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Site updates

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All the updates and improvements that go into making this a better place.
Fixed a bug where quoting a post in the "latest posts" thread would take you to the full thread
Fixed a bug where links and cites in a thread could cause it to extend outside of view, on mobile
Improved the look of the "post too long" label
Removed our smart image loading system in favor of Cloudflare's Mirage 2: http://blog.cloudflare.com/mirage2-solving-mobile-speed
Darkened the thread separator line for better contrast
Changed thread limit from 600 to 1000
Fixed a bug where a page would look bad for a short moment on firefox when changing pages; as a side effect theme changing should also be faster now
Made the top updates load faster
Hid the updates/section header for threads, they're only visible on index pages now
Fixed a bug with gallery and catalog layouts not initializing properly
Fixed spoilers on touch devices (now requires a tap)
FIxed a bug with rollover on quotes not working in certain cases
Various tweaks to make the site load faster
Re-arranged the themes and social media buttons in the footer
Updated the 404 page
Made the Chloë index page load faster by not waiting for the updates before rendering
Gallery update:
Redid the masonry layout so now it's more CSS based and it should be faster plus it allows us to have one single page for all sets
Added a marker to show new and updated pics from each thread
Made a post become highlighted when pressing the "Download original image" button, so it's harder to lose track when downloading multiple pics
Added a close video button, to minimize expanded videos
Made the "more updates" button in the menu load all the available updates before jumping to the thread
Changed the size of OP thumbs from 640 to 320 px, to improve load time
Switched the site to HTTPS for improved security and SPDY support (which should result in some performance benefit)
Changed the visits tracking tool from Piwik to Google Analytics and as a result we had to drop the visitos counter for the time being
Added back the visitors counter, based on Google Analytics, which shows active visitors from the past 5 minutes unlike the old one from Piwik which showed visitors from the past 30 minutes
added buttons for sharing threads on twiter and facebook
added a disclaimer when creating a new thread, to hopefully prevent all the useless threads made by new people here
Fixed a bug in the gallery where the first pic of each set was missing
Fixed Let Me In New york premiere gallery link
Moved the archive to a separate server and sub-domain
Made the "new" and "updated" tags in the gallery be relative to the user's last visit, so if your last visit was 5 days aho, you shouldl only see marked the sets that changed since then
Added pagination to the gallery (for sets with over 500 pics)
Added fan-art to the gallery
445Romania 2daa
Added new and improved menu
Skin changes look nice next to the menu
Tablet layout now is the same as phone layout
Added thread title in the page URL
Added social media pics to the gallery
Added a menu counter to show how many new sets are in the gallery
Made the "enter thread" buttons point to the short version (with the latest posts) of a thread