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  • Lulz148 replies, 117 images

  • Music336 replies, 55 images

  • Tech257 replies, 142 imagesComputers, gadgets, electronics, mobiles, etc.

  • Games51 replies, 12 images

  • Food9 replies, 6 images

  • Movies and TV shows37 replies, 19 images

  • Transport10 replies, 5 imagesCars, Planes, Boats, Tanks, Etc.

  • Cool shit10 replies, 6 imagesCool, fun and interesting stuff you come across

  • Books and comics4 replies, 3 images

  • The NED thread38 replies, 9 imagesThe never-ending debate (NED) thread

    This thread is for any discussions that get out of hand. In order to keep things civilized, you should continue those debates here so you don’t ruin the threads for everyone else with your bickering.

  • Religion2 replies, 1 images

  • Sports23 replies, 23 images

  • Post your battlestation2 replies, 2 imagesPost your battlestation (and/or devices).

    If you have a Chloë themed one, you should also post it here: >>>/chloe/48769