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Show your support for Chlomo

 205698United States!Mu5DJ1d1S.
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As some of you might remember a few weeks ago I made a thread about how the cost of maintaining the site was becoming an issue for me and I was open to suggestions. After some back and forth with the regular users here as well as the mods, we agreed on having a monthly donation page by using Paypal.

Well, now the page is up and you can support us by making a small (or larger) monthly donation:


The goal we're aiming for here is roughly $60

$10 - hosting for the current server
$10 - hosting for the archive server
$20 - cloudflare subscription (provides better performance for the site by caching its content over various data centers)
$20 - google G-Suite subscription for 2 users (I had to get this for the new G-Drive gallery)

By donating $2, $5 or $10 you'll get your name in footer as a thank you from us.
If you donate $20 you'll get your name in there and you'll also become a mod so you can access the inner circle of chlomo and take part in shaping it

If the goal is not met, I will have to shut down the archive and then cloudflare. If even half the goal is not reached, then the site will no longer be supported.
If I donate, will it start an automatic subscription?

I've been away for quite a while so I'm not entirely up-to-date with all the recent changes that have been made. Is there a thread or post that pretty much summarises everything that has happened?
205814United States b9cf
It starts a subscription, but PayPal allows ending it at any time. You can cancel after one donation.

Look around the site and check out the gallery to see the changes.
205821United States!Mu5DJ1d1S.
Yes, it will start a subscription but as >>205814 said you can cancel at any time

However bare in mind that what we need are monthly donations (or subscriptions) rather than a one time donation, since maintaining the site costs money every month

Thanks for the info!
205825United States!Mu5DJ1d1S.
for those who made donations: I sent you a reply on the email you have associated with paypal.
205841United States 3985
I have a couple questions: Will we be able to see progress of how much has been donated per month? Will anything donated roll over into the next month, and so on?
205854United States!Mu5DJ1d1S.
I could show the number of how much is donated each month, but I'll probably do this after one month or so passed to get a rough idea where we stand on donations, see exactly how much paypal cuts on the overall donations and so on

if by rolling you mean "ported over" then yes, it will get ported over so if the donations get past the goal and next month someone withdraws their donations, then the costs that accumulated from the past months would cover that
206371United States 9343
can you make an option for a one time payment? some of us need this site but cant do monthly