don't just speak from your side, or the moderators side or the content contributors - but also from all the fans coming here for news, info, pictures and just to lurk around.

To toss all that away would be a serious waste and a horrible shame.

I would also not just want to see you hand over the site to some random jock, who then runs it into the ground within the next 6 months…

>The fact of the matter is I do not have time for chlomo anymore

As in permanently or just for a period of time? I think my point here is, are you still a fan of Chloë or did you lose the interest in her totally?

And that matters because, if you are still a fan, you could go another way and keep the ownership and admin status etc, but assign full admin access (source files, server access etc) to another person. That person would still need to have the skills required to run the site (basic web coding and hosting skills) besides from the will to do the job.

And then you could find a way to finance the costs of running the site together or by trying to do a collection for fx a years cost and see how many people are willing to chip in with the costs.

Well, that's the first thing that came to my mind. It's still way to early and I haven't had any FRESH POTS!!! so I'll need more time to reflect on this situation.
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chloe moretz 1492693816560.png
  196856Australia bae0
bae01492693816560.jpg 67.19 KB, 500x500
Already know how this will end.
449.78 KB

chloe moretz 1492694202574_More_shit_storming_here.png
  196857United States!!HB99K.NCeE
!!HB99K.NCeEMore_shit_storming_here.jpg 449.78 KB, 1520x816
How often does the bill come due? Monthly? Or can a year be paid in advance; I can do that. The site has been running on autopilot for awhile and that's far better than closing down. Something can be worked out. Please.
196858Denmark e095
This is not meant as criticism, just info, but this thread couldn't come at a more inconvenient and bad time since everything is pretty much at a stand-still and everybody is dormant or inactive here. So not sure this will even reach the right people as they might not even be around at the moment.

A thread like this should have come much earlier (like when you knew you went AWOL) or wait for a high peek in Chloë interest and activity around the release of one of her bigger movies.
monthly but you can pay in advance, however if I cut down the costs as I propose below the cost should be less problemamtic

have some faith, will ya?

I'm not putting the gun at anyone's head and asking for an answer until sundown

I won't have time for this permanently. And I don't want to throw away all the hard work that went into it either but I need to cut down the costs and I want this to be more maintainable

After thinking about this some more, the best solution I can think of is this

1) the site remains and I keep paying for it but I cut down the costs a lot

2) I will cut down the second server (which includes the archive and gallery)
If you guys want to port the archive somewhere else, you are free to do so. You could also opt for the option to have it on the chlomo folders, synced between those who want it

Now, the gallery is the major problem. I absolutely love out gallery but it's also a pain in the ass to maintain. What I would suggest is that you make an imgur account and port it (or the more important sets) there

3) I will need to hand over the site management to someone else
That includes mainly making html changes (such as modifying the menus, adding the christmas theme and minor stuff like that). However he will also be in charge of making regular backups. Both of these should be pretty simple as all the hard work was already done, and I will still be up for support in case he or she needs it

4) I will drop cloudflare as well; this cost adds up a lot and I don't see us under attack any time soon and even in the unlikely scenario where something like that might happen, we should have the backup to cover it
3.98 MB

chloe moretz 1492695695073_chloe-fading-away.png
  196861Denmark e095
e095chloe-fading-away.gif 3.98 MB, 854x355
>I will cut down the second server (which includes the archive and gallery)
I think it would be a real shame to remove the archive. It's a big part of this site and it's history. Removing it would almost be the same as killing the site. This should not be an option.

I dunno how pictures and thumbnails are made on this site, but are they 2 files on the server or are the thumbnails generated runtime from the pictures we post in the thread? If the first, then why not just delete all the original uploaded pictures in the archives, but keep png thumbnails. This would drastically drop the disk space used as the threads themselves can't take up much space (it's just text) and the png thumbnails shouldn't either. This would just result in a minor quality decrease in the archive as you can't retrieve the original pictures posted, but it would still keep the archive intact and with visisble thumbnails so you can see what people posted (and maybe someone else can get the original if someone wanted it).

The gallery I can understand. And in worst case an imgur or imgbam gallery could be made (though imgbam has a max of 500 pics in a gallery, dunno about imgur - and there are some galleries above that limit). Maybe there are other "free" posibilities for image galleries. I see so many fansites using the same galleries for their idol (not sure which they are since I never bothered to check) but maybe there are other free alternatives out there. Surely it will be less quality and slow and probably with ads in the sides etc - but this is not a time to be too picky.
196862Denmark e095
I forgot to mention about the archive, that I use it a lot. Both as throwback for the memories but also if I remember something and want to see what we discussed back then or I just want to find some old info or whenever old fans drops by again it's always fun to go back in history too.

It's too valuable to be deleted (or shared in chlomo folders that most don't have - and I don't)
The second server will need to be cut.
That's why removing large pics from the archive will solve almost nothing, You'd still have tens of thousands of pics, not to mention the gallery.

Whoever will be in charge of the technical aspect of the site will be free to make that decision, how I've used imgur a lot and it's very easy to use and has no image limits as far as I know. I would advise against using a gallery like all those other sites since that will eat up resources (server CPU and count towards the max files limit - 250k for the main server, aka this one).

You might use the archive but the vast majority of people don't. Like I said you could save it locally and enjoy it at will but if the second server will be cut down, you will need a place to host it and it won't be on this server as it would blow the images limit)
196866Denmark e095
I dunno why you use 2 servers to begin with. I would just move the archive back here.

But how much disk space are we talking about for the archive? With the original files and without the original files?

The gallery I still understand. It's clearly too big so it need to be another solution.
I just told you that there is a file limit in place on this server and the archive blows past that
the second server (different hosting) has no files limit (as far as they told me) but I am not migrating the whole site to the second server
196868Denmark e095
>I just told you that there is a file limit in place on this server and the archive blows past that
I didn't see anything about a file limit. You only said archive was a lot of files.

But a file limit does suck :(
196869Italy b4ca
Please don't close this site…! It's not only because it's the best place for Chloë's pictures, but even because it's the best place for talk about her and her projects and many other things. Now that IMDB have close his (stupid?) message boards, your site is THE ONLY ONE i visit about Chloë! :(
>I didn't see anything about a file limit
my mistake then

I don't want to, but some changes need to be made
196871United States 9a9d
This is so sad, I look through the gallery almost everyday because I don't have a laptop I can download a lot of files on. Is there anyway to do a crowdfunding situation? Like the most active members of Chlomo can pitch in money each month to help cover costs?
the gallery is a two part problem
one is that it takes up the second server (along with the archive) but even if the costs were covered maintaining the gallery is a slow process (it's a custom made solution I made)

that is why moving it to a separate image hosting solution would solve both problems
196873Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
I didn't read whole thread yet, but why would anything had to be removed?

What I know there in cz exist unlimited hostings for really cheap price (like 1-2$ for month). We could move everything there I think. I could pay 1$ a month or we could make a donate button and others could donate for the site costs..
every hosting is unlimited … until you start pushing the limits
the current server is also unlimited, but once you push past 250k files you run into problems
people aren't aware of how huge this site is

however I'm sure someone could find a better hosting solution, maybe even a server where everything (main site, gallery, archive) could be put together

however I will not be the person doing that
whoever decides to take up the technical lead role on chlomo should look into that and should handle any migrations to the new server

as I said I would still be available for support / guidance
196875Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Yeah, I'm reading the rules now and there would probably be a problem with copyright..damn it.

We could use imgur, but what if the links expire after some time and we will have to upload everything again..
196876Spain 3ffc
>once you push past 250k files you run into problems

1) Specify which problems, because the people must knows what to stick to find a new hosting for the gallery.
250K files into only the gallery?

2) What is the regular maintenence?
196877Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Who is able to create websites here? Have knowledge of html, css, php, js?

I know html and css + joomla/wordpress so I would be able to remake for example the gallery with links from imgur, but we would need someone that know php and programming as well to keep the site running.
196878Spain 3ffc

How many GB is the total weight of the gallery?
196879Spain 3ffc
How many GB of weigth of numbered posts?
How many GB per month in the website?
How many GB per month in the Gallery?
196880Spain 3ffc
>Who is able to create websites here?
Probably several ppl

>I know html and css + joomla/wordpress

Probably don't useful in this case

> we would need someone that know php and programming

If the site runs OK, you don't need a PHP developer
196881Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
>Probably don't useful in this case
Well if I got the source files of this webiste and database access I think I would be able to move it to other server, but if some problems with programming occur, not sure if I would be able to fix it. I do have some irl friends that could possibly help me tho.
they don't expire apparently

trust me when I tell you that the last thing you want is to make and or manage a gallery
if not imgur than another similar image hosting service might work, and it might even have a pro version for cheap with guaranteed features
that is preferable to getting into the mesiness that is PHP

Now that I think about it, maybe you guys should go for google drive as it might be a great solution as it can link to your local folders AND it has online preview for image (thumbs, slideshows etc)

>Specify which problems
you get notified that you need to get below the limit or have the account suspended
I said I will still be here for support
1.09 MB

chloe moretz 1492700445891_chloe_moretz_hugo_premiere_london_087.png
  196884Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAchloe_moretz_hugo_premiere_london_087.jpg 1.09 MB, 2407x3543
I don't want the gallery to be gone and have only threads with pictures and chlomo folders. I think we could uploaded all sets to imgur and create a gallery using the links, so the pictures won't be saved on our server.

great! :)
as I said, google drive might actually solve the problem as you can just link it to the chlomo folders and it would do all the work for you
196886Spain 3ffc
How many GB is the total weight of the gallery?
How many GB of weigth of numbered posts?
How many GB per month in the website?
How many GB per month in the Gallery?
196887Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
but we would have to buy premium probably, free account is only for 15GB I think. So it's another add to the cost of the site.
yeah, you're right
the gallery will easily jump the 10gb price plan and the 1tb one is pretty expensive

take the chlomo folders (excluding videos) and see the rough weight in GB, then multiply by 3 to get the number of files
196889Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
If we used google drive only for Candids and Photoshoots we could use 100GB for 2$ plan. Other pics could be uploaded to imgur, or create another google drive account.

But soon there will be more candids and photoshoot pics and 100GB won't be enough :/
196890Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
*2$/month plan
196891Spain 3ffc
Nigga, tell me the monthly traffic and the approximate weight, I trying to help you
196892Denmark e095
Best way to go about this would be to find a solution that doesn't split up stuff more and which isn't limited by some GB limit we all know will be reached sooner than later.

Doesn't matter if it's 100GB or 200GB. Sooner than later the limit will be reached or suddenly all Chloë pictures will be 5-15MB a piece.

Each year is already 30+GB for the pictures alone and I don't think it will be less over time as file sizes, quality and picture numbers tend to rise.

Unless Chloë fades all away, of course.
196893Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Yeah, that's true. Well then the only option is probably imgur/imgbam or to have our own server..
I don't have time to dig for it now but I will put up the hard numbers sometimes in the next few days
196896Spain 3ffc
Ok, I need the numbers in order to help you

A big problem is the migration to that type of hosting
196897Spain 3ffc
196898Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
looks good. Unlimited space but wouldn't there be a problem with copyright?
196899Spain 3ffc

Was not "copyright" issue fixed months ago with the remove of some sets????
I don't see why there should be a bigger issue that it was on the site
in both cases someone else is hosting your content
you might get a takedown notice, that photo will be taken down, you move on
196901Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
dunno what you mean

196902Spain 3ffc
Please explain what happened with copyright of the pics, I thought the problem was fixed when you removed some sets in the past.
got copyright for a picture
hosting took it down
I didn't have to do a thing

problems might arise if you get a DMCA for a whole set but that never happened before and even if it did, it would hardly be the end of the world to have it taken down
196905Spain 3ffc
Ok, copyright is not a problem since you can do a shit if owners claim about the pictures. Solution: remove online set indicated (we always have it in the Chlomo folders)
196906Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
GG, how much do you pay for chlomo.org + hosting (withough gallery and archive)?
196907Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
$20 for cloudflare plus about $20 for the current server(since I have the business plan plus monthly billing, but if I switch to the less expensive plan, which I intend to do, plus pay for one year in advance it should come off a bit cheaper)
196911Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
I am looking at this webhosting: https://hosting.wedos.com/en/webhosting/extra.html

it's for about 4€ / month and includes weekly backups

or for 1€ without backups (and less space for databases etc.)

but they have in rules this:

Webhosting can not be used for:
>storage and/or publishing of foreign documents, videos, photos and software, to which the customer has not written agreement from the author (copyright owner)

So I am not sure if it would be okay for posting Chloë pics in threads.
196912France d381
If you have to close the site, or a part of it (archive) it would be good to save it in its entirety on this website. https://archive.org/
This site still has a history and a culture of its own and it would be a pity to lose it.
It'd be very cool to host this site on AWS. Especially with S3, the site would get enormously faster (don't want to say that it is slow today…).
Thumbnail Creation could be automated via AWS Lambda etc.
You could easily set up a CDN and much more.

But anyways…in the end you really need a person who takes the technical lead. And it seems that this is the greater problem. Apparently there are enough Chloë fans who would spend money to get this site running (including me).
196914Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
wait 20$ monthly or for a year? would this >>196911 be cheaper?

Good idea

Good idea but a lot of changes would have to be made I think. I dunno how any of that AWS stuff works and if it even would be worth the hassle.
>includes weekly backups
the current hosting offers free auto backup and that stops working at 30k files
we're around 200k, just to put things into perpective
not sure how that works and what its limits are
but it would be great if it could store our 800 or so threads with 600+ pics each (on average)
196918Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
so that means >>196911 would be cheaper.

so you think even tho they say they will backup all content it might not work?
196919France d381
Or you compress the site and send it via this page. The goal would not be to consult the site directly, but to have a cultural backup.
everything below $20 would be cheaper, but changing hostin is a huge undertaking and this is not something to jump into quicky
like I said the bigger issue is closing the second server

>so you think even tho they say they will backup all content it might not work?
I'm saying that's a huge possibility
all these "unlimited" offers do have some actual limits, they might be unlimited for 99% of the sites and their needs, but we are a very unique case and we will hit some of those limits

in that case we might as well put it in the chlomo folders, remove the large pics (to save size) and whoever wants the archive would be free to get it

though archiving each folder and putting a zip for it on google drive or something like that (or even out own server) might work too
196921Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
>changing hostin is a huge undertaking
why? wouldn't it be worth it if it's cheaper? The domain will remain the same so there would be no problem with reputation of chlomo on f.x. google.

How much are all the files of chlomo if we had to transfer them to other hosting?
by itself it's hardly enough
the main problem is cutting the second server and cloudflare
196923France d381
Yes, but also the whole site: text, meme, social interaction..etc. They are all important and must be preserved.

Also, I will save the fiChlomo folderles in a few months on this site which offers a cheap storage : https://www.amazon.fr/clouddrive
196924Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
>the main problem is cutting the second server and cloudflare
that we will solve by recreating the gallery with https://imageshack.us/ and archive will be either on archive.org or offline version in chlomo folders

what is cloudflare needed for? the new hosting would have protection for DDOs and backups
before making any assumptions about backups I suggest mailing them
I will post the hard numbers when I get them and pass those on to them when asking if they will actually do backup for 200k files (or how many we might have for the site)

cloudflare saves a lot of bandwidth plus gives our site HTTPS which is more secure and is also valued by google when determining rankings
196926Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
>cloudflare saves a lot of bandwidth plus gives our site HTTPS
the hosting says that they support HTTPS
or it could be probably achieved with AWS as >>196913 said for less than 20$ / month

why should we care about bandwidth? site speed? there is not many people anyway :/
196927United States 7fed
how about more ads on the site, can´t chlomo get founding that way?
196928Italy b4ca
What about a simple fotogallery and a forum instead of a message board like this?
Forums are free, no-cost. A gallery and a forum and an homepage.
196929Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
>more ads
there are no ads to begin with and that's not changing. I think we are able to collect about 5$ each month without any ads.

doesn't matter if it's forum or image board you still host it on a server which cost money
196930Spain d38c
AWS could be a good solution, but first we need calculate costs (monthly traffic).
That or imageshack could be a good solution for gallery issue.

But website/boards also requires a good server, I am sorry but a free forum or cheap hosting is not a good idea. Problem is the big number of users concurrents.

So you need continue pay around 20 $ as GG is doing now, for the website and also between 4-10$ for the gallery, monthly.

Who assumes to pay that amount???

Plus we need a technical leader to run this.

196932Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
>cheap hosting

could be good hosting, why don't try it? I have an experience with some smaller websites/eshops on that hosting and they works great, but not with something like chlomo..
>the hosting says that they support HTTPS
for free?

as far as AWS goes I'm sure it would be noticeably more expensive
but we;ll know for certain when I get the stats

>why should we care about bandwidth?

because that's another limit we might reach with "unlimited" hosting
we never had and never should have ads on the site
196935Spain d38c
Maybe, but you need to know concurrent users average and at least monthly traffic to know what kind of webhosting you need.

Seriously, Nobody rich enough here to don't care pay 300-400$ per year???
196936Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
they have two options, once of them is for free (included in the price of the hosting)

>Amount of transferred data(traffic)Unlimited
103.45 KB

chloe moretz 1492716835451_Chlos_Eyes_Selfie.png
!CHLOE6iOUoChlos_Eyes_Selfie.jpg 103.45 KB, 640x640
GG, PM me before I sleep?
196938United States 9074
okay okay, but i mean, even Chloë herself is sponsored

well maybe she can sponsor us then :)
196943Ecuador c102
"THERE ARE PLACES WHERE YOU CAN CREATE YOUR PLATFORM-WITHOUT THE NEED TO PAY", you will have heard it, you will surely know it, but "it is not fair that chlomo.org ceases to exist after having come so far with much information available"! .. . Should there be a viable solution !?
65.67 KB

chloe moretz 1492739222160_10547488_1438549856427937_7433205333767286289_n.png
  196945United Kingdom a64e
a64e10547488_1438549856427937_7433205333767286289_n.jpg 65.67 KB, 960x640
is this realy CHLOE GRACE MORETZ if so i am a big fan and i hope to see you play supergirl sometime soon x
196967United Arab Emirates 4215

I understand you don't want ads and i agree it would ruin how the site looks , but you can add a donate button some where easily accessible and you will be surprised to find how many people would help you out with the costs and even make enough to make it a full time job.

i'm shocked to see that Chloë doesn't care about all the work you did because honestly i don't know any other actress/actor who have fan made site that includes everything they ever done ( videos/photos/etc ) and is constantly updating it with everything she does , specially that it is extremely cheap for her to sponsor you.

So please try to create a link to donate ( paypal would be the easiest if you have an account ) and if no one else donates then i am willing to pay you the entire costs for a year for both servers and any additional costs you require to keep the site running even if you don't plan on updating it because it would be a shame to lose all that hard work you put throughout the years.

you can also create a page on patreon.com and put a link here , i'm sure a lot of people appreciate your site and are willing to pay you per month to maintain it and you will be surprised how many people can help you out because even if each person gives you just 1 dollar it will sum up to a huge amount if thousands of them decide to do it.
196968Spain 3ffc
>So please try to create a link to donate ( paypal would be the easiest if you have an account )
Good idea

> if no one else donates then i am willing to pay you the entire costs for a year for both servers

196969Germany 65a7
Ok as often mentioned I think there are many options to keep this site running. The question is, do we have enough folks that would update the content?

Because theoretically I'm one of the guys who has the skills and contacts to take the technical lead but I don't have the time or the knowledge to get and maintain all the content.

Talking about ADs: Don't do that! You get into an very hard position in legal point of view because you'd make money with pictures that are not belonging to you.
196971Germany 65a7
Of course I don't know the real amount of data here, but according to chlomo folders I can assume at least 110GB.

Let´s assume 300 visitors per day (including chlomo folder users) that would end up in at least 20000 get requests per month and …dunno how many updates will be made per month…lets say 10000 PUTs and so forth.

For all that you would pay on AWS 2.77$ per month - located in germany. Since we are an international community you could easily create a CDN out of it.

What I want to say is, IF (!!!) I WOULD (!!!) get the technical lead, I'd host it on AWS because you'd minimize the effort of administrative tasks once you did the migration and you have everything you want…high availability, backup, monitoring, etc. etc.

Together with a donate button or patreon I'm quite sure that we get enough money to keep that site up and perhaps even do more for all the guys here who maintain the content.

And from my point of view we shouldn't change the site itself. Don't make a forum out of it or smth.. I really love chlomo as it is. It is unique! And Chloë and her fans deserve that.
196972Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Thank you for your input! Creating a donate button is good idea, I thought about it too.

>do we have enough folks that would update the content?
Yes. I am willing to and also willing to take that technical lead (with GGs support).
196973Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Well, you apparently have the skills needed for migration to AWS the question is if you have time to help us. I believe that it would work and would be better.

No changing the site concept is out of question.
196975Germany 65a7
Well, I work with AWS technologies for a living. I'm also certified :)

So, GG you obviously have CBZ77 and me (I'd prefer to work in a team rather to do it all alone).
For the upcoming costs, there are hopefully enough fans out there who'd help us.

But in the end you have to decide what you want to do.
196976Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Well, that's great!
196977United States ee86
Any way I can help count me in
1.09 MB

chloe moretz 1492795556198_chloe_moretz_hugo_premiere_london_087.png
  197000Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAchloe_moretz_hugo_premiere_london_087.jpg 1.09 MB, 2407x3543
Thanks, bro!
197058Italy d52b
There are FREE forums, at least here in my country, that you can link to your site.
Anyway I hope you will find a way, wish you the best, that's a great site!
Sorry again for my horrible english, LOL.
27.96 KB

chloe moretz 1492878724175_14240961_692185074263117_751017629_n.png
  197072Brazil 6f05
6f0514240961_692185074263117_751017629_n.jpg 27.96 KB, 320x399
Wtf, Chloë's best news and information site is running out, this is not true
197074Italy d52b
I don't think is this site running out… it's Chloë that she's disappear from the scene :( but I hope only for a break time…
197086United Kingdom 759a
Oh no! This can't happen. I check this website every few days for all the latest Chloë news and updates. This website and the Chlomo folders are seriously the best thing ever.

I don't have enough technical knowledge about website designing and servers to help you out so I can't actually do that much, sorry. I wish I could do more, maybe you could add a donation button? I would definitely donate if it helps keep the website online.
364.4 KB

chloe moretz 1492917243746_brain-on-fire-movie-chloe-moretz-Susannah-Cahalan-anti-NMDA-receptor-encephalitis-1075x443.png
  197113Turkey 9b4e
9b4ebrain-on-fire-movie-chloe-moretz-Susannah-Cahalan-anti-NMDA-receptor-encephalitis-1075x443.png 364.4 KB, 1075x443
1013.03 KB

chloe moretz 1492919439233_9b530bbc5b18489e58f37ea9f51b6a36.png
  197114United Kingdom d62a
d62a9b530bbc5b18489e58f37ea9f51b6a36.gif 1013.03 KB, 245x300
197115Italy d52b
Please don't shut down Chlo-Mo!
The donate button might be a good solution but the problem I see with it is that it adds this constant stress "do we make the donation in time this month?"

Some people suggested that they would support the costs if no on else would. What I think would be a great idea is this:

get a person A to pay for the site hosting for a year
get person B to pay for the archive/gallery for a year

this was the price in total would be cheaper than paying on a monthly basis
and in return we could add their names somewhere in the site, probably in the footer, linking to a page (twitter/facebook/tumblr etc) of their choice and saying something like
"this year of chlomo is supported by JImmy and Andrea" as a sign of respect for them

this way once it's payed people can enjoy the chlomo without worrying about meeting a monthly goal any time soon
197122Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
>constant stress "do we make the donation in time this month?"
Patreon is good for this, I think. People send money monthly there to support the creators.
I know patreon
not sure if we'll meet the goal but we can see
102.53 KB

chloe moretz 1492938599074_Hip_Chloe.png
!!ETJ9JZF5FwHip_Chloe.jpg 102.53 KB, 370x540

I'd also try Patreon. I think we are a strong community and here are many people who would support this site.
Just make sure to also give the option of 1 dollar per month.
146.9 KB

chloe moretz 1492938777299_i_do_not_trust_it.png
  197125Denmark e095
e095i_do_not_trust_it.jpg 146.9 KB, 720x480
Monthly donations does sound like a hassle. Would be better with a normal donation so you could cover a years expenses and get a better deal. And with some place that also lets people donate anonymously.
197126United Arab Emirates 6fe3

You have both Cyderic@Work and CBZ77 who are willing to take over the Technical lead of the site in case you don't have the time to update it anymore.

as i mentioned make a patreon page and link on the front page some where visible , i'm sure a lot of people are willing to contribute at least 1 dollar a month and with plenty of them you can pay the server costs AND get something extra for the people working on updating the site , you included.

set a monthly minimum goal on patreon ( both servers and services cost ) , if you get enough people to reach it that's fine , if not then i'll pay the remaining amount to reach it , make sure to assign different donation amounts ( 1$,2$,3$ etc ) so that everyone can support with whatever they are comfortable with.
CBZ will take over the technical lead and as for patreon I'll leave it up to him and the rest of the mods to decide
this is the kind of decision I no longer want to take, so him (and whoever mod will be in charge of the financial aspect) can decide the solution they see fit
493.03 KB

chloe moretz 1492940679802_preview.png
!Mu5DJ1d1S.preview.jpg 493.03 KB, 1212x2737
for those interested, such as Devotee, here are some quick numbers from cloudflare for the past month
I will need to get the data from the two hosting servers as well, but this is more than enough to give a general idea of what numbers we're talking about
197132United Arab Emirates 6fe3
then CBZ can you set the Patreon page and edit it's options please ?

seriously if even 10% of the daily visitors donate 1$ each per month you will cover all expenses + get extra for your time and work , the first step is to actually do it and see what happens.

Cyderic can help CBZ as well if needed , and i'll cover the costs if we are short.
let him (and the rest of the mods) weigh the options first
In addition to needing to handle the site, in order for chlomo to thrive we would also need people who could manage our facebook, twitter, youtube and maybe instagram and tumblr pages as well
197135Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA

We've decided to set up the patreon page with 60$ as monthly goal. This should cover all our expenses without any change to the site. It will be an initial experiment and we will scale it down if it doesn't work.

If you donate:
$1 - you get our gratitude and know that you support chlomo each month
$5 - you get a special thanks and your name on our site as a supporter of this site
$20 - same as $5 and you are also made a mod (with restricted privileges at first) who gets access to the moderation section and can take more important decisions in handling the site
197143United Kingdom 759a
we need someone to manage every part of chlomo including our media channels
we have over 30k subscribers but that page was mostly ignored in the past months
so yes, we need someone who can do that so if you're really interested send us a private message on twitter or facebook
19.57 KB

chloe moretz 1492959423041_chloe-awesome.png
!!ETJ9JZF5Fwchloe-awesome.jpg 19.57 KB, 192x176
Glad to see that you take over the technical lead. However, should you need help we can get in contact of course.
170.42 KB

chloe moretz 1492959630202_chlomo-folders.png
  197149Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAchlomo-folders.jpg 170.42 KB, 1280x800
Also some help with maintaining The Chlomo Folders ( >>30117 ) would be appreciated.

I already take care of folders: Candids and event, Photoshoots and Videos/Instagram stories but there are more that need to be taken care of. Especially:

- Videos folder
- Social media pictures
- Movie pictures
197150Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Thanks. Do you have twitter or something where I can PM you?
197151United States!!HB99K.NCeE
There won't be too much need to change twitter will there? We have several people posting there via tweetdeck and that won't really need to change, I don't think. Heck you can just remain as the originator and post once in a while if you want.
I was saying it in general but yeah, our twitter seems to have some activity
197165Italy d52b
Sorry if I ask, but it's possible to download the entire gallery on pc in only one folder?
Obviously I know about the chlomofolder, but I was asking only about the download of a directory.
there was a torrent version before the chlomo folders but that's pretty out of date by now
16.13 KB

chloe moretz 1492987727880_15697948_224750724636338_237254192592824806_n.png
  197168United Kingdom d62a
d62a15697948_224750724636338_237254192592824806_n.jpg 16.13 KB, 322x457
Chloë grace moretz we love you
197169Italy d52b
Thanks for the reply.
So if I want to donwload only the gallery on my HDD, how can I do?
Can I take the chlomo folder and then "uninstall" after?
I ask this because my PC isn't good enough to use well the chlomo folder, unfortunatly. :(
197174Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
You can choose which folders you want to download, for example I use on my laptop only Candids and events and Photoshoots folders.
197207Italy 6703
Oh My god thank you so much!
But it's complicated?
Someone can explain this poor girl how to do?
197215Italy 6703
Unfortunatly, when I try to download the torrent app, it doesn't work. :(
So I cannot install the chlomo folders torrent and I don't know how to do.
197220Spain 3ffc
Wow, I didn't imagine those numbers, it is really incredible. 720.000 unique visitors? This site is bigger than I thought.
Of course any "free" solution is non-viable.
Also, 5 Tb it's a lot of traffic. Maybe "Cyderic" could calculate an aprox. cost in AWS

Same >>197148
197221Italy 6703
Please can someone help me to download the chlomo folders? :-(
197226Spain 3ffc
Please girl, in this thread the ppl are trying to save this website. Aspetta un'altra momento
197227Italy 6703
I know that but I don't know where to ask, and it's about the same problem, since the folders can disappear in the near future :-( anyway I wish this site the best of luck, sorry for my post.
197228Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Chlomo folders won't dissappear, they are not connected to the site, only gallery is.

Also there are instructions how to use chlomo folders in that thread
197229Italy 6703
Sorry but I have already followed the instructions and nothing… it doesn't work for me.
Anyway thanks again, I will ask in another thread.
197230Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Make sure you use the updated links in the last post of that thread. And wait it sometimes takes longer to start syncing
AWS cost wouldn't be noticeably higher

and I don't but those unique visitors numbers
maybe it's supposed to mean unique visits
197234Italy 6703
The problem it's the first link, the principal torrent ones.
It give me an error page.

1. Download and install Bittorrent Sync
then open the app

This one :-(
197235Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
59.25 KB

chloe moretz 1493066130513_ap_if_i_stay_01_mt_140822_16x9_992.png
  197238United States 86ef
86efap_if_i_stay_01_mt_140822_16x9_992.jpg 59.25 KB, 992x558
As an aside. You obviously have some contact with the 'principles'. Might they not have a vested interest in merging or taking some part in a guide migration? They are not having free hype thrown at them any more and this site has a huge vested base.
Hey sure…

Let´s try Steam… icephoenix142
197249United Kingdom 759a
For the social media pics is at simple as going through the new picture threads ( >>195841 ) and organizing those pictures into folders? For example it would go: social media -> 2017 -> 2017_04_09 - At IndyCar Grand Prix. You then put all the social media pics from that event into the folder.

If any new pics from that event get found you just simply add them to the folder. If any higher quality pics get found you delete the lower quality pics and add the higher quality pics to the folder. For misc it would go: social media -> 2017 -> _Misc 2017?

I guess it is the same for the movie pictures too? For example all the new bof pics would go: movie pics -> 2016 - Brain on Fire and then add the all updates from this thread ( >>195519 ) to the folder. Again if hq versions of the same picture get found you would replace them with the newer version. I can help you out if you would like
197250Czech Republic 48d5
Yes, exactly like that. If there is more social media pictures from the same event/time you group them in a folder with date and name and the rest just put in Misc folder.

If you really want to help I will create a shared folder with you where you can put the folders you make and I will then put them in Chlomo folders.

Do you have twitter/instagram/steam/whatever where I can PM you?
197251Czech Republic 48d5
alright I will add you as a friend later
197272United Kingdom 759a
Sounds good, I will give you the folders and then you add them. I can add you on steam. My username is

The only thing is there is an entire year missing from the folders. So it may take a while to sort through the pictures and make them in to folders. Anyway I will talk to you on steam
1.09 MB

chloe moretz 1493138662305_chloe_moretz_hugo_premiere_london_087.png
  197279Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAchloe_moretz_hugo_premiere_london_087.jpg 1.09 MB, 2407x3543
Great, I will add you :)

Yea I know that's why we are looking for help. Take as long as you want, I will only have access to Chlomo folders at weekend when I get to my desktop PC anyway.

Thanks for your help!
197280Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
I can't find you with that name on Steam :/
20.18 KB

chloe moretz 1493241733548_chloe-i-dont-get-it.png
!!ETJ9JZF5Fwchloe-i-dont-get-it.jpg 20.18 KB, 500x333

then try Cyderic pls
197433Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
That found about 150 results :/ I will take a look again tomorrow

But you can try to find me 'CBZ' may be easier
you should send each other your profile URL
40.71 KB

chloe moretz 1493304133499_19.png
  197482Australia bae0
bae019.jpg 40.71 KB, 372x354
If you vote 'other' let us know what you use please
197503Slovakia 5106
Implement captchas and passes :^)
197511United States bdd9
How much money do you need?
197512United States bdd9
Also I don't think you will, but if you need help on the back-end IT, ie administration, automation, scripting, etc, I can help you where I have time.
609.33 KB

chloe moretz 1493368009071_chloe_moretz_variety_studio_01.png
!CHLOE6iOUochloe_moretz_variety_studio_01.jpg 609.33 KB, 2320x3104
I don't get why PayPal's winning over credit card if you'll use your credit card to fund PayPal anyway. Of course, there might be other ways. I'm not gonna claim to know much about PayPal.
Not everyone uses a creditcard to fund their PayPal.
Europe is much more of the debit than credit card.
197526Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Thanks, would be better if you had a name so we can contact you if needed :)

With paypal you have protection against scams I think. You can ask for refund. Maybe that's another reason why more people prefer it.
1.95 MB

chloe moretz 1493403484869_chloe_moretz_lax_airport_02.png
!CHLOE6iOUochloe_moretz_lax_airport_02.jpg 1.95 MB, 3542x5313
Makes sense. Guess I'll make one if needed.
8.58 MB

chloe moretz 1493462488192_Angel.png
  197572Belgium b489
b489Angel.gif 8.58 MB, 376x668
I tried to install it multiple times and left my computer on for about a week but it keeps saying connecting…
Any idea what this could be?

Also, I'm not a very active poster on this website but I visit very often and would like to help with anything I could do.
197573Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Did you use the updated links at the bottom of the thread? >>188242 You should use them.

We will soon run support campaign, you will be able to help soon :)
I did use those links. Just to be sure, I added them again just now.
197576Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
that's weird. those links must be expiring soon. I will put new links there.
74.05 KB

chloe moretz 1493465717183_happy_chlo.png
!!*0happy_chlo.jpeg 74.05 KB, 750x738
It seems to be working now, just got a notification that said a request was approved.
197578Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
weird, I just turned on sync app..alright then.
55.8 KB

chloe moretz 1493892725461_WhatDoYouMeanTrumpWon.png
  197814United Kingdom 79b4
79b4WhatDoYouMeanTrumpWon.jpg 55.8 KB, 780x520
There seems to be fewer new Chloë sets than there were like a year ago, I'm hoping that when her movies come out the pap will care about her again.
197819United States d51f
That's pretty much how it works. We also just have less event sets because she doesn't have a need to go to them; nothing to promote.
197839Italy 833e
I want to tell you something. I was a big fan of Scarlett Johansson in the past (even now I continue to like her, but not so much like years ago) and I can assure you she's going past the exactly same thing. After Lost In Translation and some other indipendent movies, she was a "beautiful young woman" but almost unknow for so many people. Her photoshoots begins to fade and suddenly she become "the famous celebrity" thanks to her role in Iron Man 2, and so Avengers etc etc.

That's the role I like her the less (Black Widow, super role, but not the best for sure) but it's obvios that she become an international superstar thanks to it . And only a year before, they all was on forums and message board saying "her career is over, she's well for dead in this business". LOL.
197940United Kingdom!!Y69zHmIToo
I don't post here much any more, but I still visit every day and I still love Chloë 7 years on since I first saw her in Kick Ass and became a fan.

And as a visitor of this site since the beginning it would be a huge shame to see it disappear, so would hate to see that happen.
199067United States ceb3
"Chloë needs you"

No she doesn't. That sad shell or herself needs some professional help stat.

The eyes always tell the truth.

Cue mani-pedi saying troll
199068Italy cf7b
Yeah, "brave anonymous", maybe you're missing her recent news.
She's about to star in two new movies and to product a tv-serie.
Right in this moment, she's already come back from her break.
And without the need of any professional help. ;-)
76.61 KB

chloe moretz 1495707447816_18700122_160728711131431_7598526064878738594_n.png
  200088Philippines dfd4
dfd418700122_160728711131431_7598526064878738594_n.jpg 76.61 KB, 564x845
200335Slovakia 5106
I tried to talk to Chiles but he wanted to me to post my thoughts so here goes;


Yeah, I know, ads are ass, BUT
I have 0 clue what the traffic is like currently but if you added ads you could not only make money of off those but also ad an option for regulars to buy passes for petty change so they won't ever see them, or even better for free, this way you would weed out who's active and who's not.


Another option would be to set up another chlomo channel that would contain original creations like music or fanfic or anything really so long as it is Chloë related and doesn't touch any copyright issues. That way you would simply make money off of youtube ads to support the site with community content alone.

Don't even bother reading, way too long of a shot. but hey not much to lose;
Least likely option, try to turn this place into a legitimate official website by contacting someone like a manager or an agent, try to get their support. As unrealistic as it is, honestly, there is hardly anything that can be called "competition" regarding content and traffic. If something, say, a petition or a campaign was created to legitimize this place, who knows, maybe someone will hear us out and land a hand.

And then stuff like patreon which I am sure was already suggested and it isn't bad but I have no idea at what stage things are. Also really doubt that even if that helps keep things alive for a while, it will really only be A WHILE, a short one.


Another, this one not entirely thought through, but people have skills, some can do graphic design, artistic stuff, you could things like design Chloë merch, shirt designs, phone cases, caps, bs like that, have it printed and sell it to fans per request.
a phone app opr a game even
Something simple and to the point and appealing enough for someone to spend actual money on.
On lower scale it shouldn't really be a problem.

There there, comment ahead.

I'll keep trying to come up with more but at the moment this is all I could think of.
That and like, convince Chiles to buy a lottery ticket or something.
200341Australia bae0
Hey bro long time no see


yeah fuck ads, no chance that is happening

At this stage it looks like we will ask for subscriptions
200351United States!JEEJ31tuSA
Every suggestion is cool, but wouldn't work because of copyrights.. Ads, merch, for this to be official website they would have to buy all rights to the pictures in the gallery which I doubt they would want to.
200355Slovakia 5106
I mean, yeah ads are bad but if people who matter won't see them is it really such a problem?
If nothing else, adblock exists.

Not all, who's gonna sue us over it? seriously.
If someone made a couple of designs as an exaple then, let others know what he can do and that he's willing to create more per request, do it, have it printed and ship it whoever requested it with the money going into keeping this place running who's even gonna know?
As I said, it's too low scale for it to be an issue, there are much bigger places who sell merch with designs they have no rights to and get away with it, noone cares.
Not to mention there could be a way around it with simply taking the theme and creating something more subtle that is obviously related but isn't dead on "theft". and even if someone by some act of god noticed and had a problem with it we would hardly end up with anything more than a waning.

A for the channel content, so long as it's original, such as art, songs, fanfic or whatever, that does no touch copyright at all.
200360Italy c114
I have no problem at all with the ads.
If are necessary, it's a good way to make money.
I hope you can get all the help you need!
Not sure if it has been mentioned already but would Patreon be an option?

I like the idea of merch