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chloe moretz 1504835336397_iloveyoudaddy_02.png

I Love You, Daddy

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Genre: Comedy, Satire

Also starring: John Malkovich, Helen Hunt, Rose Byrne

Film Premiere:

Director: Louis C.K.


Description: Secretly filmed
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chloe moretz 1504835397514_DH8DrV-XYAA1sMd.jpg_orig.png
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Pics during filming. From OU.
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Premiere later today.

Cinematographer on shooting in black-and-white, etc.:

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>But the most important person in his life is his outrageously sexy and spoiled 17-year-old daughter China, played by Chloë Grace Moretz. She is now living with him in his palatial apartment, slinking about the place in a bikini and asking him for Spring Break trips to Florida and use of his private jet. And he can refuse her nothing. At the end of almost every sentence she coos: “I love you, daddy.” Her heart, to quote the old song, belongs to daddy. But it’s not entirely creepy. There is genuine affection.
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Very positive remarks about Chloë's performance.


>She says “I love you, Daddy!” every third sentence, and delivers the sentiment with such beguiling sincerity that you just know it’s a con job.
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This sounds good
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Is this getting an online release ?
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No information yet. It's at TIFF (in Toronto, obviously) where distributors buy rights to films. So, it depends on who buys it.
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Looks like an adult role for Chloë, maybe even more adult than neighbors 2?
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>No matter how it makes you feel, however, the movie unquestionably succeeds as an actor’s showcase. C.K. does his usual sad sack routine, but Moretz has never been more engaging as a spirited young woman either clueless to her father’s concerns or icily ambivalent towards them;


You'd think one of these reviewers would have the cajones to take a quick pic from the movie so there would be an image to show.
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chloe moretz 1505050761333_DCN52rkVYAEqHuh.jpg-large.png
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I guess this picture was taken on the set of this movie, the outfit Chloë's wearing would suggest so.
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Yeah, probably!

>Both in the writing and performance, China is a finely wrought creation, a young lady of manners and a degree of taste but who has been given no guidance, rules, motivation or a stern hand; Glen can never say no to her or impose any discipline and now, on the eve of her 18th birthday, it’s too late to start.


I want to see this movie!!
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Chloë basically wrote the pivotal scene.
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Hoping we get a online release soon
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