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chloe moretz 1402726511944_359452.png
 10United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFs359452.jpg 1.92 MB, 4744x2912
27United States!FabOOstRFs
fuck yeah, I forgot how good this was
28France e29e
The Do <3
140.06 KB

chloe moretz 1403720581938_ARCH_ENEMY_Wages_4d7e7a9e851f3.png
  29United States c2fb
c2fbARCH_ENEMY_Wages_4d7e7a9e851f3.jpg 140.06 KB, 600x600
Arch Enemy anyone???

Here's mah cover… Love that band

30France e29e
31France e29e
and this one, a French-English melange very cool
Figured I'd share music from my region.
Narjahannam (which means Hellfire) from Bahrain. Melodic Black Metal with Middle Eastern influences and Arabic lyrics.
>Ahl Al Quboor (People of the Grave).
110.75 KB

chloe moretz 1403810706287_Sworn_Enemy_-_The_Beginning_Of_The_End-LP.png
  33United States c2fb
c2fbSworn_Enemy_-_The_Beginning_Of_The_End-LP.jpg 110.75 KB, 550x550
Sworn Enemy anyone??

another cover… I got some new editing software :)

34United States c2fb
I fucking DIG THIS!!!! add to playlist \m/ \m/
Sounds pretty fucking sweet, dude. Great job on this one.

Yeah, Narjahanam are fucking awesome. Though metal is pretty underground in the Arab world because they think we're Satanists or something (though the lyrics are not anti-religion).
>Narjahnam - Symphoniyyat al Mawt (Symphony of Death).
37United States!FabOOstRFs
>some weird shit to listen to

That is fucking badass

nicely done bro
Cool, their intros somehow remind me of The Safety Fire.
165.55 KB

chloe moretz 1403900961840_cover1-700x700.png
  40United States c2fb
c2fbcover1-700x700.jpg 165.55 KB, 600x600
Meshuggah anyone??

CT4 doesn't like them but… Euhhh he has a very bland pallet IMO lol

Gonna be working on my album "The Dark Queen" all next week!!! :}

24.16 KB

chloe moretz 1403901023950_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_19.png
  41United States c2fb
c2fbchloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_19.jpg 24.16 KB, 516x499
Thanks for all the advice QUD!!!
42United States c2fb
43United States c2fb
Love how catchy this song is… Nice tune for sure
44United States c2fb
Thanks FBL… OMG these guys kick major ass!!!

\\nn// \\nn//
45United States c2fb
It sounds kinda like a bunch of really catchy songs cut up and thrown together :)

Really cool though ;}
46United States c2fb
This was really well done!! \m/ \m/
Meshuggah are awesome. Sick cover as well. Great job.
I'm looking forward to your album.

It's been really hard to find their lyrics though.

Then have more of The Safety Fire
48United States!FabOOstRFs
Really good cover bro. Koloss is a fucking masterpiece for sure
>My favorite Meshuggah track

No problem

Never heard of them. I'm not sure if I like the mixture of the heaviness and the quiet parts. They sound really good separately, but in my opinion, those genres don't sound great juxtaposed like that. The guy has a killer voice though
Well, not all of their stuff is like that. Check >>47
And also this
51United States!FabOOstRFs
Yeah you're right, I liked those a lot better. Somehow, the timbre of the guy's voice kind of reminds me of HRVRD at certain times.
Harvard sound great, and yeah I see some sort of resemblance between their vocalist and that of The Safety Fire.

>More Oriental Metal from Arkan.
60France e29e
someone a Deezer account here?
63United States!FabOOstRFs
Big news: Ashe is out of Tesseract and Dan Tompkins is coming back for album 3. I really loved Altered State, but I'm definitely excited to hear more from Dan

Not me
Holy fuck, man, how did I miss out that bit of news?
Tesseract is one of my favorite bands. I really liked Ashe in Altered State, but Dan coming back is awesome.
>Have you heard any of Dan's solo work, White Moth Black Butterfly?
66United States!FabOOstRFs
>For a change of pace: god-tier album by a god-tier band

No, I hadn't listened to it much. That was a great song though, I'll have to check out that album.
I have listened to Skyharbor a bit; apparently he's planning to do both bands full time. Should be interesting
fuck they sound great. diggin' it already \m/
these guys are just so good in doing covers
73France e29e
Yeah, I like his work with Skyharbor too.

By the way, Epica are coming to Lebanon on August 2 to play at the Byblos International Music Festival. I might attend, but I'm afraid there's no one to go with me, which really sucks if I go alone.
75United States!FabOOstRFs
>Agoraphobic Nosebleed for your listening pleasure

OLN is pretty good, I listened to We Will All Evolve a lot when it first came out. I haven't been able to get into their recent stuff though

Not my cup of tea, but it's kind of catchy

You should just go anyway, bro. Don't let something like that stop you
I actually found someone to go with me. It's going to be awesome.

>Some early 2000's Katatonia.
I didn't know you're into hardcore music Qud, I thought you are more of a balladeer. lol

Yeah, they are. I've listened to them since The Ghost Among US, We Will All Evolve, I loved the straightforward message of Age of Ignorance i'm not a music expert but it's not that good for me though.

Oak Island EP/Oak Island (Acoustic) and A Summer of Covers are the most recent stuff they have released for now, I believe. I'm pretty sure you can catch up to their stuff in no time.
80United States!FabOOstRFs
>I didn’t know you're into hardcore music
I try to listen to anything and everything.
That acoustic EP sounds really good. Post-hardcore has been done to death in my opinion, which is the main reason I haven't listened to much of their newer material

>Speaking of post-hardcore bands that changed their sound for the better: Polyenso (formerly Oceana)
Moving Mountains - Lights and Shapes (Post rock/Post Hardcore)

Probably my second favourite band next to Brand New.
>Post-hardcore has been done to death
Agreed. Post-hardcore kind of died years ago, but there are still good ones left out there.

>Polyenso (formerly Oceana)

they knew Post-hardcore genre was going to be shitty soon. good change

Man, I just enjoy listening to some metalcore, even this genre gets a lot of hate.
Holy shit, Polyenso are awesome. Thanks for introducing them to me, man.
They sound great, bro.

Yeah, even though I'm mostly a prog metal and melodic death metal/doom fan, there are some metalcore bands I do enjoy listening to, including earlier All That Remains. It's catchy and fast-paced.
The Republic of Wolves - Oarsman (Alternative Rock)

Cool band, singer sounds alot like Jesse Lacey from Brand New
87United States!FabOOstRFs
Fuck yeah, this is great. Not sure how I've never heard this before

>I the Breather
Holy shit, I know the drummer from that band. Never thought I'd see someone mention them here

All That Remains is shit now, but that album was fucking amazing back in the day

Never heard that either, but I like it a lot
>Speaking of Brand new, my favorite song by them
89United States c2fb
This is really Cool!!
90United States c2fb
Saw these guys at the Mayhem Festival

fucking brilliant… I loved this shit instantly
91France e29e
i love Brand New (you won't know <3)
83.13 KB

chloe moretz 1405691994895.png
!!6PKEbwINwE1405691994895.jpg 83.13 KB, 344x451
Love you guys

Also Qud, Re: Moving Mountains, best place to start with them is either their first album called Pneuma or the EP that followed called Foreword. Both are equally excellent but Pneuma stands up as my 2nd favourite album ever. Once it clicks, it really clicks.
115.92 KB

chloe moretz 1405746917928_my-nigga2.png
  93United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFsmy-nigga2.jpg 115.92 KB, 600x799
You Won't Know is my second favorite song by them. It really demonstrates Jesse's capacity for emotion in his singing

Sounds good, I'm actually downloading their discography right now.
By the way, I finally broke down and bought a decent midi controller and a few Kontakt plugins. No regrets
95United States!No.7//JDvE
Not enough rap up in huurrr

He rhymes the same words throughout the entire song.
99France e29e
242.64 KB

chloe moretz 1406042797779_fries-Doaks-600x342.png
!!fXc9.tIgOEfries-Doaks-600x342.png 242.64 KB, 600x342
>I know the drummer from that band
like personally? that's awesome

>Never thought I'd see someone mention them here

can't say that this band is unique but when I listen to their music, they give me some weird/mysterious feels like no other bands comes in my mind, just their music..

or nobody sounds like them, I might be wrong.. maybe my music horizon aren't broad enough to find similar bands that sounds like them
106United States!FabOOstRFs
>New Fallujah is amazing. Heavy atmospheric stuff

I don't know why, but I've never been able to get into rap. I can listen to some of it the song you posted isn't too bad but it just doesn't do anything for me

Never heard of her, sounds nice though


Northlane isn't bad, but Discoveries was a much better album imo
I've been listening to this over and over again lately.
I get to see her on August 30!
If it were Chloë coming to the Philippines instead, I would've bought 20 VIP tickets in front so that the a big area is empty except for myself.
108United States!No.7//JDvE
>I don't know why, but I've never been able to get into rap.
I understand. It's not for everyone, I just think some people dismiss without realizing the talent involved in some of it. Let's face it, there's a lot of fucking trash out there too. I appreciate word play, complex rhyme schemes, bending words into rhyme, multisyllabic and internal rhymes. It helps when the rapper has a large vocabulary and really knows you to use it while flowing over a beat. Most of this modern rap is pretty garbage save for a few like Kendrick Lamar.

In the 'Legacy' song I posted above, at around 4:05 when he raps
>You're going to die a ball licker, I've been diabolical
>With this dialogue since '99 Rawkus
I thought was particularly clever to rhyme 'die a ball licker' with 'diabolical' and 'dialogue'
he's purposely bending the beginning of these words/phrases to all have the same sound
also, 'die a ball licker' is actually a double entendre meant to follow the other football metaphors before it

One of my all time favorite rap songs to get hype to
109United States!FabOOstRFs
Speaking of word play, I know this song's kind of overplayed but the lyrics still blow my mind.

>there’s a lot of fucking trash out there too

Definitely, that's true of most genres I'd say. Here's another example of some rap I actually like, for a lot of the same reasons you listed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Cc-EFNA1sQ

I also tend to like rap more when it uses actual instruments in the tracks, such as the two examples here

I saw Paramore a couple years ago, they were pretty good
110United States!No.7//JDvE
Aesop Rock is good bro.. Earl Sweatshirt is one of the rappers I can't listen to at all because I don't like the "I'm high and i'm so chill right now" style of rap delivery though I agree his lyrical content is heavy on wordplay, multi-syllabic rhymes, and double entendres, I just can't get into it because of the delivery..same reason I can't listen to Tyler the Creator. I've always turned to rap for the energy as well and those types of tracks do nothing for me.
111United States!No.7//JDvE
112United States!No.7//JDvE
Time to take this old school
Warren G - Regulate ft. Nate Dogg

2pac - Dear Mama

Jay Z - Dead Presidents 2

Bone Thugs N Harmony - Crossroads

Coolio ft. L.V - Gangsta's Paradise

Eminem - Infinite

Dr. Dre - Let Me Ride

The Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy

Nas - N.Y. State of Mind

Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day
113United States!FabOOstRFs
>I've always turned to rap for the energy
Maybe that's why I prefer more laid back rap, because rap in general just doesn't give me energy. Sometimes it's nice to listen to if I'm in a certain mood, but I can't say it gets me pumped or anything.

>Stuff like this is what I listen to if I want energetic music

I've heard a lot of that before. It's not bad in any way, it just seems boring to me. Doesn't hold my attention, doesn't get me excited or interested. I can appreciate the talent those guys have, it's just not something I would choose to listen to on my own
one of the raps I like. lel
115United States!No.7//JDvE
>it just seems boring to me.
fair enough

What if we go old school in this direction then?

or like this?
Chali 2na's got a sick voice
one of my favorites from jurassic 5
> rap in general just doesn't give me energy.
Maybe cypress hill - live at the filmore would be your cup of tea
118United States!No.7//JDvE
>cypress hill

hell yeah bro!

How about some Onyx too?
121United States 40a5
>Music Board
>No Result

I'm disappointed
122United States 40a5
>Brand New
>Even Brewer

I need you to make sweet sweet love to me ASAP
124United States!No.7//JDvE
We're gonna need a gay love board up in here?
125France e29e
127United States!FabOOstRFs
Chvrches kicks ass, I was planning on posting Gun sometime actually
>So I'll post this instead: some shoegaze-ish chill stuff. It's nice and relaxing

Rush and Nirvana are both great

That was interesting. Not my cup of tea either. Made me think of this nonsense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sokdL-0iV9s

64.17 KB

chloe moretz 1406313618166_8.png
  128United States 40a5
40a58.jpg 64.17 KB, 645x360
I'm going to go see them in September at a place called the Hollywood Palladium
now add some big pun and dmx and you've got some gooood shit

love sticky fingaz' part
130United States!No.7//JDvE
>Made me think of this nonsense
"Nigga all we listen in these streets is DRAKE, DRAKE, DRAKE"

>Some early Dark Tranquillity.
132United States!No.7//JDvE
This is real talk right here.
133United States!No.7//JDvE
dat Inspectah Deck on the first verse
134France e29e
i love CHVRCHES (themother we share <3)
68.46 KB

chloe moretz 1406376854998_139135284152.png
!!6PKEbwINwE139135284152.jpg 68.46 KB, 551x555
yeah nice stuff. What Midi controller did you get?
136United States!FabOOstRFs
That looks amazing, should be a great show. I want to try and see them next time they come through my area

M-Audio Axiom 49. So far it's worked really nicely, and having the extra knobs/faders has been useful
312.97 KB

chloe moretz 1406549341157_28ahisw.png
!!fXc9.tIgOE28ahisw.png 312.97 KB, 591x426
hah. blame this guy for revolutionizing chuggy chug chug generic shit
Listening to Big Black a lot these days.
140United States!!iUcS/vjCNo
New Bölzer!
Not as good as the Aura EP, but still very good.
Its time a for a full album.
Just a nod to one of my friends bands, Funeral Whore.
144United States!!iUcS/vjCNo
I'll just go ahead and plug my own band again
145United States 40a5
I went to the Boiler Room in LA recently and saw this set live. Totally blown away. Thought I would share.
146United States 40a5
>I want to try and see them next time they come through my area
what part of America are you from?
148United States!FabOOstRFs
>Almost forgot about this EP. Dem vocals

That song never gets old. Their new album is so fucking good too

I like it

The part that many people would consider the middle of nowhere
What instrument do you play in your band?
Anyway, I love it, so I just bought your album.
151United States!!iUcS/vjCNo
rhythm guitar and vocals

I also write almost all of the material.

and thank you.
152United States!FabOOstRFs
New Slipknot niggas
153United States!!iUcS/vjCNo
why can't they just fucking go away already?
12.9 KB

chloe moretz 1407005407876.png
  154United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFs1407005407876.jpg 12.9 KB, 323x321
>Cornelius Tunt
>hating on one of the greatest bands of all time
Why am I not surprised?
154.24 KB

chloe moretz 1407007606962_zgltqJm.png
  155United States!!iUcS/vjCNo
!!iUcS/vjCNozgltqJm.jpg 154.24 KB, 600x713
>calling Slipknot 'one of the greatest bands of all time'
348.13 KB

chloe moretz 1407008143033_come_at_me_bro.png
  156United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFscome_at_me_bro.jpg 348.13 KB, 1665x800
15.82 KB

chloe moretz 1407008617743_confused-old-photo-funny-e1281677391875.png
  157United States!No.7//JDvE
!No.7//JDvEconfused-old-photo-funny-e1281677391875.jpg 15.82 KB, 241x284
We might as well just rename this thread "Metal" and be done with it.
158United States!!iUcS/vjCNo
Not with niggaz posting about Slipknot.

But yeah, that is weird how Chloë attracts so many metalheads.

here's some stuff that isn't metal
159United States!FabOOstRFs
posting Slipknot just to get Tunt's goat
160United States!!iUcS/vjCNo
My goat is elsewhere at the moment.
161United States!!iUcS/vjCNo
Best game soundtrack i've heard in a couple of generations, at least.
Epica were amazing during last night's concert in the historical city of Byblos in Lebanon. The venue was amazing, and they put up a memorable performance. It was my first metal concert in Lebanon. It's one of the few big metal concerts here, actually. It's great that they got to perform under the auspices of the Byblos International Festival, which hosts mostly mainstream artists.

They performed most of my favorite songs of theirs, including Consign to Oblivion (embedded) and Cry for the Moon. A truly epic experience.
The Lebanese thrash metal band Blaakyum opened for Epica yesterday night. They made a stellar performance, along with commenting on the situation we have in the region and how we're defying it by getting Epica to perform and holding such a festival to show a better side of our country to the world. They're all really nice dudes and they really put out a good name for Lebanon in the international scene.
>Here's one of their songs.

Great soundtrack, and a great game as well.
This is one of my favourite bands, Blut aus Nord.
166United States c2fb
On of my favorite SFU songs of all time. The reason I got into death metal vocals!! \m/ \m/
169United States!!iUcS/vjCNo
88.78 KB

chloe moretz 1407296894158_cornytunt.png
  170United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFscornytunt.jpg 88.78 KB, 600x600
Just to make everyone's lives easier, I've prepared a helpful graph regarding Tunt's taste in music, movies, and life in general. Please feel free to refer to it whenever necessary

Also, here's some non-metal music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg6e1U7xh1o
Some Rapeman
173United States!FabOOstRFs
>Some more non-metal

I enjoyed that more than I thought I would
174United States c2fb
Just for you CT4… :)
175United States c2fb
My brother Jacob made it on the news in Tucson. That's pretty cool :)
Cardiacs - Burn Your House Brown
177United States c2fb
Feed Me Life!!
178United States c2fb
Our music made it to reality TV!!!
>Here's a song from the band that got me into metal in the first place.
I see what you did there with the thread name.
That is one of my favorite songs from your album.

Lel finally.

That's awesome. A musical family, I see.
50.11 KB

chloe moretz 1407511714744_Untitled-134.png
  181United States c2fb
c2fbUntitled-134.jpg 50.11 KB, 288x377
Yes indeed and Thank You FBL!!! :):)
9.57 KB

chloe moretz 1407511889403.png
  182United States c2fb
c2fb1407511889403.jpg 9.57 KB, 253x258
Such a bad ass fucking song \\nn// \\nn//
185United States!FabOOstRFs
Saw these guys a couple years ago opening for Circa Survive. The singer plays guitar and sings at the same time. Watching this song live was amazing.
This is the first song of theirs that I heard back in 2009 when I first got into metal. The acoustic guitar solo is beautiful.

No problem, bro. Best of luck to you and your brother. You have my support.

They sound great. It's something different.
some happy vibe prog metal

this is pretty sweet, they made an awesome song for the people of a town in Canada
An Albatross
Protest the Hero are awesome.
Great song as well.

>Here's some more "happy vibe" prog metal by Periphery, good friends of Protest the Hero.

It's crazy. I like it.
192United States!!iUcS/vjCNo
These guys are good friends of mine.
Album comes out next month on Dark Descent Rec's.
47.15 KB

chloe moretz 1407860032935_brutal.png
  193United States c2fb
c2fbbrutal.jpg 47.15 KB, 640x472
194United States c2fb
This songs been stuck in my head for a while now…
195United States!FabOOstRFs
>Found these guys the other day, I wish I'd heard them sooner. Good stuff

Protest is sick

A bit too out-there for my tastes, but not bad. Different

Haven't listened to Periphery since the Icarus EP. Can't say I'm enjoying the new stuff nearly as much.
This is probably my favorite song they've done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzXy1_1oWoU

Nice. Terror is pretty good, one of the few hardcore bands I can enjoy
Slowdive - Avalyn 1
Its time for some shoegazing. I love this band and especially this song.
I must ask: did you enjoy the new Intervals album with the vocals?
I mean, it's definitely a different direction than what they've been doing before (instrumentals), but I really like the new album as much as I did the previous ones.

I love shoegaze, especially Alcest's pre-Shelter era. I like Alcest's new stuff, but it's not shoegaze anymore. Still enjoyable though.
199United States!FabOOstRFs
Yeah I like it a lot, it took a while to grow on me though. At first I thought it was blasphemous since their instrumental albums were so good. But in the long run, I think it was a good decision, especially staying away from aggressive vocals. And the instrumental work is still top notch
201United States!!iUcS/vjCNo
fuckin' CORONER
204United States c2fb
Rise Of The Gods is now on YouTube!

Big thank you to all 9 Mod Gods \m/ \m/
24.31 KB

chloe moretz 1408128296028_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_10.png
  205United States c2fb
c2fbchloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_10.jpg 24.31 KB, 459x459
Yea Im gonna plug your band soon on my channel…
Dark Tranquillity - Final Resistance (Live in Milan).
>They're amazing live.
Yeah, definitely. I agree. I absolutely love the instrumental work on the new album.
Aramaic - The Summoning.
Oriental Doom Metal band from Syria based in Dubai.
Kimaera - Ancient Serpents
Doom Metal from Lebanon.
I haven't heard their EP yet, I'll give it a listen soon.

good sick or bad sick? lel

some unknown band, wish they ditch the singing though.
213United States c2fb

this shit never gets old LOL
he's at the wrong gig indeed. haha

>one of the Saw 6 soundtrack
Some 80's stuff.
Crash Course in Science.
Orchid - Such a Creep
Orchid are a rock band from Syria.
Wasted Land - Into Chaos I Lost

This metal band from Saudi Arabia (yep, the ultraconservative, fundamentalist, repressive Saudi Arabia) plays some really good Melodic Death Metal that sounds similar to early In Flames and early Dark Tranquillity, especially the riffs.
227United States c2fb
My latest non metal cover :)
232United Arab Emirates!!ithD.MlybU
Black Metal in particular isn't my cup of tea in general, but this track from Behemoth is particularly catchy and badass and also has some sick drums.
233United Arab Emirates!!ithD.MlybU
One of my favorite Soilwork tracks.
234United States!FabOOstRFs
>Got to see these guys along with The Black Keys a couple days ago. Needless to say, it was an awesome show. Both bands played exceptionally well

Behemoth is sick. That's a great album
235United Arab Emirates!!ithD.MlybU
I just listened to Rotting Christ for the first time, and I've got to say their stuff is pretty dark and atmospheric.
It's cool how they explored the occult themes of many cultures in their latest album.

Behemoth are so kvlt.
I need to hear more fast paced prog metal bands, any suggestions bros?
240United Arab Emirates!!ithD.MlybU
241United Arab Emirates!!ithD.MlybU

Also check out Tesseract and Skyharbor. Some of their songs are fast paced, but they have kinda slow ones too. All great bands in my opinion.
Amazing. thanks, checking them all soon except Periphery, I know them already.
250United Arab Emirates!!ithD.MlybU
Rotting Christ - Demonon Vrosis
This is really epic. It sounds like something Spartans would listen to during battle.

You're welcome.
251United States!FabOOstRFs
Along those lines I would also recommend these bands, assuming you don't know them already:

The Contortionist (link related)

Between The Buried And Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuEz_HvBqZ0

The Faceless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2UNXm_2yH0

Intronaut (not very fast paced, but still prog of the highest caliber): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJEW2PHyspE
256United Arab Emirates!!ithD.MlybU
Dark Tranquillity - Inside the Particle Storm

For me, Dark Tranquillity is the band that has kept Gothenburg Metal alive and well, while the others in the original scene took different directions in metal (I still like In Flames and Soilwork). I'm also excited for the comeback album of At the Gates.
checking them all soon

Northlane's vocalist left the band due to vocal issues, I wonder who will replace him and what will they sound like on their next album. always loved his deep/low vocals though
258United States!FabOOstRFs
I can't stop listening to this song

Never heard them before, I like it

Yep I heard about that. Hopefully no matter who they get, they can get closer to the sound they had on their first album. Their newer stuff was okay, but Discoveries was way heavier
259United Arab Emirates!!ithD.MlybU
Well, they're one of my favorite bands ever. They're at the forefront of the Swedish metal scene along with In Flames and Soilwork. Mikael Stanne has killer vocals, and the guitar melodies couldn't be more crazy, melodic, and brilliant.
>This is one of their older songs

Also check out another song of theirs (link below), Misery's Crown. I really love the guitars on this one.
Something different
The Residents - Lizard Lady
>all female death metal band

just stumble upon this band, sounds pretty good, I enjoyed it
267United States!FabOOstRFs
Systems Officer, some indie rock stuff I've been enjoying lately

Whoah, surprisingly melodic. I like Misery's Crown a lot, the guy's got really good vocals all around

welp not sure what to make of that

Haha. Not bad. Kind of funny that they're an all-female band called Castrator
I still can't get this song out of my head. I still can't believe I saw them (actually, just Chrissy) live.
282United States c2fb
One of the bonus tracks… I figured I would give everyone a lil taste LOL XD
how is this different than any other metal?
291United States!FabOOstRFs
Low Roar's new album kicks ass. Soothing, atmospheric stuff

Lol'd at the lyrics. Pretty much sums things up

It's not, really. Usually the farts are just mixed down so it's a little harder to hear them. But they're always there nonetheless, and they're an important part of every metal song
292United States!No.7//JDvE

I fart subliminal.
My thoughts, they're criminal.
Original sin? please,
don't be so cynical.
932.5 KB

chloe moretz 1412112345863_Black-Keys-El-Camino.png
  294United States c2fb
c2fbBlack-Keys-El-Camino.jpg 932.5 KB, 1000x1000
119.1 KB

chloe moretz 1412281259122_D3K.png
  302United States c2fb
c2fbD3K.jpg 119.1 KB, 514x816
Happy Birthday D3K

Be nice… Im still trying to get the hang of not screaming my guts out :)

311United Arab Emirates!!ithD.MlybU
Some great Atmospheric Black Metal from Canada that includes Woods of Ypres' former guitarist.
David Gold (RIP) of Woods of Ypres played drums on their 2010 Demo.
312France e29e
I do not really like metal, but it's great

I dislike the video, but the music is cool
330United States c2fb
Meh New Cover!!!!
332United States!FabOOstRFs
Nicely done bro.

Have you ever listened to The Last Ten Seconds Of Life? I feel like you'd like them. This guy's vocals are on a different level from anyone else in the genre
341United States!No.7//JDvE
343United States c2fb
Im obsessed with this song right now
157.4 KB

chloe moretz 1414091844293_Rock_On_2.png
  344United States c2fb
c2fbRock_On_2.jpg 157.4 KB, 500x375
I love how he is precise in his enunciations in the fast more jumbled bits… As for the tone in his voice Im getting a hint of Corey Taylor mixed with Jeremy McKinnon

This kicks major ass
346United States!FabOOstRFs
>New Polyenso. No matter what genres you like/don't like, this is worth listening to. Can't wait for their new album

Not bad, all things considered

Yeah he definitely reminds me of Corey Taylor sometimes. I got to see them live a couple months ago and it was crazy.
347United States c2fb
The band or the fans (or both)
350United States!FabOOstRFs
>New JFAC is also sounding sick. Love the progression of this group over the years

Both. The whole thing was nuts
671.82 KB

chloe moretz 1415591905698_187176311.png
  393United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFs187176311.png 671.82 KB, 720x540
Yoooooo Stevis what concerts did you go to
394United States!EveLLaYS5c
I went to see CHVRCHES live in September at the Hollywood Paladium

I went to go see a Midwest Emo/Math Rock band called American Football at the Fonda Theater

And I saw a Modern Classical Band called A Winged Victory for the Sullen at a masonic lodge.

They're some reallly really kick ass shows
395United States!FabOOstRFs
I remember you talking about going to see Chvrches. They're insanely good, I would love to see them live someday

>American Football

You lucky motherfucker. I would kill to see them too. I'm glad they're starting to do music together again. TTNG (link related) is one of my favorite bands right now, and they're heavily influenced by American Football. I can't imagine the music those guys would have made if they'd stayed together

Do you do any music of your own?
396United States!EveLLaYS5c
I liked TTNG's s/t very much. But I never gave their other album a listen before. Maybe one day.

>Do you do any music of your own?

In the process of doing so. I'm working towards a Bachelors in Composition and as I go I'll be making music. Independently of my studies I'm in the process of making some.

My music is mostly going to be IDM/Tech House/Instrumental Hip-Hop. Taking some influence from Jon Hopkin, Flying Lotus and Apollo Brown.


I went to Flying Lotus' Listening Party for his new album, You're Dead. Wasn't really a concert but like a museum for the artwork and party for the music of the album
397United States!FabOOstRFs
Interesting. Electronic music is something I don't do much of. I prefer playing a physical instrument I guess.

That listening party looks fucking awesome. Must be nice living in LA where things like that exist. No such thing out here in the wastelands of the Midwest

>Pinback was the last band I saw live. It was pretty great. Zach Smith is a phenomenal bassist
398United States!EveLLaYS5c
Living in LA has its benefits. But because of my major and my career choice, living in LA is somewhat obligatory. But I am currently a one man band with only a mac, a midi and a passion. I don't personally own much in terms of good quality recording of live instrumentation like you seem to have. But I am trying to make do with what I have. haha

I've heard of Zach Smith before. He a really good bassist. My personal favorite of mine is Thundercat.
40.92 KB

chloe moretz 1415595759913.png
  399United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFs1415595759913.jpg 40.92 KB, 500x375
>a mac, a midi and a passion
That's pretty much all you need these days.
I'm going to bed. See you later
180.6 KB

chloe moretz 1415595863154_Bye_Bye.png
  400United States!EveLLaYS5c
!EveLLaYS5cBye_Bye.gif 180.6 KB, 268x367
Cya later Qud. Was nice talking to ya
401Australia f370
This was my favourite TTNG song from that Audiotree sessioon
68.46 KB

chloe moretz 1415687376584_139135284152.png
  402Australia f370
f370139135284152.jpg 68.46 KB, 551x555
I guess with the name change they sound like an entirely new band. Clean Head EP is still my favourite work of theirs though
403United States!FabOOstRFs
Yeah that's a great one for sure

I like their new stuff, but I think it'll be a while before they can top Clean Head. That EP is one of my favorites ever, the raw sound is just so powerful
83.13 KB

chloe moretz 1415759078391.png
  404Australia f370
f3701415759078391.jpg 83.13 KB, 344x451
>the raw sound is just so powerful
awww yeah When the drop happens in Joy, mayneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Gives me goosebumps. So great

Sent you another email by the way. It basically just says to upload the song. lel
1.74 MB

chloe moretz 1415768364270_tasty.png
  405United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFstasty.gif 1.74 MB, 431x476
It makes me feel things I never knew I could feel
406Australia f370
Got to see Manchester Orchestra last night with Kevin Devine as the opening act. It was wonderfulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

>Didn't appreciate this song when it first dropped but now I'm really loving it

(this is the acoustic version)
408United States!FabOOstRFs
You lucky son of a gun.
I'm going to go see Circa tonight. I've seen them twice before, they never disappoint
409United States!FabOOstRFs
Also, some more nice stuff to listen to. I love the way this guitar sounds
115.03 KB

chloe moretz 1416135092159.png
  412Australia f370
f3701416135092159.jpg 115.03 KB, 1317x918
oh wow nice! I think circa were just in Australia? or possibly coming to Australia? I dunno but I should check.

Das a nice tone. Me likey
413Denmark ced5
Lissie - Pursuit of Happiness
The track is dope as fuck but the video makes it even better
424United States c2fb
hey guys here is something off of my upcoming Christmas album \m/ \m/
This is damn epic

I can definitelly feel the christmas spirit in there it just left the bodies :D
426United States c2fb
\m/ \m/
427United States c2fb
\\nn// \\nn// Too much metal for 6 characters!!! EPIC!!!
428United States c2fb
every bit of this is so fucking true…
431United States!FabOOstRFs
New video from The Contortionist. This album is still one of my favorites this year

That guy's videos are hilarious and spot on. This one's probably my favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hAWr6c9wV4
434United States!No.7//JDvE
Undeniable proof that the Detroit rap game > All

41.88 KB

chloe moretz 1418449288491_51364136.png
  436United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFs51364136.jpg 41.88 KB, 399x391
Alright, I'll admit when I zoned out and ignored the lyrics I started to enjoy it. The instrumental sounds good too. But I still can't get over the "nigga nigga guns street nigga" shit
They are just rapping about what they know - their world, and that's what makes the rap real. These are underground detroit rappers and the streets are all they know. A black rapper from the streets that does't say nigga? that's rare indeed.
25.29 KB

chloe moretz 1418499734549.png
  438United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFs1418499734549.jpg 25.29 KB, 400x416
I can appreciate that. It fits them, and that's fine. But I can't relate to it at all, and it just doesn't do anything for me. It's one of the major reasons why I avoid rap
446United States!FabOOstRFs
fuckin Porcupine Tree
450Denmark ced5
UNKLE - When things explode
195.86 KB

chloe moretz 1419526554732_41545317.png
  451United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFs41545317.jpg 195.86 KB, 450x380
New song from Zipsam, Polyjacob, and myself: https://soundcloud.com/zipsam/alongroad

It's not exactly Chloë-related, so I figured I'd post it here.
452United Arab Emirates!!ithD.MlybU
>This track is some of the best 90's Melodic Death Metal.

This is definitely some of the best stuff they've made. Very impressive tbh.

Beautiful. I got a couple of my friends into this band and they're crazy about them now. I can't wait for the new album as well.

Awesome stuff. You guys always make brilliant music.

Amazing as always.
Best song I heard all year
457Denmark ced5
459France e29e
463United States!FabOOstRFs
More new Polyenso. Beautiful stuff

thx bro

I kinda like that actually
464United Arab Emirates!!ithD.MlybU
>Here's a prog rock band I know in Dubai that toured the UK last month. Lots of Tool and Karnivool influences.
It's awesome. Their new album is going to be amazing.
182.03 KB

chloe moretz 1420889058047_Blackbird.png
  476United Arab Emirates!!ithD.MlybU
!!ithD.MlybUBlackbird.jpg 182.03 KB, 1920x1080
Some great neoclassical/atmospheric Black Metal fusion from Germany and Greece.
480United States c2fb
New Cover Bros!!
481Denmark ced5
Clan of Xymox - A Day
482United States!FabOOstRFs
Jaco, you've gotta listen to this. I've linked this band here before but their newest album just came out and it's right up your alley I think.

They sound badass

Hah I haven't heard that song in a while. Good shit

Fucking awesome. I like to imagine this is what you listen to all day while scouring the internet for Chloë HQ's
let's take it back a few years..yus

Dilated Peoples - You can't hide, you can't run
324.74 KB

chloe moretz 1422307092349.png
  484United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFs1422307092349.jpg 324.74 KB, 800x1000
Dedicated to GG and No. 7: my first attempt at rapping. This was pretty fun to do, but it's completely unrelated to Chloë so I'm posting it here. Hope it's not too shitty heh

LOL well motherfucker, I never thought I would see this and not a bad first attempt at that! I really like them lyrics too. Is there anything you can't do bro?
489United States!4ALaurenDA
I-I don't got any Chloë to post. But I wanted to drop by and say hi to Qud and that I miss him and that he's a cool guy
This is kinda cool.
38.87 KB

chloe moretz 1423054883660_500x500-000000-80-0-0.png
  494France 5e5e
5e5e500x500-000000-80-0-0.jpg 38.87 KB, 500x500
1.91 MB

chloe moretz 1423166636921_Photo_Dec_19_2_30_26_PM.png
  495United States!4ALaurenDA
!4ALaurenDAPhoto_Dec_19_2_30_26_PM.png 1.91 MB, 2448x2448
Dark Ambient/Electronic music made by Stevis (Das meee)

9.57 KB

chloe moretz 1423247326891.png
  496United States c2fb
c2fb1423247326891.jpg 9.57 KB, 253x258
Death Metal??…
15.87 KB

chloe moretz 1423247378061_Bz6bloqCUAAh7jo.png
  497United States c2fb
c2fbBz6bloqCUAAh7jo.jpg 15.87 KB, 500x663
Brilliant Though!!!
102.58 KB

chloe moretz 1423247631426_chloe_moretz_as_abby_in_let_me_in_16.png
  498United States c2fb
c2fbchloe_moretz_as_abby_in_let_me_in_16.jpg 102.58 KB, 1080x720
This is amazing!!
499United States c2fb
New cover from our new album!! \m/ \m/
436.77 KB

chloe moretz 1423369336107_chloe_moretz_bibigo_century_city_02.png
  503United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFschloe_moretz_bibigo_century_city_02.jpg 436.77 KB, 1042x1191
Hi right back at you. Your music is real tasty. I know Lauren is your thing now, but you should break out the old Chloë folder once in a while and visit the numbered thread

Ha. You might be surprised
1.53 MB

chloe moretz 1423463086331_Point.png
  504United States c2fb
c2fbPoint.gif 1.53 MB, 372x347
I look forward to it!!!
505United States c2fb
Qud what are some of your fav metal songs??
I've found myself listening to a lot of Transition Metal these days
507United States!FabOOstRFs
Any type of metal? Right now I'm really liking JFAC's newest album

fucking lol'd
not enough autotune/10
52.81 KB

chloe moretz 1423512659004_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_13.png
  508United States c2fb
c2fbchloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_13.jpg 52.81 KB, 489x696
66.94 KB

chloe moretz 1423512972328_B70ChAHIMAAQ1G1.png
  509United States c2fb
c2fbB70ChAHIMAAQ1G1.jpg 66.94 KB, 508x683
That shits pretty sick!!!

Any others??
510United States!FabOOstRFs
Nails is always nice.

Why, you trying to get ideas for covers or something?
24.16 KB

chloe moretz 1423514550173_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_19.png
  511United States c2fb
c2fbchloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_19.jpg 24.16 KB, 516x499
… nooo …
512United States!FabOOstRFs
In that case, try this. Lol
513United States c2fb
Happy Birthday Fawzi!!!!!
514United Arab Emirates!!ithD.MlybU
>Awesome atmospheric Black Metal from Germany
Thanks, buddy! I really appreciate it.
515United States!FabOOstRFs
This album is too good.
517United States!FabOOstRFs
Flawless performance from Husky, an Australian folk-ish rock-ish group
105.31 KB

chloe moretz 1424411985425_649c8030550611e2ab3b22000a9f14cb_7.png
!!6PKEbwINwE649c8030550611e2ab3b22000a9f14cb_7.jpg 105.31 KB, 612x612
Quddy, I've been meaning to ask you: Did you ever have professional vocal coaching? and if you've got any tips on improving pitch/breath control/any of that kind of stuff?
95.32 KB

chloe moretz 1424412396295_148415843473.png
  519United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFs148415843473.jpg 95.32 KB, 310x310
>vocal coaching
nawp, just a lot of singing in my car

>tips on improving pitch/breath control

Sounds weird, but singing while lying on your back can help sometimes. Makes you more aware of what you're doing.

Other than that, I'm afraid I don't have much to offer
83.13 KB

chloe moretz 1424413228405.png
!!6PKEbwINwE1424413228405.jpg 83.13 KB, 344x451
That is amazing. You have a routine to warm up or anything or don't even bother?
19.7 KB

chloe moretz 1424413633074_chloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_46.png
  521United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFschloe_moretz_cute_and_goofy_46.jpg 19.7 KB, 400x373
Normally I don't warm up.

That's probably a bad habit though
207.98 KB

chloe moretz 1424413720991.png
!!6PKEbwINwE1424413720991.jpg 207.98 KB, 410x442
Incredible… well I'm quitting music. leloayllayoyzl fml
29.54 KB

chloe moretz 1424414169914_3-3.png
  523United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFs3-3.jpg 29.54 KB, 351x371
Nah brah your stuff is too good. To A Whole New place is still one of my favorites out of all the Chlobro soundclouds. I haven't heard you sing but I'm sure it's nothing short of exceptional
68.46 KB

chloe moretz 1424414516767_139135284152.png
!!6PKEbwINwE139135284152.jpg 68.46 KB, 551x555
Thank ye, I appreciate it. I realised I've never shown you my band stuff so I will upload it privately and link it to you. I'll send you the link through soundcloud if you want to hear :1
10.29 KB

chloe moretz 1424414582799_chloe_moretz_epic_face_003.png
  525United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFschloe_moretz_epic_face_003.jpg 10.29 KB, 262x254
Most certainly
529Denmark ced5
Major Lazer - 'Get Free' feat. Amber (of Dirty Projectors)
533Denmark ced5
GOLD ZEBRA - Love, French, Better
534United States c2fb
My new cover with a chick metal vocalist from Belgium!! \m/ \m/
>Having conversations with mama. . .
547United States!FabOOstRFs
Dead Letter Circus, an awesome prog rock group from down under.
585United States!FabOOstRFs
Going to see these guys later this month. Can't wait.
51.75 KB

chloe moretz 1430237845366.png
!!Ct8emJnWAY1430237845366.jpg 51.75 KB, 500x398
You've probably seen them since then so how were they? They tight as fuck
590United States!No.7//JDvE
Yelawolf and Em fucking kills it and apparently Yelawolf can sing
dat aint bad. If Em rapped all the verses I think I would dig it much much more.

>like every person ever, I've been digging this so much lately
592United States!FabOOstRFs
>Spanish indie rock, anyone?

It was super good. Like mind-blowingly good. Their setup is pretty simple and the sound guy actually knew what he was doing, so they sounded exactly like the CD. Crazy synergy between those dudes. I'm going to see them again this week.

Not the worst thing I've ever heard, but it just seems kind of corny to me. That being said, Eminem was the best thing about it. The rest was… eh

Still not something I would listen to on a regular basis, but I like this better
From what I can tell, his new CD is much more theatrical than his debut. Debut is a bit more straight forward which I prefer.
>I've been digging this song all day
594United States!No.7//JDvE
That entire fucking album is superb.. I'm calling it now: rap album of the year

This track right here
Anyone that has ever experienced depression or suicidal thoughts will feel this hard..and that second half of the song….damn
595United States!No.7//JDvE
hmmm.. well, all I can say is I really enjoy his sound and there's not a single person with a sound like Yelawolf in rap. He's quite unique in a good way. This is probably my favorite track from his new album

or you might prefer the house of blues acoustic version probably not either one since you only seem to barely tolerate rap in general ;D

Also to comment on that Spanish indie rock track you posted…………..i've got nothing.

>I've been digging this song all day
I've been digging that entire album since day 1
596United States!FabOOstRFs
>More CHON because this album is too damn good

The chorus sounds awesome. I wish the whole song was more like that. Not a fan of his rapping style, but I appreciate his deviation from the standard gangster rap shit.
610Denmark ced5
Good Chloë picture hunting music.

From 1998, so almost as old as Chloë. I used to listen to this kind of techno/transient/goa a lot back then.
611Denmark ced5
Another track from same era and genre.

The shift at 3:55 is still pretty badass - back then I loved to blast up the volume at that part.
10.27 KB

chloe moretz 1432094192956_786713454618.png
  612United States!FabOOstRFs
!FabOOstRFs786713454618.jpg 10.27 KB, 251x261
Listened to the whole thing while doing schoolwork the other night. Strangely relaxing.
614Denmark ced5
Yeah, the Goa and Transient sub-genres of techno are alot more subtle to listen to. Goa is known for being very long tracks building up slowly - kinda like the orchestre music used in movies (just in the techno genre).

It was one of the reasons I loved listening to these tunes back then. Got really tired of the constant techno beats and bass in normal club music.

Also, they remind me of the computer demo scene music.
616United States!FabOOstRFs
New Cattle Decap. Oh yes.
619United States!!Jku2Kj7Cb.
Been listening to a lot of Infected Mushroom lately. Progressive psy-trance, Goa, type shit.

I though Goa was a sub-genre of Trance music. Trance =/= Techno. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goa_trance
620Denmark ced5
It is and you are right. I shoud have written trance and not techno.
621Denmark ced5
Childish Gambino - Heartbeat

Really like this whole album. And the vibrating bass - or synth - in this number is pretty cool
629United States!4ALaurenDA
my once in a blue moon reminder that Qud is a cool cat
This was pretty cool
637Denmark ced5
My current mood
I have this cd :)
639Denmark ced5
Me too. I have two of the Thunderdome CD's and one of the Best of Thunderdome collections. A lot of the mixes are actually pretty awesome.

But, I got really tired of the Thunderdome sound pretty fast. The constant bass drum thumping sound that goes through all numbers gets too much, I think.
Thats true.

I really loved this harder version of Have You Ever Been Mellow. Usually you hear the happy hardcore version.
642Denmark ced5
I don't remember that one, I think. But pretty awesome.

I do remember listening mostly to the megamixes from the best of a lot… Like the ending of CD2 (track 25 to 31)

Also just noticed that those CDs are older than Chloë herself, lol.

← But these days I listen a lot more to stuff like this (and never thunderdome stuff anymore, though it was fun to revisit)

Sort Sol - Let your fingers do the walking
643Denmark ced5
Guess I'm not done with Thunderdome, been listening a lot to the best of posted above >>642 probably due to my bad mood these hard Chloë times

This one is pretty cool, too.

Miss Groovy - Jungle Sickness
644Denmark ced5
Outlandish - Warrior // Worrier
Listening to this again, a lot…
I love this song.
647Denmark ced5
Yeah, I remember that one. Pretty awesome song.
648Denmark ced5
David Bowie - Slow Burn
650Denmark ced5
Tenacious D - Beelzeboss, The Final Showdown

Funny and epic at the same time. Great movie, too. And Dave Grohl on the drums of course.
710Denmark ced5
Been listening a lot to this old classic lately

Deep Purple - Highway Star
711Denmark ced5
The Temper Trap - Trembling Hands
717Denmark ced5
Pretty awesome, I guess they really wanted Foo Fighters to come play in Italy.
722Denmark ced5
Yeah, pretty cool
723United Arab Emirates!.e.JEEj...
here is something completely different
731United Arab Emirates!.e.JEEj...
There just something about this guy

733United States!FabOOstRFs
Can't stop listening to these guys lately. Incredible guitar playing and harmonies.
740Denmark ced5
Started watching Narcos on Netflix yesterday, and this song was played in the trailer and I've been listening to it on repeat most of the day today

The Who - Love Reign on Me (Lovelife remix)
748Denmark ced5
I still love this one so much

Röyksopp - What Else Is There
750United States!FabOOstRFs
New Tesseract is sounding epic, as expected.
Something from the 80's

The Alan Parsons Project - Don't Answer Me
I'm so into in this song.
777Denmark 81cf
M.I.A - Bad Girls

Still into this song. Just getting an awesome vibe from it.
I love this band.
779Denmark 81cf
I love that song, first heard it through this awesome made fan-video which really is edited to fit the music quite well

Same song and band (Hollywood Undead - Undead)
Woah, haven't seen that one before. HU and Chloë, I don't think it can get any better.
63.36 KB

chloe moretz 1447518845477.png
!!Ct8emJnWAY1447518845477.jpg 63.36 KB, 439x743
I love this song.

CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above
792United States!FabOOstRFs
Bizarre video, but Silversun is sounding better than ever.
In memory of Scott Weiland

Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing
795Brazil b5a8
Pretty good song played by a pretty good band.
796Brazil b5a8
I like so much Kari Jobe
She's a great singer and person.
802Denmark 81cf
This song is fucking awesome, I think

Sofi Tukker - Matadora
One of my favourite Bowie songs
805Denmark 81cf
Love this one at the moment

Fatima Yamaha - What's A Girl To Do
More Bowie
David Bowie - Repetition
This song brings me peace. Really. So good.
Love OhWonder.
These two have amazing voices. They're christian singers.
It's a slow song and beautiful one.
813Denmark 81cf
George Michael - Killer (+ Papa Was A Rolling Stone) Live HQ

I think this classic is the best cover of the old Adamski & Seal song, Killer, from 1990.
David Bowie - John, Im Only Dancing
An oldie and not that well know, even though it was a single. But it wasn't released in the US.
Love melodic songs.
Leonardo Gonçalves is a brazilian singer. He's really good.
855United Arab Emirates!!LxbAlHl9/M
Been a while since I posted here.

Here is some fantastic underground Finnish atmospheric black metal with a touch of DSBM.
861United Arab Emirates!!LxbAlHl9/M
Great band and song yet I seem to have heard the riff starting at 4:00 somewhere before. I'm sure I have.
Maybe in a Harakiri for the Sky song? I don't know. I'm trying to look for it in other songs.

Can anyone confirm?
Im still only Bowie'ing…yes, I have an obsession that runs way deeper than my Chloë obsession.

David Bowie - The Heart's Filthy Lesson
868United Arab Emirates!!LxbAlHl9/M
Flotsam and Jetsam
Such a criminally underrated Thrash Metal band.
869United Arab Emirates!!LxbAlHl9/M
A feely, dark song from Katatonia.
Can't wait for their new album.
870United Arab Emirates!!LxbAlHl9/M
Hexvessel - Cosmic Truth

This band is one of my best recent discoveries.
They play "psychedelic forest rock" as described on their Facebook page. I would say their music is a blend of Pink Floyd (especially as seen in this song) and The Doors, as well as folkier elements and the occasional doom metal element.

I think this band has something for everyone.
871United Arab Emirates!!LxbAlHl9/M
I've known Trees of Eternity for quite a while, since they're highly related to Swallow the Sun.

Their singer, Aleah, has just passed away. She had a beautiful voice. RIP.
879United Arab Emirates!!LxbAlHl9/M
Owl's Blood - Cold Night of Meditation.

Great old school black metal from Spain. Some of the best stuff I've heard in a while.
I've been completely hooked on this band for the last few months
906Denmark 81cf
Tama Impala - Let It Happen

Pretty awesome song. Caught it when Chloë posted it on her Instagram Story on August 27th while at the FYF Fest 2016.
930United States!FabOOstRFs
Proggy guitar goodness that never gets old
Paramore's new album is fucking great
944Czech Republic f89a
saw them live last weekend :)
here's the video btw