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chloe moretz 1411215911280_chlomo-folders.png

Chlomo folders: the future of Chloë content

!Mu5DJ1d1S.chlomo-folders.jpg 170.42 KB, 1280x800
UPDATE 5 (25 MAY, 2017)
Links for folders removed from OP and will be updated continuously in posts since they expire a lot.

UPDATE 4 (11 SEP, 2015)
We updated the links for the chlomo folders (again) so if you are still getting 'pending approval' messages try the new links from this post

UPDATE 3 (10 MAY, 2015)
The social media folders is now complete >>73244


Do you like to keep up with all the Chloë content coming out?

Do you wish the ChlomoPack was updated more often?

Did you ever come home after a hard day of work (or school) just to realize there are tons of new Chloë pics and videos and getting all of them will feel like a chore?

What if I told you there was a way for you to get all the Chloë content, directly on your computer, neatly organized, as soon as it comes out, without any effort on your side?
Wouldn't that be just … magical?

What if I told such a solution already exists?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, chlomo.org is proud to present

Chlomo folders
the future of Chloë content

These are basically shared folders where the chlomo mods add (and will add) all the Chloë content that comes out, and you can get those directly on your computer. The system relies on Bittorent Sync (think of it like a version of Dropbox) to share the content across various computers. The mods will have read/write access to the folders meaning they can add content in there. You will have read-only rights meaning that you will get all the content, but if you decide to delete it, it won't be deleted from other people's computers.

You might think this sounds like a real-time version of the Chlomo Pack and you'd be right. It's like the ChlomoPack on steroids, the only downside being that you will need to install a new program to get it. But this is more than us sharing some content with you. These ARE the same Chloë folders that a lot of us mods will use as their main Chloë folders. Meaning you get exactly the same thing as the mods, as soon as they get it. We're giving you front-row access to the Chloë show.

Welcome, to the future of Chloë content.

How this looks
Here is how the system looks, with the folders getting synched in the background, and the Bittorent Sync App open in the foreground (usually it's minimized to the system tray):

How this works
If you've used a torrent app before, this is pretty similar. After you install and set up the Bittorent Sync app, as long as the app is open you will get all the Chloe content updates (photoshoots, event pictures etc) downloaded automatically on your computer and a notification in the system tray will let you know when sets have been added or updated.

How to install it

1. Download and install Bittorrent Sync
then open the app

2. Select which folders you have to connect to by clicking the links below

Up-to-date links can be found here: >>203382

3. Set folder preferences (OPTIONAL)
In the app, rollover a folder you're downloading, press the dots on the right and select "Preferences"
There you'll have a checkbox titled "Overwrite any changed files"
Checking this option will force Sync to overwrite files with original copies from Read & Write peers, should the files change. it will also restore deleted files.

It's up to you to decide if you want to keep this option enabled or not.

4. That's it. You're done

If you want to learn more about Bittorrent Sync you can read the tutorials here: http://sync-help.bittorrent.com/customer/portal/topics/663573-sync-guides/articles

Frequently Asked Questions

1. It says 'pending approval' - what am I doing wrong?
You're doing nothing wrong. This seems to be an issue with how Bittorrent Sync works. The solution that worked for most people is to leave your computer open over night and the next day you should probably be connected.

2. How did this came to be?
Initially we made this with one goal in mind: have a way to share content between us mods and save time with keeping Chloë content updated.
Every time a new set comes out all of us had to download the exact same pics, name them, group them, check for duplicates and so on. This can end up taking a lot of time and it's very redundant since we're all doing almost the exact same thing. Therefore we looked into ways to have a shared folder, so if one mod adds a new set, all the others get it automagically, without having to do anything. This is a way more efficient way of keeping up to date.

The fact that we could share this with you guys was a very, very fortunate side effect.

3. So I have to keep this Sync program always running?
That's up to you. If you want to have a real time Chloë folder you'll need to leave it always on.
Otherwise, you can think of it as a version of the ChlomoPack that you can update any time you want. If you want to update it once a month then only open up the app once a month, let it sync and then close it for another month

4. What about the ChlomoPack?
Well, this makes the ChlomoPack utterly obsolete, but we might decide to continue updating the ChlomoPack based on the reception for this and for the simple fact that lots of people do not know about Chlomo, but might be interested in a Chloë torrent, wherever they might find it.

5. What about the gallery?
You might also have noticed it's been almost two months since the gallery was updated. The bad news is that it will be some time until it will be updated again. The good news is that when that will happen, the gallery will be directly connected to the shared chlomo folders, so it will get updated at a much faster rate (maybe even daily)

6. What about the other stuff like Videos?
We're still working on seeing how to solve that internally but one thing is certain: you will get a folder for videos, gifs, social media pics, audio and so on and since this system gives us a lot of freedom and flexibility, you can bet it will happen much faster than any version of the ChlomoPack could have provided.

7. Can I help?
If you mean if you can upload content to the shared folder as well then no, you can't. Only the Chlomo mods are apart of uploading since they are way more trust worthy. However there is an issue you can help us with:
we need a way to link the Photoshoots and Candids&Events folders to the upcoming Videos folder, so when you enter the folder for a certain photoshoot, you will have a "Links" subfolder with links to the corresponding event/photoshoot clips from the Videos folder (like it's done in the gallery: http://www.chlomo.org/gallery/photosets_2014/chloe_moretz_the_variety_studio_sundance_edition/ ).

The problem is we see no easy and cross platform way to do this. Any suggestions would be largely appreciated

7. How will I know which pics are new?
Well, sort the folders by date. Also, once the new version of the gallery will be online you will have a quick way to see which sets have been updated

PS: Just like with torrents, the more people are connected, the faster you can download it, so do us all a favor and share this!
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chloe moretz 1428095776659_Thanks_Bro.png
!z1sjxvkLpYThanks_Bro.jpg 129.57 KB, 482x908
Thx GG
I upgraded to bittorent sync 2.0 and I think this may cause some issues with approving access to the folders
and since that would suck quite badly I need some help with this:

can someone try installing v1.4 and v2.0 and request acess to one of the chlomo folders to make sure it works?
fuck it
I downgraded back to 1.4
71785United States!!jIrIw70F9w
Since "upgrading" to 2.0 my processor heats up a lot. Anyone else have that?
71877United Kingdom d7df
Whats in the folder exactly?
Folders. Plural.
The candid and events folder contains all the photosets of Chloë
photoshoots contains all her photoshoots
videos contains interviews, making of, tv shows and such
72002Brazil 755d
Ok, so does this means that the online gallery will not be updated anymore? My computer have a hard time with these torrent-related things and take really long time doing this stuff.
>Ok, so does this means that the online gallery will not be updated anymore?
the gallery is and will keep on being updated
72004Brazil 755d
ok, thank you!
Hey, I downloaded BitTorrent Sync 2.0.105 and my download speed is great! But the GUI is so fucking slow, always feels like it's going to crash. Does someone else have that?

My system should be fine, I am just wondering if it's the client. Had similiar problems with an earlier version, too
72261United States 252b
I update to 2.0 and now it goes! Question: Candids and Events fired up immediately. Thing damn near done. But I've been connected 8 hours and Photoshoots is "Pending Approval". I tried deleting folder on my device, (like a broken download of a single file), and re-connecting to make a new link - but that doesn't seem to be an option.
links updated

try the new links in the original post

I'd suggest downgrading to 1.4 tbh
2.44 MB

chloe moretz 1431030128995_ChloeHAPPY.png
  72620United States 252b
252bChloeHAPPY.gif 2.44 MB, 768x432

Great advice. Photoshoots fired up IMMEDIATELY! Thanks
I forgot to mention that I also added the current sizes of each folder in the OP, to make it easier for people to realize if they have all the space they need

glad to hear it
72632United States fc9a
if I update the links will the folders I have already downloaded be lost or will the program try and create new folders ignoring the one created from the old links? Sorry I am new to Bittorrent and don't want to loose the folders already downloaded.

72633United States!No.7//JDvE
If you are already connected to the folders then there is no need to use the new links. In other words: the new links are only required for new users.
72727United States 3263
Thanks! :^)
Just had a chance to connect and my old links still work.
76.99 KB

chloe moretz 1431273578480_27261_107807885911881_100000480090525_175205_1711188_n.png
!Mu5DJ1d1S.27261_107807885911881_100000480090525_175205_1711188_n.jpg 76.99 KB, 540x720
The social media folder is now complete

Some event names/dates might be wrong and a lot of the pics ended up in the "unknown date" folder but all the pics should be in there (or at least 99% of them).
So, if you haven;t joined the social media chlomo folder yet, now would be the perfect time to do it
106.54 KB

chloe moretz 1431278887533_CDOfCLXUIAAMZdo.jpg_large.png
  73261Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSACDOfCLXUIAAMZdo.jpg_large.jpg 106.54 KB, 626x575
Awesome! Thanks! Good job!
74588Serbia bd4d
photoshoots have no peers? why?
Photoshoots has the most peers

Try adding ti again maybe, using the link in the top post
74654United States 9596
Thanks for all the hard work on the chlomo folders GG.
I am also showing 0 of 32 peers for photoshoots.
I did try and sync to the new folder link but I get the message that the
selected folder is already added to sync. I am new to bittorrent so
any help is appreciated.
74704Serbia bd4d

yes, and when i add folder again i have to wait for approval?
try disconecting the photoshoots folder
then add it again, IN THE SAME FOLDER, using the link in the OP
> and when i add folder again i have to wait for approval?
79733Mexico c4da
My folders dont start to sync, help:(
84497Switzerland 7ce1
I'm synching since 2 days and got already a lot of stuff.
But the folder Candids and events is almost empty in the Sub folder 2014 & 2014.
I just got about 50MB each.
Is there no source available or do i anything wrong?
It states 20 of 63 Peers are online, but it doesn't download anything at all.
A by the way, great Job on this site, i rellay love it. It's my main source for Chloë
no idea what the issue can be but the candid sets for 2014 and 2015 are huge
84849Switzerland 7ce1
I just reinstalled it and added the Folders again . . . know it states in the Status:
Pending approval :-(
84858Brazil d193
You have to install the 2.0 version.
Happened the same to me.
I would advise people not to install the 2.0 version, its absolute crap
84883Brazil d193
It works to me
85176Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
I use the newest version 2.0.128(36) and have no problem.
85456Switzerland 7ce1
I started all over again the third time, with Version 1.4.111 beta.
Now it workes like a charm and I sync over 100GB already.
chloe's diary added to the Misc folder
21.2 KB

chloe moretz 1437917680906_great.png
  91483Denmark a235
a235great.jpg 21.2 KB, 300x204
Awesome. Chloë's diary is the biggest legacy treasure we have of Chloë's thoughts and feelings.
91901United States e002
New user. Do I have to be approved?
in theory .. no
in practice it's unclear to me if this works as intended or not
4.1 MB

chloe moretz 1438061890307_ruOpQ5G.png
  91932United States e002
e002ruOpQ5G.gif 4.1 MB, 700x593
Working! This is awesome
92056Brazil e71c
Go talk to us on thread Bro >>91864 (click on it)
92405 b5c9
"…you will no longer need to wait for approval when joining a folder"
YES, I´m waiting
Aaron (kick ass) bad joke Ikr
I have the 2.0.128 version and it works well.
Did you try to update it?
92419 b5c9
I´m not sure, i just installed the actualization but still say "pending approval"
My first time using bitTorrent Sync
PD: not aaron jhonson (kick ass), i haven´t muscles u.u
Try to install it again.
There's no need to "approval" to download
199.96 KB

chloe moretz 1438521164742_chlomo_folders.png
!Mu5DJ1d1S.chlomo_folders.jpg 199.96 KB, 1784x1051
I realized we never had a preview to show how this looks, so here is a sample
it shows the folders being synched on the computer, in the background, and the Bittorent Sync app running in the foreground (usually it's minimized to the system tray)
97659Germany af7d
Also getting "pending approval" with the newest version (2.13). Something's not right.
97702Australia d127
Anyone else get 'Folder not Found' error?
Since a lot of people are getting this pending approval error and a lot seem to have gotten over it, could you tell what worked for you? (assuming you added them AFTER this post: >>72619 since that is when we removed the "needing approval limitation")

can you try removing and adding the folder again?

that's new
any folder in particular?
97841Australia d127
i was using an old version. im using the latest and its fine now
97868Canada ba86
My D drive crashed on me and I am retrying to reconnect everything. I remember that it workedwhen I first used it. But now I also get the "Pending approval" notice and as I could read it should not be saying that right?
97902Australia d127
apparently its not meant to say that

mine said it for a couple hours but began to download eventually
It started overnight I woke up and the download is almost completed.
98063Australia d127
99495Germany 660d
yeah, same here. did nothing on my end, just let it run over night and at some point i guess it just worked.
64.83 KB

chloe moretz 1441536514711_Screen_Shot_2015-09-06_at_1.46.29_pm.png
  101593Russian Federation 02df
02dfScreen_Shot_2015-09-06_at_1.46.29_pm.png 64.83 KB, 882x678
Hey) I want download photoshoots folder)
you need to wait a bit until it starts synching
I suggest leave your pc and sync app open when you go to sleep and it should probably start synching by the time you wake up
101946Russian Federation 02df
my Mac work 24/7/365… i wait 2 days 4 sync Oo
I've updated the links in the original post
can you remove the folders you added and try the new links?
109886India 51f8
I can't able to install. Can you help…?
110687Iran, Islamic Republic of d5a4
Hey guys
I downloaded the old link and now i see the new update what should i do to have new pics and videos.i dont want to download just the new update video and pics
114705Mexico b717
I need approval :'c
leave your computer open for a few hours and it should start automatically at some point
198.72 KB

chloe moretz 1448298218355_chloe_moretz_bbc_radio1.png
  115673United Kingdom d1e1
d1e1chloe_moretz_bbc_radio1.jpg 198.72 KB, 765x1024
1.73 MB

chloe moretz 1448298329410_chloe_moretz_hotel_bbc_radio_1_033.png
  115674United Kingdom d1e1
d1e1chloe_moretz_hotel_bbc_radio_1_033.jpg 1.73 MB, 1996x3000
\Candids and events\2013\2013-08-08 - From Hotel to BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM, London
Date 2013-08-06
1.17 MB

chloe moretz 1448298423736_2013-02-17_chloe_moretz_nokia_theatre_ed_sheeran_concert_01.png
  115675United Kingdom d1e1
d1e12013-02-17_chloe_moretz_nokia_theatre_ed_sheeran_concert_01.jpg 1.17 MB, 2583x3820
Candids and events\2013\_Misc\2013-02-17_chloe_moretz_nokia_theatre_ed_sheeran_concert_01 and _02 look like Chloë leaving the Hotel de Crillon in Paris but I have no idea about the date, more likely closer to the 28th.
1.12 MB

chloe moretz 1448298785722_chloe_moretz_arriving_kings_cross_076.png
  115676United Kingdom d1e1
d1e1chloe_moretz_arriving_kings_cross_076.jpg 1.12 MB, 2400x4200
\Candids and events\2013\2013-02-28 - Arriving at King's Cross St Pancras, London
Arriving at St Pancras International (Eurostar back from Paris).
1.27 MB

chloe moretz 1448298872261_chloe_moretz_the_12_bar_blues_club_014.png
  115677United Kingdom d1e1
d1e1chloe_moretz_the_12_bar_blues_club_014.jpg 1.27 MB, 1848x2704
\Candids and events\2012\2012-11-05 - The 12 Bar Blues Club, London
Arriving at The Duke Of Wellington Pub on Portobello Road, Notting Hill.
(the pubs url is on the canopy btw)
1.71 MB

chloe moretz 1448299667865_fotor1216134931.png
  115679United Kingdom d1e1
d1e1fotor1216134931.png 1.71 MB, 1024x768
I know there’s still some sorting to be done on the social media folders but a BB shoop seems to have made its way to \Social media\2014\_Misc 2014\1418756235687_fotor1216134931.png
Photo taken from
Using head shots of Chloë from \Candids and events\2014\2014-05-25 - Arriving at LAX, Los Angeles
so what's that post about?
115704United Kingdom d1e1
Kings Cross St Pancras (domestic trains/ underground only) is over the road but they are two separate stations right next to each other.
117899India 7ad1
Is there a way to select particular files in a folder, if I don't want to download the entire thing?
Will there probably be a GIF folder one day?
it's just that sorting all the gifs we have is a pain in the ass
136916United States 213d
With the recent gallery issues is it safe to allow the galleries to sync again with out losing pictures?

GG is there a way to assist with the costs of running this page with a donation?

there's no need for donations and the gallery is back online

it was taken down due to some technical problems but if there will come a time when we need to take a set down, we will take it down from the gallery (not the folders)
2.59 KB

chloe moretz 1454708325416_apple.png
  137099United States 3538
3538apple.jpeg 2.59 KB, 168x299
Thanks for the explanation. I was concerned my Chloë stuff would disappear like an iPhone App Apple decided didn't fit their image.
138709United States 5144
Is this still alive? Lost my old Chlomo pack on a dead HDD. I must horde all the things again.
138713United States 5144
Hmm, I'm just stuck on "Connecting…" under status. Firewall is open, AV is off, running as admin. Running the newest version. Not sure if that's an issue.
138722United States!HpAHd927Ts
It is working. I am getting updates right as I type this.

Usually, it pauses for a time (as much as 12-18 hours at the worst) at "needs approval". "Connecting" suggests something else.
50.49 KB

chloe moretz 1455508904260_ThisiswhyIhatebittorrent.png
  138727United States 5144
5144ThisiswhyIhatebittorrent.jpg 50.49 KB, 786x599
Been stuck like this for the past 5 hours.

Maybe I'll try a diff version of the program.
138756United States 5144
Fixed it. Turns out my system clock was off by more than 10 minutes, which makes the program not work. Pretty stupid.
139113Finland 6e88
I have exact same problem than Anonymous 5144 above, Folders give status as Connecting…
My systems clock should be in time, (syncronized in internet), but could there be issue with timezone difference? If so, what zone do the galleries use, mine is EET (Eastern European Time).
139198Finland 6e88
Downloads has started, I still don't know reason for delay, but all seems to be OK now. I'll add more folders to my list next. Thanks for sharers!
I removed and now rewrite this reply to my own post… To me it seems now, this 'connecting…' issue is same as that 'pending approval' answered in FAQ's 1st, just need to be patient to wait download beginning.
98.22 KB

chloe moretz 1459572785611_sad-confuzed.png
  147365United States e074
e074sad-confuzed.jpg 98.22 KB, 431x354
Why doe it say "Time difference with 1 peer" in red on all but one of my sync folders? Is there something I ought do?
147367Argentina 2d10
One of the peers' internal clock is set incorrectly so the program can't sync with that person. Nothing to worry.
I haven't been here in a long time so I may have missed something but am I the only one with empty folders like in the photoshoot section?
And what with the .cerber files?
157693United States 9d9f
Cerber files are ransom ware! I stopped syncing and have checked the rest of my files and they only appear in the Chlomo folders. A pear computer might be infected. Are there any IT or computer experts who
have any advice how to correct this?
157695Denmark 4efe
inb4 I'm blamed for doing this even though I don't use the Chlomo Folders at all…
157698United Kingdom a9a8
Looks like one of the mods/persons with write access to the folders has got infected. As I understand this worm, it has to be running on your PC to work, so none of us with just read only access could have caused this to happen.

I'd advise everyone who has any of these .cerber files on there computers to delete them, along with all of the files with # DECRYPT MY FILES # in the name too.

To recover from this it will be necessary for whoever has the infection to clean their machine and then either restore the folders from backup, or better, allow them to resync from a different person with write access to the folders and who has not had their folders trashed by this worm.

And I should also add… whoever turns out to be the person who was infected should not be blamed in any way shape or form. The bastards who write these things go to great lengths to socially engineer their victims into getting these worm/encryption infections and it's no shame to have been caught with your e-pants down.
157699Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Thanks a lot for instructions, it was me who got caught with e-pants down.

I noticed quickly that it's encrypting the files so I shut down computer and reinstalled OS, but unfortunately it managed to fuck up a few chlomo folders.

Sorry for trouble, folders will be fixed soon.
157700United States 9d9f
Xilog thanks for the information!

Deleting as I type this. I hope my post did not come across as me placing any blame on any one.
I deleted the .cerber and decrypt my files that I found
157704United Kingdom a9a8
No worries mate, I love this place so I'm glad to be of some small help.
and now I'm copying back missing files
good thing that BT sync keeps a folder for deleted files
158077United States c023
Is it safe to start syncing again?

Thanks to all!
158081United States!!HB99K.NCeE
158569Serbia 9bb8
how long i need to wait to connect to photoshoot folder?
158586United States!!HB99K.NCeE
Sometimes several hours. If you can, leave it up overnight.
159378United States 6d1b
Has anyone had luck downloading for the photoshoot folder?

Thanks to all who leave computers on for syncing!
The ChlomoPack has been discontinued quite sometime ago in favor of the much superior Chlomo Folders which you can read about here: >>30117
589.16 KB

chloe moretz 1470704620928_T3ymLNj.png
  169961Colombia 2bd9
2bd9T3ymLNj.jpg 589.16 KB, 2652x3000
Guys, i'm stuck in connecting too. Am I doing something wrong? Should I keep my laptop on overnight? Did it work for you?
169962United States!!HB99K.NCeE
It can sometimes take several hours. If you can, leave it on over night.
>>169961 Thank you so much Daphnis! ♥
186699United States!!2t6rrpuZbY
Wow this is bloody amazing! You've come a long way, friends.
187197United Kingdom 410c
Just says connecting. Tried on multiple computers too. Is anyone seeding this anymore??
187198United States!!HB99K.NCeE
It's working for me this morning. How long did you let it remain up?
187201United Kingdom 410c
I have had it running since Friday. Do you suggest anything i could try?
187202United States!!HB99K.NCeE
Well, I haven't updated my bit torrent lately. Are you using a new version?
187205United Kingdom 18e1
Yeah. it insists I use Resilio Sync for some reason… When I try and open Bit torrent nothing opens
187206United States!!HB99K.NCeE

I'm using version 2.2.1 which works, but the original version from when Chlomo folders first started up can still be downloaded at:


Dunno if intermediate versions are available easily.
187220United Kingdom 18e1
Ah, that might have done something. Downloaded that and Those folders finally open in bit torrent. Just says pending approval now!
187695United Kingdom d41b
Can anyone help me out with setting this up? I had this working perfectly a few months ago but recently reinstalled everything on my computer and lost all my files in the process. I'm trying to setup the folders up again but the program just says "Pending approval" next to the folders and nothing is downloading or uploading.

I know it is a common thing to happen but I have even left my computer on continuously for the past 5 days and nothing is happening and it still says "Pending approval". I'm using bittorrent sync 2.2.1 which was what I was using before and it worked, maybe I need to try a different version? If anyone could help me out it would be really appreciated.
187702Argentina df25
In my pc happens exactly the same. ¿Some help?
187709United Kingdom 410c
Had pending approval for a week now. Can OP accept everyone or do whatever he needs to do so we can start downloading?
187779Argentina 41f8
Sorry friends, the links sometimes just stop working. We'll get this fixed soon.
187796United Kingdom 7a38
Having the same problems as the people above me. Anyone know how to fix?
188242Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
188752United Kingdom d41b
Thank you this works perfectly just like before
409.24 KB

chloe moretz 1490991599588_Well_pardner.png
  195089United States 564f
564fWell_pardner.jpg 409.24 KB, 1701x1140
I get a complaint on all the connections I update… "INVALID TIME"

Then, most have a statement like this "Time difference with 9 peers"

Does this mean nuthing really, or is there a ice-cream clot block in Daddy's Sweetheart Straw?

[don't wanna disappoint Chloë …]
144.7 KB

chloe moretz 1493734766762_002.png
  197742Russian Federation 60e4
60e4002.jpg 144.7 KB, 772x652
I can't get other folders long time.
Who know why?
197817Russian Federation 60e4
Can someone answer my question?

I can't get other folders long long long time.
121.61 KB

chloe moretz 1494666958616_002.png
  198594Russian Federation 60e4
60e4002.jpg 121.61 KB, 772x652
Thank you all for help.

Who know why I can't download only one folder (Social media) for many days?
198643Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
198711Russian Federation 60e4
Thank you very much!
203382United States!JEEJ31tuSA
203434United Kingdom 166a
Hi is there anyway you could maybe list out the files in the Videos folder?

Thank you!
203436United States!JEEJ31tuSA
Hey, why do you need that? Are you looking for a specific video?
203444United Kingdom 7927
Not really no, just wondering if its worth the 60 Odd GB download, I am so tempted though.
203458United States!JEEJ31tuSA
203466United Kingdom d728
That's a really well laid out txt file what did you use to ls the folder out?

Thank you.
203471United States!JEEJ31tuSA
command prompt: tree /f /a > file.txt
203472United Kingdom d63e
Just found tree for linux that does the same thing. Nice.

203478United Kingdom!!QkvMohYsxY
oh damn I think I know who you are. Small world
203488United Kingdom d419
I was bound to show up here some day.
203489United Kingdom!!QkvMohYsxY
Yeah I know who you are. You post celeb pics and gifs to reddit. You gotta start posting here. We have a nice community here
203490United Kingdom d419
I would more if webm or mp4 were enabled. Though saying that my Chloë gfys are sometimes on the blue side.

Still I'll try.
97.49 KB

chloe moretz 1499722413791_532323.png
  203491United States!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSA532323.jpg 97.49 KB, 550x725
Hey remlap,

please continue the discussion in the discussion thread: >>202713

This thread is not meant for discussions.
203602United States!JEEJ31tuSA
did you use those new links? >>203382
203610United States!JEEJ31tuSA
you have up to date resilio sync?
204151United Kingdom!!QkvMohYsxY
213626United Kingdom!V99oSHELBY
51.79 KB

chloe moretz 1512152467462_folders.png
  214313United Kingdom 164c
164cfolders.jpg 51.79 KB, 1085x682
Uuh, guys, what's happened to the "Candids and Events\2013" folder? It has disappeared from my Chlomosync folder…
13.57 KB

chloe moretz 1512162508792_Capture.png
  214321United Kingdom!V99oSHELBY
!V99oSHELBYCapture.png 13.57 KB, 482x261
oh really? That is weird. It should be there. Turn sync off, reboot your pc and then turn sync back on. That should fix it. It is showing up for me
214347United Kingdom 164c
Well that was definitely odd! Cheers for the tip, they're back now.