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'If I Stay' discussion with spoilers

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This is for all those who have seen the movie

PS: You don't need to use the spoiler tag in here (for text or images), just post as you would do regularly
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Just in the door from the 10 PM showing of 'If I Stay'.

I cannot say whether it was good or bad because I know I cannot set aside my identity protective cognition. From within my bias, I loved it. But I'm a sucker for these types of movies. I had a VHS tape of Pollyanna as a boy and I wore it out.

Many, many, many beautiful images of Chloë. More closeups than Carrie, it may be. I found myself wanting to do screengrabs. I would have yelled at the projectionist "hey pause here", but I don't think they even have projectionists anymore and they probably would have called security!

Very much not in touch with moovee critic's worldview.

Blackley and Chloë Grace have excellent chemistry. He kissed her oodles and oodles, and with all the camera angles etc. it must have numbered hundreds of times. Sigh.

The Wall Street Journal reviewer thought the Stacy Keach (Gramps) scene with Mia was the emotional climax, rather than the scene with Adam. I agree - Keach had two scenes with Mia; both were when I wept. Otherwise, I didn't but I think others in the audience did when — can't say, spoilers.

Huh, wouldn't post, "the body is too long". Okay, here's the first 1/2.
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!!Vv/zVJc462chloe_moretz_disneynature_earth_premiere_005.jpg 615.26 KB, 2578x3600
Second 1/2.

The biggest feels for me were in the first Stacy Keach scene in his truck; that was shorter than the later one, but he's telling Mia what a wonderful girl she is and I had trouble not totally agreeing just because I applied what he was saying to Chloë Grace.

R.J. Cutler did tell the story in a somewhat documentary style. The switches from Ghost Mia's point of view of the hospital doings to flashbacks worked okay but did sometimes abort swelling dramatic tension.

Certainly melodramatic, in a good way. Like ancient Greek Drama; not then in touch with jaded old fart sensibilities. Longus' story of Daphnis and Chloë was all melodrama, and it was the first example of this kind of story. Luckily for Longus, the queefs at Rotten Tomatoes weren't around.
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Interesting, did you like how it ended?
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I don't see the need to give away any part of the plot or answer the question Mia had "If I Stay".

>Interesting, did you like how it ended?

It was fine, but I'm not the kind of person to ask, since I don't usually understand about endings. I loved the triple pre-Raphaelite endings of 'The Return of the King', for example but hardly anyone else did.
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Okay, some of you have to want to talk about the movie.

I don't think I put any plot spoilers in the things I wrote upstairs, but hey, now I can.

I wish there had been a Stacy Keach-Liana Liberato scene over coma-Mia's bed.

I wish they'd let Liana Liberato have a longer talk with coma-Mia.

I think the ending should have gone on longer, but see

A longer ending might have set up the sequel, which I'd be happy enough to go see.
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will there be a sequel
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!!Vv/zVJc462chloe_moretz_if_i_stay_set_19.jpg 611.89 KB, 1841x3000
will there be a sequel

Chloë and Gayle answered this in the normal Hollywood way: that they're not thinking that far ahead and want only this movie to do well.

I'd say the movie has to have legs, as they say - do well in it's second and third weekends.
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Just got back from the theater. I went in kind of expecting a shitty movie – I expected Chloë to perform well, obviously, but I didn't have high hopes for the movie overall. The opening scenes didn't do much to change my views, but things started picking up quickly. Toward the end I was very much wrapped up in the story. I came closer to bawling my eyes out than I have since the last time I watched Titanic. But of course I'm no critic, and I tend to be a sucker for these types of films anyway; I'll say I don't want to watch them, but they draw me in once I do. And of course, having Chloë as the star drew me in even more.

Chloë was fantastic. Jesus fucking Christ was she good. She out-performed everybody in my incredibly biased opinion. She's always easy to connect to. Especially the scene in which she walks into the kitchen after New Years and bursts into tears when asked about Adam. Fucking hell, when she started crying I felt like I was being torn apart. And, of course, she looked unfathomably beautiful during the whole movie.

I enjoyed the ending personally, but I'm a huge fan of endings that don't tie everything together in a neat package. In my opinion, there's no need for a sequel. But the book already has a sequel, so if the movie gets a sequel as well, I guess I won't complain.

Overall, much better than I expected. Way better than Carrie, that's for sure. Not a masterpiece by any means, but certainly not bad. I'll probably go see it again soon.
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So did you tear up? I didn't break down in sobs or anything, but both Keach-Chloë one-on-one scenes got me, the first more than the second probably because it was real Chloë rather than ghost-Chloë reacting.

I too want to see it again; the second time thru I don't have to look where the director wants me to look, I can watch elsewhere in the frame and get the reactions.
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Yeah, teared up a little bit during the second Keach-Chloë scene. Those were both brutal
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the ends: have sequel book soo :) probably going to do another movie.
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>horrible singing voice
Did we watch the same movie? Adam's voice was fucking amazing. His band wasn't the greatest, but his voice was arguably the strongest thing about them. And the acoustic songs were fantastic, all things considered. I think you need to get your hearing checked.


What didn't you like about the ending?
So she does more than in the book. There it's just a hand squeeze.
I was talking about the ending. In the book she squeezes Adams hand and he is like "Mia?", the end.

As for the sex. In the book it was implied they were in a sexual relationship(but we don't read who wants it first).
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!!Vv/zVJc462Fixin_to_throw.jpg 68.01 KB, 413x359
>Stacy Keach picked one of the worst times to put in a poor performance

Joe Morgenstern and I disagree. But, hey, Joe Morgenstern is 81 years old what the fuck could he know?


There is no accounting for taste, which means that logic cannot demonstrate anything in these matters. Appeals to authority are really lame, but all that remains in such cases. (well, there's also the ever popular argumentum ad baculum, ala Hit Girl, but it's difficult to pull that off on the internet)
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saw If I Stay and my shirt is covered in tears and snot! Just as good as the book.
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Just got back from seeing If I Stay. Thought I’d write a few paragraphs with my thoughts.

Overall I thought the film was decent. Chloë was outstanding as expected but it was a little strange seeing her play a normal girl. She had a subtle shyness which worked really well. It didn't feel forced like it kind of did with Carrie.

I read the book after hearing Chloë had signed on and I actually enjoyed it. Was the film better than the book? I’d say no. The supporting characters felt a little more fleshed out in the novel where as they are just kind of thrown in there in the movie.

There were a lot of kissing scenes and a lot of bros are gonna be jelly of that for sure (I was)! The scene where Mia and Adam have the argument about Juilliard was pretty brutal, Adam really went all out on her.

I can also see why people who haven’t read the book didn't like the ending, I don’t think it was executed that well in the movie.

Overall I would say this film is a 6.5/10. Chloë did an amazing job and the music was pretty good too.

Also, there were about 6 people in the theatre. It was a late showing but it still isn't great, hopefully it does well in other places.
24737Australia e367
Saw it a few days ago and had time to think it over. Basically I just want to echo the other people here who liked it. I wouldn't have dared cry while sandwiched in between two groups of teenage girls but I love that it looked at real issues, real twists (like the Grandfather's revelation at the end, heard lots of sniffles.) It just reminds us of the sacrifices we've seen made in our own lives, maybe even for us. Chloë was awesome.

Only real issues I had were
a) the bullshit arguments between Mia and Adam: has he even seen Chloë? I heard surprised chuckling from the audience as well whenever I felt incredulous at his numbskulled anger at Mia, where he all but leaves her simply because her talent and tastes keep her away from him. The character's behaviour is ungentlemanly at the very least. Then again maybe that relates to the people who saw it.
b) the friendly, warm, sort of tone of the film, combined with the subject matter and the way it cuts to flashbacks. They didn't feel very contrasting. It felt bland early on. Definitely picked up. And I'm not Lars von Trier here but I wanted to hear her in agony for a good minute or so when her brother died.

Maybe it's because I saw Under the Skin a couple of nights previous? That coloured my taste for absolute stark insanity. I cant give a rating yet since I'm really looking forward to rewatching it myself and crying like a baby for Chloë at 2 in the morning. I've heard others on this site say the same but I'm not sure I can even buy the characters Chloë plays anymore, she's just so naturally…herself, on screen to me. Still, I'm going to give it a tentative B out of 17. Sorry for my long-winded bullshit.
29380Portugal 5b61
I agree with everything you said.
It all felt forced and manipulative, I just couldn't buy their relationship. Adam was a douchebag too. And yeah I've seen Under The Skin a few days before, which I liked very much, and I was kinda pushing for a darker and sadder tone. Chloë was great though and it was better than Carrie
I give it a 5/10