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The NED thread

 14United States!FabOOstRFs
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The never-ending debate (NED) thread

This thread is for any discussions that get out of hand. In order to keep things civilized, you should continue those debates here so you don’t ruin the threads for everyone else with your bickering.
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Why do you want to start this when you know you're wrong?
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>this gif
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implying that haircut is boysh
do you even hair?
More guys wear hair like >>475 than they wear something like >>469
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571United States ee98
Why do you agree? Chloë is really naive when it comes to relationships, most 18 years old are. She's still a kid in that matter.
572United States!!IS6DIp0wSY
I'll agree with you. I think what gets lost in translation is, the meaning of the word mentality. as Americans we may use it one way that others don't see it being used as. basically the way you used it, is that it equals the word "mindset."

Culture and context make a big difference. I just don't think they understood what you were saying. But I wholeheartedly agree with you. She just turned 18 for god sakes and as well traveled as she might be and as well as she may handle conversations with other adults when she's out doing interviews and selling her latest flick, she is probably far more naive than most of us would want to believe.

While she is our queen, she is still only human.
623Chile 022a
So Chloësbro, do you still believe you weren't being an annoying fuck?
624Chile 022a
>I knew where she was. You didn't.
If you knew then why did you ask the same thing over and over for almost 3 hours?
625Chile 022a
>I didn't!
Yes you did, Check your posts on this thread… https://www.chlomo.org/chan/chloe/res/66438.html Your ID is "0d01"
626United States 78b8
I didn't ask that for 3 hours………you're stupid…..
627Chile 022a
Ok 2 hours. You better go check your posts.

This is the first one you did. (Chilean Time Zone)

>Mon, Apr 06, 07:36:56

>Why hasn't any of you noticed that she is spending the last two weekends in NYC without Trev or mom? >What do you think

This is where you started to lose it

>Mon, Apr 06, 11:09:10

>What was she doing this weekend?

These are the last ones you did that day

>Mon, Apr 06, 12:32:59

>It's pretty clear to me that you people are a pretty simple bunch. Why couldn't one of you tell me where she is right now? I know it from this site. Not one of you would answer. I wasn't mean. yet, you want to be mean to me. Silly bitches…………..

>Mon, Apr 06, 12:40:22

>SHE IS IN RHODE ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!.PROVIDENCE,,,,,,,,,,,,,YES SHE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..Why did you people attack me? You're silly.
628Chile 022a
In case you didn't realize then. We don't want to know where exactly she is or what she is doing all the time. We knew she was filming a movie in Rhode Island and that's all we needed to know. You on the other hand started to lose it because you wanted to know more than that.
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1508UNILAD-hh15.jpg 353.79 KB, 2197x1463
I dunno where this topic belongs, so I'll post it here.


Look at this man, this epic guy, who for 30 years have defined the whole wrestling show business and been a legend, entertaining millions of people and having achieved practically everything you can imagine in the wresting federation.

Then, because of the use of the word, nigger, in an angry rant made in his private, in a leaked sex video not meant for anyone nontheless, about his daughters boyfriend, the over sensitive self-righteous internet mob going crazy (as usual) and lynch this man as a bonafide racist forcing the WWE to not only blacklist Hulk Hogan, but also strip and totally remove him from all WWE history?!?!


I mean, I don't even fucking care if this man is a fucking racist, he could be the anti-christ for all I care, but that does not take away a single achievement he has made over 30 years, nor all the fun and entertainment this man has given me in the 80's and 90's.

I mean, as I see it, this was a angered, furious father, whos life was in the gutter following a divorse loosing most of his cash, who happened to not like his daughters boyfriend. Oh geee, like that's never fucking happened before?! So he uses the word, nigger, as a slur word, but had it been any other boyfriend, I'm sure he would have used a similar slur describing that person.

One fucking wrong word used as a slur - and all of this?! C'mon, are people really that petty and bloodthirsty to bring down anyone over a fucking word?! This is ridiculous.

This fucking over sensitive political correctness is getting fucking out of control, and it's all these internet warriors, the self-righteous, and self-proclaimed guardians of the world, that with their instant mob lynch mentality, is forcing people to vote for radical parties and people at elections, because they are no longer able to share any opinion or say a wrong word online without instantly being burned to the ground if it does not conform with some fanatic political correct opinion of the time.

That's why people like Donald Trump in the US is getting so much attention and fame, and he'll most likely get a lot of votes, despite every person hating on him online. And in Denmark the Danish People Party, which is considered a very far-right party (and almost a Xenophobia party) is the second largest political party (out of 11) despite everyone hating it online (but funny enough more than 1 out of 5 voted for them). In Sweden where political correctness is so out of control that they are rewritting books and history to remove "offensive" words and drawings, their biggest party now is also a far-right party.

If that is not a clear sign that the gap between reality and gossip social media with their lust for political correctness and lynching is pretty distorted. What you see online are fanatics shouting the loudest, not the fucking real world.

I'm not saying political correctness is wrong, just that the level it is now, where in any online discussion, you are instantly labelled as: Hitler, racist, sexist, mandrist, bigot or whatever popular buzzword's up in time if you happen to have a different opinion than the self-righteous lynch mob, and there is no way to engage in any intelligent discussion with these people. It's all black and white.

Words can't fucking hurt people. The intention of what's being said is what matters, not a single word.

746United States!No.7//JDvE
>Giving this much of a fuck about fake as fuck wrestling.
I kinda get what you are saying though, just can't be bothered to give many fucks about "entertainment" since it's all just a ploy for publicity anyway.
he can rage quit all the time he wants
I don't see how that is any concern of yours
the problem came when he insulted Chloë, that is where he crossed the line
so this is his second chance
rage quitting or calling her nose piercings stupid are not an issue

also, let me take a moment and say thank fuckin jebus that she lost that stupid nose ring, it's like a bad dream now that I think about it

I'm not even talking about myself here since I am not the only one posting pics and I wouldn't be able to run this site by myself. You, cbz and the rest of the gang (plus regular posters as well) also put in quite a lot of work

I know
we should start taking this to NED and deleting posts if it keeps popping up here


>I hope that he decides to keep all the Chloë pictures to himself out of revenge for you banning him. It would be the perfect punishment this website deserves. Have to listen to his bullshit but get nothing good out of it.
don't worry
I don't expect him to start sharing all of a sudden
he was a hoarder long before this incident
818United States a07a
>he was a hoarder long before this incident
I'm not a hoarder by choice.

No one in their right mind can ever say that I'm not a sharer. I've shared more HQ stuff than probably anyone else ever have. I've shared some pretty damn rare and very hard to come by outtakes (like the Allure and Flare outtakes) that no one else would most likely ever have been able to get.

But yes, I do hold a lot of stuff, that I simply can not share. But it's not by choice, but by contract, that I am not able to share this stuff.

I know you guys and the Russian VK community thinks there are ways around to share this stuff. Post anonymously or put on some other site, a secret gallery or whatever. But, I don't think you guys know how rare and exclusive and expensive those pictures are. I'm probably the only one who has them, and therefore if they start to flood the internet (and they will if I did any of the mentioned) it will be very easy to track down where these pictures came from. And I don't mean me, but from where I got them. And that will mean the end of getting more in the future from this place.

This goes for a lot of places. There are some very restricted places that are very strict and tight about their security. Anything from these places will almost certainly ensure a letter from a laywer following any posting of their pictures. Hence these are naturally very hard to get by and when/if you get them, you can not post them online.

Just be happy with all the shit you do get, but also know, that there are stuff that is "private collection only". This goes for every celebrity and most picture hunters knows this. They are just better at keeping their mouth shut than I am. My problem is not trolling, as you guys might think, but the fact that I'm so eager and used to sharing, that it is very hard for me not to share this shit. It's like sitting on a damn bomb.

But as long as I'm bound to keep it offline, I will. When, and if, I ever get a GO to post it, I will share it (well, maybe not now since you're all such drama queen pussies).
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chloe moretz 1455560869728_CbH8KFHWAAUXflG.jpg_large.png
!Mu5DJ1d1S.CbH8KFHWAAUXflG.jpg_large.jpg 180.45 KB, 1024x1500
I know there are plenty of pics you can't post, I'm not talking about those
I also know you posted more Chloë pics than anyone else, but that doesn't mean you're not a hoarder
I'm pretty sure there were examples in the past which I can't recall, but in recent times this comes to mind
not only did you not share the originals, but you added a watermark on them
a watermark ffs
do I need to remind you how much shit you gave us for using watermarks on a few pics ?
but the bottom line is this: you decide what you want to share or not, and regardless some of the numbnuts here might think, I don't want you here to post pics (not that me or anyone else will ever complain for getting more pics). I want you here because you're a fan, and someone as dedicated (or obsessed as some might say) as you belongs here, with "his people".

As far as I'm concerned if you never ever post a new pic here and I would be perfectly ok with it.

I just really, really hope that you will come to your sense and realize what you did is fucked up. If you want to quit, quit. If you want to stay, stay. But we won't be able to ignore it the next time you lose your shit towards Chloë, and then you will be shunned from this place, and you will be free to spend your Chloë time with all the Chloënators on twitter, knowing that all those people who considered you like a[n internet] brother, will think you are the biggest pice of shit that ever lived.
822Canada 74f3
>I'm pretty sure there were examples in the past which I can't recall
I've never hoarded in the past. I've always shared everything.

I did recently, for good reasons, gather sets untill I have collected almost all of the set before I posted it. Larger events takes days before I can gather it all since not everything is released instantly, and my connection and time just don't allow me to keep downloading your galleries, dupe check, and then constantly upload. It's much easier to just do 1 big update instead of having to do the same process 10 times for big sets.

>but in recent times this comes to mind

>not only did you not share the originals, but you added a watermark on them
I told you guys in mod hq my reasons for stepping down the instant posting. And it is working, though not as fast as I hoped. And with this last drama it has now increased the interest rate of providing Chloë stuff from other places.

>do I need to remind you how much shit you gave us for using watermarks on a few pics ?

You know how much I hate watermarks, hell, I was one of the main reasons every bigger fan sites including the Russian communities stopped using watermarks, so yeah, I can understand the concern and irony with me doing watermarks. But it's not all in spite… Only 50% spite… The rest is the above mentioned reason.

So, it's funny that you guys are mad, because while it might not seem that way, I am actually helping the Chloë community again by doing this. And that is my goal, and it was from the start as mention in mod hq.

I know all the casuals are hating on me for many things, including this, but I could not care less about those people. They don't know half the truth going on or my reasons, and I don't care that people tend to always look for malice intention from me rather than trying to understand the bigger picture pun intended
823Canada 74f3
>I just really, really hope that you will come to your sense and realize what you did is fucked up. If you want to quit, quit. If you want to stay, stay. But we won't be able to ignore it the next time you lose your shit towards Chloë, and then you will be shunned from this place, and you will be free to spend your Chloë time with all the Chloënators on twitter, knowing that all those people who considered you like a[n internet] brother, will think you are the biggest pice of shit that ever lived.

I really don't feel like commenting on this, because I know it will just generate more drama, but this shit is laughable and rediculous at best.

Besides the fact that I tweeted that one boy tweet directly to Chloë I have no real regrets to what I said and I don't feel I need to apologize at all for it. What I said is nothing, I mean, look at it. All I do is complain about her tattoos. C'mon for fucks sake. Who cares? Half the world hates tattoos and the other half loves it. Look at all the shit Chloë gets whenever she posts about Hillary. It's just the same, she is alienating half the voters, but it's not really hate (though some people go too far, I know). It's just people giving their fucking opinion.

And all the address, car and vaction shit??? I mean, for real? Nothing was a fucking secret. People act like I opened the door to her home, like… Fuck you! I didn't give any more info that you can find on the white pages or 2 other gossip sites out there. And her cars? Those pictures are pretty public too. And her vacation that "I ruined" - LOL… WTF? her makeup artist Mai who has 100 times the followers than I do posted the city she was in, I just reposted that info. A fucking city where Chloë could be anywhere and people looses their shit.

I've had it with over-zealous fan sites where you can't speak your fucking mind without casual rage monsters barrage down on you with their brown dripping noses. Fuck that shit.

And I've had it with walking on eggshells around Chloë. She is 19 now. She can defend herself and she is old enough to know, that she is not a QUEEN or a GODESS and that what she says and does have impact and will generate feedback.
824Canada 74f3
I'm not a fucking hater. I just hate her tattoos. I don't hate Chloë at all. She is the best and most interesting person I know and I'm a huge fan of her work and her person. But, I will not hold back on her anymore, when she does or says something stupid. Nor will I stop commenting on her tattoos in the future. I will however try my best to avoid future rage outbursts like I did.

So really, you can take your "last chance" treats and shove it up your ass. I don't give a shit. Ban or no ban, I'll post if and whenever I feel like it anyway. I think you guys are fucking over reacting and going overboard on the dramatic value of what I said, so if that is how it's gonna be then I don't give a shit anyway.

So again, I'm not sorry that I don't find Chloë attractive, and that I don't like her body type, but hell, that's not why I even became a fan of hers 5+ years ago and just because she grew up past the magically 18, doesn't mean she suddenly turned into a romantic interest for me. In my opinion she's still an attractive and beautiful young woman, but not for her body. I don't care that you guys find her attractive and are only fans because you're in love with her, but don't expect me to be the same way. I was never like that. It was always true when I said I saw her as a sister. And therefore I also don't really find her sensual photoshoots or bikini pictures all that alluring, rather I find them a bit uncomfortable, like you would watching your own little sister playing sexy. Of course, the tattoos don't help at all.

All that being said. I have the greatest respect for Chlomo, and for all the work people do here. And I don't just mean gathering content like pictures. Fuck that. That is secondary to a fan site. I mean all the old fags with tons of knowledge. That's the real deal with a fan site. Being able to come here and get the answers you need as a fan. Not coming here for a HQ picture.

And what you have done here is gatering it all into one easy accessable ressource for new fans. And that is much bigger than what I've ever done or will do.

But I just don't do well with overly zealous fans I guess, and this place has too many of them. Just like Chloë's tattoos they are a catalyst for my anger.
I'm disapointed that you look at what you did and see nothing wrong with it, but sometimes it's hard for people to see things outside their own point of view, and you are clearly uncapable of seeing things from anyone's perspective but your own.

That explains rubbish such as putting us in the same group with "over-zealous fan sites" as if you don't know this place. As if you got here now, not posted for years and even been a mod. As if everyone posting here is a clone of devotee. That's utter bullshit, but that's the sort of scenario you need to make up in order to maintain your fantasy of "I did nothing wrong, people are overreacting" while having metaphoric blood on your hands.
826United States b529
>I'm disapointed that you look at what you did and see nothing wrong with it
Hmm, okay maybe I wrote it wrong then. I know what I did was too much, which is also why I deleted my tweets, but I don't think it was nearly as bad as you guys make it out to be. And I will not stop in the future to poke Chloë about her ugly tattoos when she posts more pictures of them showing.

I don't see anything wrong in a fan telling Chloë what she says or does is wrong, bad or ugly. Of course the way it is done can be argued. And how I did it was wrong. But not for what I said, expect for the body shaming post.
Forget the fucking tattoos, this has NOTHING to do with them (apart from being the source of your rage).

- you sent her a direct tweet insulting her looks, that's not only disrespectul, it's being a straight up asshole, I don't see how she could consider people like you fans were she to read that
- you released her home address. It doesn't matter how many people knew about it or how hard or easy it was to find it. The reason for doing it made you an asshole
- you threatened to relase revealing pictures - once again, doesn't matter if worse pics have been relased before or not, it's the intention behind your actions that matter
828Canada ff45
>you sent her a direct tweet insulting her looks, that's not only disrespectul, it's being a straight up asshole
And that is the only thing I agree on, and that I regret.

> you released her home address

I did not. I gave the street name. And again, it's public info, it's not hidden nor a secret. I see nothing wrong in it. I did not give an exact address, and it's a big road.

>you threatened to relase revealing pictures

See, that's an overreaction again. I never did write anything to that effect. All I wrote was that I was thinking about changing my rule about posting explicit pictures since Chloë was now an adult. I've always have several rules of what I would post and not post, and Chloë being above 18, and now 19, just meant I needed to revise these rules.

Now, what does explicit mean to you? Revealing pictures? And do you think I meant older photos? No, all I meant was, that now that Chloë is above 18, any new pictures that show her in more explicit positions, be it from photoshoots or her movies (like her bikini pictures from Neighbors) I would no longer hesitate to post, whereas before I have usually either not posted them or even censured some of her pictures because she was underaged.

It's just you guys trying to stirr up shit and put words in my mouth.
>And that is the only thing I agree on, and that I regret.

>I did not. I gave the street name

>See, that's an overreaction again.
Once again, look at your intentions rather than the actions. I'm not sure what you were trying to accomplish but it sure as hell wasn't in Chloë's best interests. But regardless if you can justify these, the one above is the more incriminating one

>It's just you guys trying to stirr up shit and put words in my mouth.

yeah, because we have nothing better to do that put your in your mouth
830Canada a4f0
>yeah, because we have nothing better to do that put your in your mouth
Well, obviously some people here do have time for that, not to mention people who are quick to point fingers at me for everything that goes wrong, like the gallery.

And this even from people that I went waaay out of my way to help out back when they needed it the most in their darkest moments, and then the second I could use some backup the same people are quick to help stab me in the back.

Can't say I'm not disappointed in that.
Well, the timing of the gallery going down was awfully suspicious, though I didn't think you had any involvement in it. I can't speak for other people but I can get over what happened, as you seem to regret it and as I said before, we've all said mean things or done stupid things during moments of rage.

I do hope you can get some handle on your rage though, you make devotee seem like a zen master by comparison :)
832Canada a4f0
As far as I know the gallery was down before I even got banned. It would have been a lot more suspecious if it had been after the ban.
837France 593f

Most of the stuff that you never shared is illegal shit that you use to masturbate. We all know that you are sick in the head. So shouldn't surprise anyone that you hoard pictures for your own personal gratification.
That's a bit harsh and don't take this the wrong way but you come off as a bit of a troll. And he is right in saying that some can't be shared (due to complications on the picture hunting side), though that doesn't mean he hasn't hoarded pics (such as https://twitter.com/oskarumbrellas/status/698953217590353925 ), just probably not for the reason you suggested
839United Kingdom!!Y69zHmIToo
Oskar, I've known you from the old forum and know how much you always cared for Chloë, so it was a shock to see you saying horrible things directly to her on Twitter.

I understand your reasoning for holding back certain photoshoots/sets etc. that's fair enough, but it was the fact you claim to have private snapchat/FB pics (one explicit..) that I don't understand.

I think it's fair to forgive and try and move on from the situation, but it doesn't change certain things you said.
840France e3ac

Keep in mind that you have to tolerate him but that doesn't mean you have to have any respect for him. He is a low life loser and nothing he does from this point on will make anyone feel any different about him.
841Canada ec17
Yeah, I snapped and things were done and said in my moments of anger, that can't be taken back. That is also why I don't bother trying to apologize for them (at least here) since it would be of no use. A lot of people here just don't understand or want to understand.

I did apologize to Chloë on Twitter on her birthday, though:

Not that it matters to anyone here, or that she ever saw it or the hell I'd given her.