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  • The Chlomo Gallery121 replies, 8 imagesIntroducing the chlomo gallery:

    Today we mark a new step in the evolution of chlomo by launching our very own image gallery. We already had all the sets in various threads but the chan structure is not the best for viewing pics (one picture per line; too much wasted space; poor navigation). It also poses a much larger problem with updating the galleries which is a major pain in the ass.

    So, out of necesity, we built our own gallery to replace the old threads. The design puts focus on the pics and uses a masonry layout to put as many pics possible in one view and wasting very little space. We also added a download button for each set so you don't have to use any browser extensions or special programs for it.

    Also out of necessity, this was built from scratch, meaning it might have some bugs and need polishing here and there, but it's a solution that suits our needs perfectly.

    This is currently in beta. It's perfectly functional and you have all the photoshoots and photo sets in there, but there are some improvements that I want to make before I can consider this a finished product:
    - make the site responsive (it should be optimized for mobile devices)
    - add related videos for each set
    - add screencaps
    - add movie stills/promo pics
    - add videos
    - add next/previous buttons to navigate between the large pictures

    So there you have it, your new destination for Chloë pics. Hope you like it and mention any feedback, suggestions or bug reporting in this thread

    ps: I must mention that when you click on a thumbnail in the gallery you will get a larger image - that is not the full resolution one, but one that is scaled to 1600x720. You must click the "+" button to open the full resolution image. I did this because a lot of pictures can be huge (in terms of file size) so loading images would be slow for many users.

    Also, for now there is no resolution specified for each image (only the file size) and I want to have that in there but I'm not sure how do-able it is so there is the possibility that we might not get that.

  • Chlomo support374 replies, 71 imagesWe strive to make chlomo as good as we can so if you have any sort of problems (with the site or the community) or if you want to give some creative input, this is the thread to do it.

    You can also post here if you want to test posting, deleting a post, quoting and things like that.

  • If you're new here DO NOT make a new thread0 replies, 0 imagesIf you're new here DO NOT make a new thread (because you probably don't know what you're doing)

    We've seen an abundance of useless threads made by new people recently. This is bad because it floods the front page with 'junk' and it accomplishes nothing more than giving mods more work to do, by cleaning your mess.

    Most of the times these threads revolve around topics or ideas that wouldn't lead to many posts or aren't that interesting so in that case it's simply better to just post in the numbered thread ( "Chloë Moretz Thread #730", "Chloë Moretz Thread #731" etc) .

    If you want to take your idea (such as "post your favorite hit-girl pics". "what would you do if you met Chloë" etc) further you can make a NEW numbered thread (as long as the old one has at least 600 posts)

  • Taking Chloë's privacy more seriously35 replies, 6 imagesChlomo.org constantly strives to be the best Chloë Grace Moretz fansite and we gather all content in one place so fans can easily find it. Chloë has asked recently for more privacy concerning old private photos. As such, we decided to take a series of measures to respect Chloë's wishes:

    1) remove pictures that are considered privacy invading from the gallery and chlomo folders

    2) no longer allow posting of such pictures without a source in the new pictures thread

    3) delete such pictures directly from the ongoing general discussions threads (or any other threads where they might pop up)


    Chloe approves: >>574


    Which pictures are allowed and which are not?
    We took some internal discussions to try and identify which photos belong in which category. In broad terms, we decided that pictures of Chloë and her family at public events (such as movie premieres), taking pictures with fans or pictures that Chloë or her family posted on public social media are allowed. However photos such as Chloë in a private setting (say a family party) or hanging out with her friends would consitute invasion or privacy and are not allowed.

    To make it even easier for you to know which photos are allowed, we've updated the gallery and removed and private sets from the Social media section:
    So if a picture is posted there, it should be safe to post on the site as well

    What happens when a user posts a banned picture?
    We won't punish users for posting pictures that are no longer allowed. The mods will simply delete the picture without warning or explanation.

    What if some pictures in the gallery care also too invasive of Chloë's privacy?
    At the end of the day the only one who could say beyond any doubt which pictures consitute invastion of privacy would be Chloë herself, but for now we made the distinction between banned and allowed pictures as best as we could. There are probably some mistakes in there (we might realize that a photo we removed was posted by Chloë on twitter, or that a photo we allowed should not be public). That is why the gallery (and the equivalent chlomo folder) might see small changes over time as we make adjustements.

    What about people who would argue about this?
    If people have a problem with this rule or the way it was implemented they can discuss it here. If they start arguments in the numbered threads mods will be free to delete those without warning. There will be no drama over this.

    What about photo manipulations and GIFs based on no longer allowed pictures?
    Photo manipulations, GIFs and other such content based on pictures that are no longer allowed, will also be outlawed from now on.

  • Site updates24 replies, 0 imagesAll the updates and improvements that go into making this a better place.

  • ChlomoPack discussion thread1 replies, 0 imagesThis is the thread to discuss the recently launched ChlomoPack


    feedback, criticism, suggestionsm requests, what you'd like to see in the next version and so on … all those belong here.

  • Chlomo v417 replies, 14 imagesWelcome to Chlomo v4, the biggest update we've ever made to the site.

    One of the most requested feature was a mobile app. Like I said before: you're not getting one. But you are getting the closest thing to it: a mobile friendly site.

    Chlomo v4 was designed from the ground up to play nice with smartphone and tablets, so that you're always getting the best experience regardless of what device you're using.

    Our goals with the new version of chlomo were

    1) Make it mobile friendly
    About a third of the traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, and that number will only go up. It's about time they got their own version.

    2) Make the site faster
    Make the new design require fewer assets, implement smart image loading and last but not least add a "see latest posts" option.

    3. Make the site more accessible
    This means trimming as much fat as possible in terms of content, reducing noise, re-organizing the content and making the layout more intuitive.

    So without further ado, here's what new in this latest version:

    1) A new look >>16
    2) A more prominent updates area >>17
    3) Improved navigation >>18
    4) Updates counter >>19
    5) View latest posts >>20
    6) User flags >>21
    7) Smart image loading >>22
    8) Native search >>23
    9) Board catalog >>24
    10) Post image via URL >>25
    11) Themes >>26
    12) Improved video embedding >>27
    13) Pin it >>28
    14) Share buttons >>29
    15) Misc stuff >>30

    Future plans >>31
    Where did all the threads go? >>32

    PS: special thanks to czaks for continuing the tinyboard project and making it even better: https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan

  • Chlomo.org user guide8 replies, 7 imagesSo you want to know more about Chlomo, eh. Well, you've come to the right place

    1. What this place is: >>5
    2. How this place works: >>6
    3. Posting basics and getting started: >>7
    4. Posting guidelines: >>8
    5. Rules and moderation: >>9
    6. Frequently asked questions: >>11
    7. Glossary: >>12
    8. The history of chlomo: >>9

    if there's anything that's missing from this guide, request it in this thread: