Chlomo will now require an account

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As most of you probably knew, posting on Chlomo was open to everyone. You could simply enter a thread and post a reply - no captcha to bypass, no account to sign into. However with that openness comes the risk that some people might abuse it.

We're sorry to say that one of our own mods, after being removed for inappropriate behavior, decided to make it his mission to spam all sorts of crap on our board. Since I don't expect the other mods here to stay here 24/7 cleaning the board of his spam, and since banning IP ranges might cause other users to get banned by accident, me and CBZ decided to close the board to anonymous posting and require an account.

This will ensure that we'll be able to keep the boards clean and free of spammers, trolls and so on.

How do I make an account?
Since our imageboard platform doesn't work as a regular forum where you register for an account via email, we will do things differently. Contact us on

twitter ( )
our e-mail address:

in the mail include your nickname, twitter or/and facebook or other social media account and ask for a Chlomo account.

We will get back to you with an account name and password. Once you have that you can login and then everything will be just as it was before

Why do I need a Facebook or Twitter account?
Because we want to make sure you're not some spammer who just made his account 5 minutes ago in order to get access to Chlomo. Besides, nowadays everyone has some for of social media account. If Facebook and Twitter is not enough we might extend to include Tumblr and Instagram.

I received my account. How do I login?
It's simple. Go to
and sign in with your credentials. On the next screen click the /chloe/ board or just access
and you'll be back in action. You can tell when you are logged in you will notice log out icon on the bottom right side, above the visitors counter