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chloe moretz 1403431909528_chlomo_support.png
!Mu5DJ1d1S.chlomo_support.jpg 127.76 KB, 1313x746
We strive to make chlomo as good as we can so if you have any sort of problems (with the site or the community) or if you want to give some creative input, this is the thread to do it.

You can also post here if you want to test posting, deleting a post, quoting and things like that.
35Germany 03ca
How do I put a password on my posts?

Is the only option to post now just the quick-post, because that is a bit of a killer for me :(
36United States 25ed
the new chlomo version doesn't seem to be compatible with my phone, rather my mobile browsers.
I can't seem to see the pictures using my OpMin, well they don't have that preview thumbnail unlike the last version, but i can see the pictures when i click on the links manually.
The same goes on my UC Browser, the picture link needs to be clicked manually, and i can't seem to find the reply button.

it's not that i dislike that you upgraded this to a new version, i know everyone's looking forward to this, but the new version don't seem to support my phone.
I'm sorry.
no more passwords (just the default)

and how is quick post only a killer?

what phone do you have?
38Germany 03ca
It does not show up correctly on my smartphone.

Also, since I have a dynamic IP I use the password field to be able to delete any wrong post I make or dupe posts of pictures. If I dont have that I'm just gonna go back to lurker mode, I guess, since having to rely on mods to help delete wrong posts is a pain to be honest.
what smartphone? can you take a screenshot

also, maybe you should pay a little attention before making a post
you make it sounds like you delete more than you post
a delete should be a very rare case, and then you could ask a mod if it's something that really needs deleting
otherwise you can just leave it
40 9729
No! i'm sorry, i get it now, i just have to click on the number tags for the Reply button to show up.
still used to the old version. Just having problems on those pictures.

Corby 2
well, sorry but your phone is pretty ancient
this was made for iphone and samsung galaxy and the likes
I'm not sure there's much I can do to help
I'll see if I can find a similar phone to test on, but it's a long shot
42Portugal 01b3
I noticed that pictures are loading slower than before on my tablet, can I do something about it? Sometimes they don't even load. And my tablet is pretty fast (Nexus 7 2013) so I don't think that's the problem
> Sometimes they don't even load.
more details pls

> can I do something about it?

well it's exactly the same server as before so maybe it's from you
also, our caching system might take a while to get back up to speed so that could be it too
9.73 KB

chloe moretz 1403542854270_Crap.png
  44 9729
9729Crap.jpg 9.73 KB, 437x416
Lol. I know. shut up. i love my phone.
Nah, it's okay, if it's just me having these problem it's fine :)
177.41 KB

chloe moretz 1403542945285_Screenshot_2014-06-23-18-01-38.png
  45Portugal 01b3
01b3Screenshot_2014-06-23-18-01-38.png 177.41 KB, 1920x1200
It's usually like this, doesn't load the pics
59.25 KB

chloe moretz 1403543803689_nexus_5_test.png
!Mu5DJ1d1S.nexus_5_test.jpg 59.25 KB, 516x977
refresh a couple of times and try again
it seemed to solve the images not loading problem on nexus5

I bet you do but like I said, this was made for phones that came out in recent years
like I said I will try to look into your problem if I find a way
48Portugal 01b3
Yeah it solves it on both my nexus 5 and nexus 7, although it is a bit boring, always refreshing.
>always refreshing.
What do you mean?
59.56 KB

chloe moretz 1403544316549__Knuckle_bite.png
  50 9729
9729_Knuckle_bite.jpg 59.56 KB, 469x517
Okay thanks love you a lot. :)
51Portugal 01b3
Having to refresh a couple times every time I go to chlomo
That was only one to make sure it loads the latest changes
now you use it normally
53Portugal 01b3
I closed the site and then loaded it again and I still had to refresh it a few times for all the pictures to appear
74.37 KB

chloe moretz 1403547372290_QQ20140623134615.png
  55United States!!etCnUtTZqU
!!etCnUtTZqUQQ20140623134615.jpg 74.37 KB, 630x935
So on my chrome none of the thumbnail shows and when I click them the large image loads like this
like there's a white filter on all of them
and none of the icons work, the 7 icon on the left bar and the reply icon, nothing happens when I click them
any idea why is that happening? works fine on firefox
right click on the white image, select inspect element
you'll get a code window
take a screencap of that and post it here

same for one of those thumbnails that doesn't load
57United States!!etCnUtTZqU
white image:
<img class="post-image b-lazy" src="http://www.chlomo.org/chan/chloe/src/1403540807987_285253_4173028136430_1862726216_n.jpg" data-src="/chan/chloe/thumb/1403540807987_285253_4173028136430_1862726216_n.png" style="width: auto; height: auto;" alt="">
<img class="post-image b-lazy" src="http://www.chlomo.org/chan/img/1x1-gray.gif" data-src="/chan/chloe/thumb/1403544427987_chloe_moretz_arriving_at_hotel_02.png" style="width:84px; height:126px" alt="">
screencap pls
189.54 KB

chloe moretz 1403548677438_QQ20140623143748.png
  59United States!!etCnUtTZqU
!!etCnUtTZqUQQ20140623143748.jpg 189.54 KB, 1920x954
243.23 KB

chloe moretz 1403548720690_QQ20140623143836.png
  60United States!!etCnUtTZqU
!!etCnUtTZqUQQ20140623143836.jpg 243.23 KB, 1920x954

can you also click that red button that says "33" in the right area?
You should get a huge list of errors there
make that window big so all of them fit in and take a screenshot of that as well please
can you two load this

and see if the bear images load properly?
304.66 KB

chloe moretz 1403549092729_QQ20140623144444.png
  63United States!!etCnUtTZqU
!!etCnUtTZqUQQ20140623144444.jpg 304.66 KB, 1920x836
64United States!!etCnUtTZqU
65United States!!etCnUtTZqU
ok it seems that everything's working now
now when I try to load an image the white stuff will fade away in about half a second, is this what's suppose to happen?
and if it's a gif it takes significantly longer for the white to disappear
>now when I try to load an image
you mean when you click it?
that "white stuff" is nothing but a simple transparency
it goes away when an image finished loading
in the case of a gif it will probably seem like it stays longer because a gif isn't considered loaded until he final frame finished loading

anyway, try a ctrl + f5
I removed the opacity effect
67United States!!etCnUtTZqU
ok perfect. Thanks!
can you see if you're still getting that problem?
69United States!!etCnUtTZqU
there's a typo at Misc. Content->Offtopic->The Never Ending Debate(NED) "Threaad"
or I guess it's possible it was intentional, I don't know
70United States 371a
Can you add a way to minimize videos back to thumbnail after watching them?
71United States 00db
Now i can't seem to click the download button for pictures, even the number tags is non-clickable.
Halp Chiles?
72United States 00db
No thanks. It's working fine.
thanks for mentioning it

probably, but is it really such a big issue?
75Australia 3f54
You need to increase max # of posts before a thread becomes bump-locked.
42.66 KB

chloe moretz 1403658639260_FireShot_Screen_Capture_278_-_The_chloe_board_-_The_best_Chloe_Moretz_fansite__pictures_videos_news_.png
  76Australia 3f54
3f54FireShot_Screen_Capture_278_-_The_chloe_board_-_The_best_Chloe_Moretz_fansite__pictures_videos_news_.jpg 42.66 KB, 775x269
Text at the edge of the page is being cut.
600 seems like a good number

Hey GG Could you make a little bit smaller the info of a picture?

> Chloë_Grace_More91.jpg 1.92 MB, 3000x2388

Just a little bit. A think now it is the same size of the text
79United States!No.7//JDvE
Reply links seem very inconsistent with which ones will highlight the post (when appearing on screen) or show the post in hover mode (when off screen). Sometimes I hover the reply link and absolutely nothing happens other times it works as expected. Happens in Chrome and FF with either http or https and with our without mod.php too. Very annoying.
I already told you in the numbered thread that was implemented

screencaps required
81United States 9f10
Okay, correction..I only tried https on ff and it was working the same, but when I just tried http on chrome is works as expected so it's probably an https thing anyway. I wish we could get https fully functional again with the visitor counter and what not, but I'll just use http for the time being.
What would be the benefit of https in this case?
83United States!No.7//JDvE
I do wish however that when you are outside of a thread and you click a post number that you could either just reply to the post right from there or the quick reply box would stay open once it enters the thread. Currently if I click a post # outside of a thread the quick reply will open briefly before taking me into the thread and then the quick reply is closed and you gotta click it open and it will have the post you are trying to reply to populated….or is this just happening to me?
84United States!No.7//JDvE
you said it enabled spdy
plus I believe the entire web needs to go https for privacy concerns, but that's another debate entirely
it did, last time I checked
and I also did some side by side comparisons and saw no difference whatsoever
and I understand the need for privacy but it's not like there's sensible info going around
also, https takes a larger toll on the server's CPU which is why I decided to move away from it a while back

That should be easy to fix, making the form open when entering a thread if the URL contains something like "#q1218"
I just need to think if it would be the best default behaviour
>https takes a larger toll on the server's CPU
I keep hearing that same thing, but with modern CPUs that extra toll is insignificant and has been for quite some time. It also used to be a heavy toll to do on the fly disk encryption years ago too, now modern CPUs are able to handle it with little difference is speed at all because CPUs have been optimized to handle these tasks. So yes, years ago https traffic put a real strain on servers, but today, unless you are already running the server near capacity, https is a drop in the bucket… oh and cloudflare handles most of the heavy lifting anyways

Also incoming screenshots because the problem came right back with the links and this was in http mode too.
96.98 KB

chloe moretz 1403724540017_Screen_Shot_2014-06-25_at_3.26.37_PM.png
!No.7//JDvEScreen_Shot_2014-06-25_at_3.26.37_PM.png 96.98 KB, 1055x281
from thread 702

>hovered over post that's off screen

post shows correctly hovered below the mouse cursor
47.53 KB

chloe moretz 1403724593494_Screen_Shot_2014-06-25_at_3.26.53_PM.png
!No.7//JDvEScreen_Shot_2014-06-25_at_3.26.53_PM.png 47.53 KB, 1076x180

>hovered over post that's off screen

hovering the reply doesn't show shit
146.88 KB

chloe moretz 1403724740769_Screen_Shot_2014-06-25_at_3.27.08_PM.png
!No.7//JDvEScreen_Shot_2014-06-25_at_3.27.08_PM.png 146.88 KB, 1055x527
>hovered over post that's on screen
reply post #1016 shows correctly highlighted in light blue when the mouse cursor is above the reply # is post #1014
you're right
something is off with I'll look into it

>I keep hearing that same thing, but with modern CPUs that extra toll is insignificant
server's CPU
the one that has a red line as a "do not cross" warning
143.89 KB

chloe moretz 1403724816615_Screen_Shot_2014-06-25_at_3.27.17_PM.png
!No.7//JDvEScreen_Shot_2014-06-25_at_3.27.17_PM.png 143.89 KB, 1061x518
>hovered over post that's on screen
reply post #1015 doesn't highlight at all when you mouse hover over the reply link in post #1014

>something is off with I'll look into it


>server's CPU

>the one that has a red line as a "do not cross" warning

server CPUs are typically intel xeon processors, i'm running two of them in the desktop I am currently using right now..it's the same architecture regardless so I'm not sure what you are trying to say

what I'm trying to say is
>The amount of CPU resource required to encrypt the data can be reduced by compressing textual content and is usually not a significant on servers with modern CPUs.
>and is usually not a significant on servers with modern CPUs.
regardless of how much or how little it uses
if it brings no noticeable benefits I see no reason to push for it
I also would like to refer you to myth #1..one of the many reasons I prefer to use https on this site when in mod mode.
sessions can be hijacked bro
Who would want to hijack some user's traffic on a small fansite? Seriously….
anyway thanks for looking into that reply hover issue
regular user? who cares
mod/admin account? with those powers, I don't like taking chances
regardless, https does working okay so I can live without the visitor counter anyway, that's no big deal
105Australia 3f54
ban msgs needs some spacing

yeah, I saw it
it's fixed now
Is there a way to see the spoiler text on a mobile device?
yes, select a text and drag the selection over the spoiler
Hmm, I must be doing something wrong, because nothing happens, just a selected grey spoilerbox.
what phone?
iPad air, latest software.
414 KB

chloe moretz 1404040519870_image.png
!!ltHo/T2unQimage.jpg 414 KB, 1536x2048
Also, the image gallery is messed up when viewing it on my iPad, it's normal on my computer though.
I'll post a picture.
I'll look into it

fixed these too
432.11 KB

chloe moretz 1404072113906_pixelated.png
!!80F/6ndW6spixelated.jpg 432.11 KB, 1018x650
Pixelated Header.
I don't know if it's the website or my ISP optimizing images.
anyone knows how to fix this? Facebook and Twitter images or any https websites looks fine.
What i've done.
>clear cache
>use vpn
123Romania 2a64
click on a picture in a thread
it expands
see if it's also pixelated
The gallery works fine on my iPhone, but it's still messed up on my iPad. It's weird, because it runs on the same software.

I can read the spoiler text now, thanks.
It's all good now.
126United States 6d7f
first of all I have to give credit where credit is due, the new site is beautiful. obviously a labor of love. so bravo. that said, I found myself breathing a sigh of relief when it looked as though the site had gone dark for good. it was a really heavy range of emotions, almost like a junkie that just discovered I had flushed the last of my stash down the toilet because I swore I was quitting for good the night before. Chloë isn't just any girl, she's everything that's right & wrong in my life. The reason for getting out of bed in the morning, the reason for my insomnia. She sets the bar of high expectations that will never be met and for that I hate her. She dresses up for us and for that I love her. She will break my heart with ever increasing frequency. No heart can withstand that much breakage. Goodbye Chloë Grace Moretz.
So long chickenshit
I hope you can still remain a fan "from a distance"
128United States 6d7f
I don't know how you do it. you are a better man than I.
129Australia 3f54
dashboard post search isn't working
I don't know how people can just chickenshit
I understand if one wants to tone down his Chloë addiction but chickenshitting?

Use regular search
it's the same thing (except it works)
131United States!FabOOstRFs
GG, I am getting captcha'd out the ass every time I try to post
133United States!FabOOstRFs
Yeah. It's only happening when I'm uploading an image though
I've whitelisted your IP so it should be ok for now
135United States!FabOOstRFs
thanks m8
150Argentina 9dbb
I am getting captcha'd too, but not always
whitelisted your IP too
152Argentina 9dbb
thank you
17.71 KB

chloe moretz 1404931684816_1.png
!!fXc9.tIgOE1.jpg 17.71 KB, 360x161
hey GG, my posts in numbered threads were fine the other day but recently when I was at work, I keep getting this message. how do I solve this issue? I'm on mobile right now btw. thanks in advance
try again
you should be ok now
everything is working great now. thanks GG!
I was updating the new LAX arrival with the new pictures and at the 45th pic, I started getting the captcha.
you shoud be ok now although if your IP range changes you'll need to post here again asking to get whitelisted
Understood. Thank you.

>I am getting captcha'd too, but not always

Same here. It often happens when I try to upload a picture.
I've whitelisted your current IP range as well
69.79 KB

chloe moretz 1406102580350_dates.png
  164United States!!K7WgRhbEWg
!!K7WgRhbEWgdates.png 69.79 KB, 350x488
For some reason these updates in the side panel say September and November 07.
165United States!No.7//JDvE
"Chlomo history" links are still pointing to the old chan pages and are now broken.
167United Kingdom d750
Where are the "Follow us" links you used to have in the footer? Now I can't go to your facebook, twitter, youtube or tumblr.

All I can do is share or "follow" by logging into those social medias. I don't want that. I just wanna go check out your other channels. Please bring back the direct links like the way you did it on the old design.
Why would you want to check out the other chanels when all they do is re-post stuff from here.
All the pics and videos get posted on chlomo
169United States!No.7//JDvE
I think you misunderstood. He wants them to link to OUR social media accounts. Our chlomo facebook page, our twitter, and tumblr and not just be "share" buttons that require him to login to social media.
why does he want the link to OUR media accounts when all they get are reposts from the website
171United Kingdom f550
Because browsing Chloë videos on YouTube is a lot more convinient (both browsing and viewing style) than on this site, and I get to read comments on the videos. You can't beat YouTube for videos.

Twitter is cool to watch the history of tweets and people's responses to your tweets and see the networking, that is not seen on this site.

Same with Facebook.

I don't care much about Tumblr, but as with the others, I don't see why you won't link to your social channels?

So no, they do not just repost from the website. As usually, you are totally missing the point of the "social" aspect of websites.
I am more than aware of the social aspects as I am of the sort of people who make the actual comments (a lot of which are Chloënators)
and in terms of content they DO repost the content (pics and videos) from the site
but if you want them so badly I see no harm in adding them in the menu
173United States!!Vv/zVJc462
Oddly, I can post on all the threads but the numbered thread #710, and even there, if I click "View latest posts" rather than "Enter thread", everything works fine, as can be seen, I can post. It may well resolve with the next numbered thread. Oh, and this is only in Chrome and Firefox, I had no trouble with IE, but I wouldn't want to use that for anything I'm visiting regularly.

I don't really think you should trouble yourself, but as I anxiously bitched elsewhere, I thought I should explain.
What error are you getting?
Can you post a screenshot with the problem?
176United States!!Vv/zVJc462
No error, it just tries to load without success, forever. I suspect it would resolve if I turned off my computer and restarted. Really, if no one else is having this problem, it has to be specific to my system. I'm feeling like the guy who calls the power company when his own main switch has been thrown. Sorry!
140.51 KB

chloe moretz 1407179047768_Untitled.png
!!cnAlGX8awwUntitled.jpg 140.51 KB, 1440x900
hey GG, my workplace blocked some sites and i tried using anonymox, but I got this, >

can you help me with this security shit? thanks in advance.
click technical details
I think there was supposed to be a "I'll trust this anyway" button in there
286.93 KB

chloe moretz 1407180337871_Untitled.png
!!cnAlGX8awwUntitled.jpg 286.93 KB, 1448x1808
first one is twitter

the second one is on mozilla add-ons site and third pic, that's what happen when I confirm security exception
I tried reinstalling it to the latest version, same issue.
not sure I can help you since I never used it
maybe no7 or guppy can help since they're the proxybros
ok, thanks. just link no7 here, so he can see this issue.
183United States!No.7//JDvE
Top left says
>anonymoX is loading. Please try again later.
Pretty sure that means anonymoX isn't even working/cant connect..your work is probably blocking anonymoX as well.

Try this:

It may not work either if your admins have blocked that too.
33.47 KB

chloe moretz 1407240562582_Untitled.png
!!cnAlGX8awwUntitled.jpg 33.47 KB, 333x378
it doesn't work too, maybe the admins blocked the proxy related stuff too.

I think, i'll do my business at home. thanks for the help btw. this can be useful for future use.
185United States!!Vv/zVJc462
Okay, when I fuck up, how come it says "wrong password" when I try to delete?
186Australia 3f54
Try this

You probably deleted cookies
187Sweden 613e
Can I mass download pics at once? Clicking on every pick and manually downloading them is such a chore.
188Australia 3f54
50.98 KB

chloe moretz 1408397630177_6b67b90.png
  210Germany ed99
ed996b67b90.jpg 50.98 KB, 731x598
we'll try to make the switch to https soon
213Croatia ead8
I don't think that's the one
go to
215Croatia ead8
216Croatia ead8
Yes, sorry:
try now
if it still happens get me a screenshot fo the error, you can post it here or mail it to support@chlomo.org
218Croatia ead8
I cant see my last messages here… Whats happening, am I banned?
>, am I banned?
5.03 MB

chloe moretz 1408911237992_image.png
  220Croatia 4b53
4b53image.jpg 5.03 MB, 3264x2448
I took a photo of the error on my pc, I have some problems taking screenshot with my iphone.
and can you send ne with what you see on http://www.whatismyip.com/ as well?
222Croatia 4b53
I thought you said it was

try now
224Croatia 4b53
Still the same error both on my phone wifi and pc.
what is the IP?
these are whitelisted:
226Croatia 4b53
I tried to check again on that page you sent me, with my phone wifi, and its getting me the third one:
227Croatia 85c5
I belive that one is correct.
try again then
229Croatia 4b53
Did. It is.
230Croatia 85c5
Thanks. Keep up the good work. Chlomo is awesome.
231United Kingdom 69e6
Oldfriend with molbile problems.
edit mistake
>holding a key (eg "q" for "1" and osme other keys doesnc't work, they end up as "q1"
>canc't copy and paste (just found out making this poat)
>cant see what im typing because text fields wont scroll above my keyboard. Mistakes are shitty cos if i lower my keyboard, its a pain to get back in where i want to
232United Kingdom 69e6
Hope thats understandable because fuck typing that shit out again. Better be in the right thread too, fuck.
you left out the most important part: what phone are you using?
234United Kingdom bbc2
HTC Wildfire S
235United States!No.7//JDvE
Hmm, your phone is over 3 years old, extremely slow and outdated by today's standards, and runs android 2.3 which is just as old and outdated as the hardware. I'm not sure what you're expecting, but it shouldn't be very much.
1.09 MB

chloe moretz 1409316748628_Chloe_Moretz_out_and_about_20120419_1.png
  236Denmark 8555
8555Chloe_Moretz_out_and_about_20120419_1.jpg 1.09 MB, 3744x5616
The date on this set:

is wrong. The pictures are from April 19th, 2012. Notice Chloë is wearing another sweater with a black rim near her neck than on those from the 18th.

Also, the pictures of Chloë and Teri in their car at the Chick-Fil-A drivethrough, that are mixed in here, are from May 12th, 2012.
I agree with 7
Your phone is pretty outdated old bean

will try and fix it in the next gallery update
1.32 MB

chloe moretz 1409348203824_Chloe_Moretz_on_the_set_of_Hugo_20100819_6.png
  238Denmark 8555
8555Chloe_Moretz_on_the_set_of_Hugo_20100819_6.jpg 1.32 MB, 2600x4360
Another date fix

This set should be the August 19th, 2010:
239Denmark 8555
When creating new threads for new sets. How do I write the date in a bigger font? Or is that just for mods?


August 29th, 2014
Los Angeles, CA

As in: http://www.chlomo.org/chan/chloe/res/24219.html
240United States!No.7//JDvE
Thanks, GG will have to change these next time he updates the gallery.

It's something a mod has to do.
2.26 MB

chloe moretz 1409441014996_Chloe_Moretz_departing_from_LAX_20130919_1.png
  241Denmark 8555
8555Chloe_Moretz_departing_from_LAX_20130919_1.jpg 2.26 MB, 2133x3200
Another date fix

This set should be September 19th, 2013:
242United States!No.7//JDvE
Wallpaper thread is linked in the left navigation bar, but the link is broken..I can't find the thread, did it get deleted?
243Denmark 8555
If I click "More updates" in the Hot Updates I get a 404.
244Denmark 8555
In all threads the OP picture filename always has the 13-digit timestamp in it, while every other post does not. Is this intentional?
new one was made

I'll bring that back hopefully soon

it's not intentional
I just never noticed it :)
425.64 KB

chloe moretz 1410212453042_Chloe_Moretz_at_Yogurt_Shop_in_LA_20130222.png
  246Denmark 8555
8555Chloe_Moretz_at_Yogurt_Shop_in_LA_20130222.jpg 425.64 KB, 2000x3000

This event is listed as Feb 27, 2013 in your gallery, but Chloë was in Paris on the 27th. The real date is actually Feb 22nd, 2013, for her little stop at an yogurt shop in LA.
250Denmark 8555
Why does the offtopic board not have a footer like other boards?

Would save me a click, when going there to see if anything is new and not having to click back up to top to go back to the Chloë board.
???….it has the same footer with the same links that all the other boards have
252Denmark 8555
Hmm yeah, it is there now, but I could have sworn it was missing before.

But it does not have a down arrow on the thread overview page on the offtopic board. Weird board :)
931.15 KB

chloe moretz 1410938852466.png
  253United States 265e
265e1410938852466.gif 931.15 KB, 586x293
This theme is incredible! Is it available to use on other sites?
nothing weird about it except that people can't randomly make threads

I fixed the arrow bug

Nope. it's custom made and only available on chlomo
346.71 KB

chloe moretz 1411714119450_Untitled.png
!CHLOE6iOUoUntitled.jpg 346.71 KB, 1440x900
It's already a link within Chlomo… so, why?
it says why right there: connection timeout
267Denmark 8555
When using the "download image" in threads where files are instantly downloaded to ones default download folder, I always end up with a few corrupt files that either have not downloaded correctly or only half.

This happens when I use the "download image" on several files queing up lots of downloads (like all the social pictures you just did in the new picture threads).

From those 30+ pictures I had like 5 corrupt files I had to refind and redownload.

This is not the first time, I have experienced this. Actually happens everytime I use the "download image" and que up several pictures for download.

I use chrome on chlomo.
269United States 4d7f
What software is chlomo built on? I really like the design and would be interested in developing on it if it's a bigger project.
this will take more time to investigate

it's built in vichan/tinyboard: https://int.vichan.net/devel/
but the theme and layout is custom made
271United States d685
Thanks! The designer did a great job.
344.49 KB

chloe moretz 1411844583832_stop_it_you_make_me_blush.png
!Mu5DJ1d1S.stop_it_you_make_me_blush.jpg 344.49 KB, 800x1066
>The designer did a great job.
Quick question: If I want to go back to thread #726, where are they archived? If they are. Thanks.
You should be able to find them now in the menu -> chlomo archive -> threads 701+

about 3 threads are missing and/or broken but I will fix them at some point
316.47 KB

chloe moretz 1412012989619_image.png
!PSta06wUaUimage.jpg 316.47 KB, 1536x2048
This is a big problem. When I refresh I get the latest posts, but then it starts to auto refresh, and it adds about 100 post from yesterday. Earlier today the number was 63, but it seems the more new posts come, the more old ones get reloaded after that.
I'm only having this issue on my iPad air.
You can see on the pic I added.
312Romania 2a64
the auto refresh is broken
we know
This seemed a little more than just the auto refresh problem…sorry I asked.
329United States 5956
I think the following post may be useless, not a link to a real project. BUT, I'd still like to know why it was rejected again and again as "Automated". What ought to i have done differently?

"Is this actually in production? "Supergirl: Seven Actresses Who Should Be Cast For The Role"


Time for a vote and agitprop?"
330United States 5956
call it a caching issue then

read the error message again
it says you should refresh before posting
You could really use some work on your bedside manners
Dude .. what?
try opening this

go to the bottom and take a screenshot
wait for a post to get made, or make one yourself in a separate browser tab
then take a screenshot with where it's been added
I was being sarcastic, it doesn't really work in typing

I did a restart of my comp and that seemed to do the trick. Safari has been a bit shit after all the latest updates.
I'm not sure if the restart fixed it or not
this was an annoying caching issues on our server side which only got fixed less than an hour ago, so it might have been a simple coincidence on your side that the restart did the trick

but then again a good ol' fashioned refresh always helps
Like I said, it worked on a different browser, safari and emptying cache can be problematic from time to time. Like it doesn't really empty the cache. Or it had to do with my ISP cache.
143.81 KB

chloe moretz 1412107807341.png
!Mu5DJ1d1S.1412107807341.jpg 143.81 KB, 412x424
either way I'm glad it worked
62.93 KB

chloe moretz 1413478706111_Thats_Nice.png
!CHLOE6iOUoThats_Nice.jpg 62.93 KB, 662x704
Whitelist Please
Are you working at he gallery now, because it doesn't work on my iPad anymore. It takes me to random places.
I click on the MTVu San diego thing and it takes me to the photo shoots page. I click on something there and it takes me to the candids section.
Also, the button in the right corner with all the categories doesn't work.

It does work on my computer though.
I know what's causing the bug
I'll try to fix it soon
352United States 2a12
How do I get the black sidebars back? It's much easier on the eyes than a giant sheet of white-on-white.
should be fixed now

you can't atm
but we'll add a darker background option at some point
107.33 KB

chloe moretz 1416595026974_everything_is_wrong.png
  372Denmark bbab
bbabeverything_is_wrong.jpg 107.33 KB, 720x480
Looks like the galleries are all missing one picture.

Says 41 . but only 40 in gallery:

Says 24, but only 23 in gallery:

Says 11, but only 10 in gallery:

Etc.. probably, I did not check them all
damn, you're right

will get fixed when I make the next update
The old archive will become unavilable for the next few days
72.94 KB

chloe moretz 1417213748736_i_need_my_chloe_fix.png
  382Denmark bbab
bbabi_need_my_chloe_fix.jpg 72.94 KB, 846x529

Wrong pictures. Showing the Daybreak pictures instead of the photocall pictures.
fixed it
385Russian Federation 9abe
I think you have an older version of the page cached because those pics are no longer part of that set

do a clear cache (ctrl + f5)
388Russian Federation 9abe
thank you
392United States 7363
I don't want to sound bitchy or ungrateful but I have a suggestion: is it possible to have a rule not to post not related pics in a specific photo set thread.
In https://www.chlomo.org/chan/chloe/res/45081.html
I honestly doubt it
people can make posts in such theads (think of them as comments on a regular site) and often times they might include reaction pics (since this is an image thread after all)
Ok. It was just a suggestion. It's just that when download a whole thread, those pics have to be deleted afterwards in the folder as they do not belong. I'll abide to your supreme ruling.
I think it was devotee who suggested the same thing and I understand the problem, I just don't think enforcing people to no use reactions pics is a good solution

First off, once you download a thread you can view the pics as thumbnails and you can easily isolate the ones that don't belong in the set, since they stick out. Also, you can always use the chlomo folders, which gives you all the latest sets arranged and cleaned up, without any effort on your side

However, if more people say they want this feature you mentioned then we can add a disclaimer in such sets and say something like "please don't use reaction pics in this thread [….], mods might delete the pics (but not the replies)"
Alright thank you very much.
405Australia e9eb
weird bug when I try to post https://www.chlomo.org/gallery/photosets_2010/chloe_moretz_tonight_show_jay_leno/chloe_moretz_tonight_show_2.jpg via image URL

I get this error
MIME type detection XSS exploit (IE) detected; post discarded
seems like it's an issue with the image itself
try saving locally or trying other pic for now
if you see more picture that give the same error (aka it's a more widespread problem) then I'll have a more in-depth look into it
411Denmark bbab
A wrong thumb/preview pictures is being shown for this set in the gallery:

Same problem with this set:

The preview pictures in the 2012 gallery for those two sets are switched.
>The preview pictures in the 2012 gallery for those two sets are switched.
64.57 KB

chloe moretz 1422053467994_khb.png
  413United Arab Emirates 252b
252bkhb.jpg 64.57 KB, 1085x557
Are we allowed to delete our posts? 'cause it doesn't seem to bo working
44.38 KB

chloe moretz 1422125163688_le.png
  414United Arab Emirates 252b
252ble.jpg 44.38 KB, 1123x272
and this too
416Romania 2a64
if you make a new post and try to delete it then, does it still throw an error?

417United Arab Emirates 252b
>>if you make a new post and try to delete it then, does it still throw an error?

no not then.
well if it only happens after a longer period it might be due to clearing cookies or other such browser related issues
either way if you want to delete a post and you can;t ask a mod to do it and it will be gone
419United Arab Emirates 252b
Ok thanks. :D
no problem. I modifed the error message to make it clearer
22.29 KB

chloe moretz 1422904895468_20141113210505-d59a1eef5743015045b15821635257d2.png
!CHLOE6iOUo20141113210505-d59a1eef5743015045b15821635257d2.jpg 22.29 KB, 460x345
GG, the first IP I gave you was I accessing Chlomo with my pocket WiFi again today but got the same error. I then found out my IP address was now So, I tested, turned off my pocket WiFi and turned it back on. It said my IP address was now T_T
43.6 KB

chloe moretz 1423682962001_Cute_Obeservation.png
!CHLOE6iOUoCute_Obeservation.jpg 43.6 KB, 607x684
If I give you an Excel or Word file with to listed one by one, would that help you whitelist my Pocket WiFi permanently?
79.4 KB

chloe moretz 1423683787302_I_Lied.png
!CHLOE6iOUoI_Lied.jpg 79.4 KB, 863x720
Really? Can't you copy and paste each IP and do it one by one? I'm kidding. Alright.
try this to get yourself de-listed
Also, since you hang around on 8chan and the admin there is a contributor to vichan
you could ask him if there is a way to add dnsbl_exceptions dor IP ranges
19.57 KB

chloe moretz 1423683892268_Awesome.png
!CHLOE6iOUoAwesome.jpg 19.57 KB, 192x176
I see. I've saved it and will try it out tomorrow. Thank you!
for* IP ranges
67.99 KB

chloe moretz 1423684008409_Thumbs_Up.png
!CHLOE6iOUoThumbs_Up.jpg 67.99 KB, 549x513
Hotwheels? Alright. I'll do that as well. Thank you!
I don't know his name but this is his email: admin@8chan.co
1.51 MB

chloe moretz 1423684212722_chloe_moretz_armani_prive_show_45.png
!CHLOE6iOUochloe_moretz_armani_prive_show_45.jpg 1.51 MB, 2758x4136
Oh. Cool. That makes things easier. I was gonna go have someone hunting for him at the IRC again.
436United Arab Emirates 73d8
438Australia 3f54
440United States!!IS6DIp0wSY
wanted to see what a header was/is

Wanted to try the gray bar thingy.
441 48a9
how do I get an gold account please email me seithlaborde@yahoo.com
94.63 KB

chloe moretz 1427981117902_april_fools.png
  442Denmark bbab
bbabapril_fools.jpg 94.63 KB, 480x720
443Australia 3f54
1.9 MB

chloe moretz 1428942182475_IMG_0376.png
!PSta06wUaUIMG_0376.png 1.9 MB, 1536x2048
So yeah, this. Its on an Ipad air with Safari.
447France 560d
you can clear cache?
yeah, looks like a caching issue
4.56 MB

chloe moretz 1428945047025_IMG_0377.png
!PSta06wUaUIMG_0377.png 4.56 MB, 1536x2048
Yeah, I figurd that out. Wish I didn't clear it, because now Im stuck with the mobile version.
The mobile design looks ugly on a tablet. Its functionality works great for phones, because they are smaller, but its terrible on tablets because they are bigger.
I now have to scroll 2 pages down to actually reach a thread to click on. It now looks like a blown up site that was not meant for the size of the device.

On my comp and phone its all awesome, but I just dont get why that had to change.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!
yeah, I see the problem
I'll find a workaround for it
137.25 KB

chloe moretz 1429254799592_Love.png
!CHLOE6iOUoLove.jpg 137.25 KB, 1920x1080
GG, I tried posting from my phone (Android) but every time I click on a post no. to tag/quote a post, it opens the full thread instead to that post. Apparently, it happens also to Dutchie on iOS and ChlobroCZ on his desktop (which I'll assume is Windows).
should be fixed now
455Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
GG, when I hover old post link like in >>>/chloe/69836 my whole page freeze and crash. Is it normal? And I have to refresh it or wait quite a long time till preview loads. I think it would be good if old link like that didn't have preview.
what browser?
did you try clearing the cache?
Do you get an error message? try opening the console (f12) and see if it throws an error there
457Czech Republic 9dba
Google Chrome. Cleared cache loaded chlomo again and did ctrl+f5 but still when i hover above any older (150 posts ago for example) posts link it freeze. It happens on mobile too. No error message even in console.
I'm not sure there's anything I can do
usually it takes a while for me as well if I rollover a link to another thread but at least links in the same thread (even more than 150 posts ago) seemed to run well
459Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
It's okay. I found out it's only Chrome's fault because he freezes immediatelly. Other browsers like IE just don't show the preview :D .. I tried it on lot of different computers at school and only Chrome was bad.
Do you use chrome btw?

I'm talking about posted old links like here for example: >>>/chloe/71019
it works on both chrome and firefox for me but like I said it will take a while for that to show up since it's a different thread
461Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
ok thanks
462Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Tried proxy and it works so it's maybe cloudflare problem?
I dunno what the cause is but I'll have to look into it
464Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
It works normally for me now even without proxy.
465Australia 7fdd
Chlomopedia link in sidebar is linking to archive

When posting on the mobile site, the page goes all the way up to the first post while typing. It's pretty annoying. Especially when there are new posts there that might be useful to read before posting. Is there a way of that not happening?
469Denmark bbab
Top teaser for "At Sbenu, meet and greet" is missing the last letter, t.
470Denmark bbab
Top teaser for "35 UHQ upgrades" should be 40 UHQ upgrades
471Denmark bbab
Wrong link in the gallery 2008 for the poker house screening june 23.
474Australia 4e05
Can't read spoilers on my iPad anymore. I can click all I want, but nothing happens.
fixed (clear cache might be needed)


I don't get what you mean. Can you provide a step by step guide for reproducing?
For example
>on tablet
>open a page with multi posts
>scroll to bottom
>open form
>type something
>close form
>page moved to the top post

Seems to work for me and nothing changed since before.
Can you see this one? maybe it happens only on certain pages
On iPad and iPhone
I click on the post thingy at the top right of the page
I click inside the reply field
The page goes to the top, right to the first post
479Denmark bbab

The first 8 pictures, ie all the 800px versions, are just dupes/smaller versions of the 3000px versions in the folder.
128 KB

chloe moretz 1434619655736_CarolynWerewolfR3_DarkRoots.png
  480Australia d624
d624CarolynWerewolfR3_DarkRoots.jpg 128 KB, 600x867
64 KB

chloe moretz 1434619683091_CarolynWerewolfCloseUpOriginal.png
  481Australia d624
d624CarolynWerewolfCloseUpOriginal.jpg 64 KB, 600x867

I tested it on an iPad Air and I can't seem to replicate your problem. I noticed that when you press/tap something like a button or textfield it will show a gray area of the area you pressed. Maybe telling me what part gets grayed out when you press the "post message" textfield might help
484Denmark bbab
I have a real annoying problem in Chrome.

Several times I have now experienced, while writing a post, that Chrome suddenly blue-screens on me saying something about it failed to do something, and then I have to write my post all over again.

Really annoying. I can't reproduce it, it just happens from time to time, but it does happen every day. It happens on random times, so if I just leave a thread on and does nothing (or go AFK) I can come back to the error screen.

My guess it's something to do with the dynamic ajax updating.
485United States!No.7//JDvE
Bro, if Chrome is bluescreening your computer I'm pretty sure you have bigger issues at hand. Assuming you are only experiencing the problem on this site, but still a warning of bigger issues you should be concerned with.

A few suggestions:
1. Make certain latest chrome version is installed, it should do this itself, but still check. If you are running the beta or alpha branch consider moving back to the stable branch.
2. Latest drivers, check your devices.
3. Windows update, check the optional updates for new drivers, install them and other windows updates that it offers.
4. Make certain antivirus software is fully updated with latest definitions, do a full scan.
486Denmark bbab

maybe I should explain further. Bluescreen was a bad word. It is only Chrome that crashes into it's error pages saying something along the line that "Oops, something went wrong. Bla bla. Try to refresh page or close down browser etc".

And it only happens on Chlomo, though I mostly use Chrome for Chlomo (I still use both IE and Firefox for most other sites).

So, windows isn't crashing. And Windows is fully up to date so is Chrome. No beta's.
I'm getting the same problem so it's definitelly something with the site
488Denmark bbab
The Dolly Magazine photoshoot says May 2011:

My info is that the photoshoot was taken on February 16, 2012 by Bleacher.
494Denmark bbab
Check support email
42.14 KB

chloe moretz 1436070608417_11239_101973856495112_100000474945420_54102_7323646_n.png
  495Australia 6b11
6b1111239_101973856495112_100000474945420_54102_7323646_n.jpg 42.14 KB, 604x453
298.96 KB

chloe moretz 1436117992445_chloe_moretz_allure_photoshoot_2400_11.png
  496Denmark bbab
bbabchloe_moretz_allure_photoshoot_2400_11.jpg 298.96 KB, 1000x749

The gallery for Allure does not seem to show the thumbnail for this picture. The picture is there, just not part of the viewable thumbnail gallery.

It should be on page 1, but page one only has 499, but should have 500 pictures and stops with


And page 2 starts with


The problem with this is, that automated download agents will not catch this picture since there is no link to it on page 1 or 2. You can view it, if you click on the last image (chloe_moretz_allure_photoshoot_2400_10) and then click next in the preview image pop-up.

Maybe this is an error that also applies to other galleries with more than 500 images? Unless, I'm just blind and not seeing 2400_11
497Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
I have same problem. But I think it might be Chrome problem too beacause it happened on other sites to me (but I had always one tab with chlomo open and that tab was crashed too, other tabs fine.)
499Australia b5f0
Post hover pop-up sometimes flashes
500Denmark bbab
That happens a lot to me. Seems to be if the hover post is placed where cursor is or too low on screen. Scrolling up and then hover over thread number so the hover post has room to show above seems to work for me as a "temp fix".
yeah, that's an old issue
you might need to clear the cache but it should be okay now
(the post hover will always go below the post link, which should mean no flickering, but your post might get cut off so you'll need to scroll down)
503Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
I think I know what's the cause of these crashes already (at least for me). Chrome crashes when I keep tab with modville opened for long time. Not sure if it happens with mod.php in url on /chloe/ board (browsing as mod).
504Denmark bbab
The new mouseover hover on linked posts looks and works great…

… BUT… Could you make it do the pop-up post hover even if post is slightly visible. I mean, as it is now, it will not hover a post if just 1 pixel of it is visible, which is confusing since that 1-2 pixels can be hard to see being highlighted at the top of the screen.

So maybe make some form of buffer? Like if only 5 pixels or less is visible, then show pop-up or something?
I've added a 30px gap. Hopefully that should suffice
as usual, clear cache might be needed
2.94 MB

chloe moretz 1438619106797_Excitement.png
  506Denmark bbab
bbabExcitement.gif 2.94 MB, 307x264
7.1 KB

chloe moretz 1438975863770_kk.png
  511United Arab Emirates!.e.JEEj...
!.e.JEEj...kk.png 7.1 KB, 182x135
these buttons are covering the return to site button .
moved them to the right
should be fixed now
528Brazil 9740
Those theme links on bottom did not work…
the changes are small and subtle
try to put the mouse cursor over the "leave thread" button then change the theme and try again
if the colors are different then it works
531Denmark bbab
When I click on a referenced ID (those in the squared box, not the >>ID ones) it will only take me to the post if it's on the same page as what you can see on screen. It will not scroll down to the post if it's out of screen view, but simply scroll to the buttom on what you can view on screen? Which is confusing.

The other way around works fine, ie clicking on a >>ID will take you to the post being referenced.

At least not in Chrome.
refresh the page
I implemented a workaround
533Denmark bbab
Yep, works now.

Though, the first thread I tried it on (the current numbered) Chrome frooze and gave me a pop-up about the script taking too long, but ignoring that it worked.
534Denmark bbab
Also as Dani pointed out in the numbered thread. The banner in the top bar states the 5th wave Q&A to be today, but it's not before tomorrow monday the 31st.
535China 05af
please tell me how to delete my posts,I am new here but been loving Chloë for so long ,please tell me,thanks. :)
on desktop - rollover your post, press the "X", press delete
I don't know what's wrong.
Still not working =(
173.58 KB

chloe moretz 1441229873485_chlomo.png
  538Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAchlomo.jpg 173.58 KB, 1532x758
I'm experiencing this problem with chlomo gallery for some time now. Not all the thumbnails of photos are loading (loading of the page is complete) and I have to refresh the page at least 2 times to get them all loaded.

I've tried different browsers but all with the same result.

I think I have this problem since the shoops category was added and the gallery was moved to subdomain static.chlomo.org (but I'm not sure if you moved it or it was in this subdomain before).

I will post a support ticket
542Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
a support ticket? to webhosting support?
635.13 KB

chloe moretz 1441276248138_chloe_moretz_hollywood_reporter_01_1.png
  543China 78ea
78eachloe_moretz_hollywood_reporter_01_1.jpg 635.13 KB, 1047x1572
do we have some apps of this site?
545China 78ea
another question is how to respond someone here ? thanks a lot (sincere enquiry)
546Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
If you want to respond to a post, just click on the ID (#545) in the right upper corner of the post. It will create link like this >>545

Also this guide might be helpful for you >>4
yes, well, I was going to but realized why the problem appeared in the first place
pretty sure I can fix it myself

no apps
we might have some in the future but for now the site is mobile friendly and pretty close to an app (apart from notifications)
problem solved
549Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
550China 2b26
thanks a lot
551China 2b26
we will expect for it coming ,thanks you
552Sweden 0736
What happened to 'View latest posts'? I can not open large threads, with many hundred post and thumbnails, on my phone. The threads are just too big and make my browser freeze up.
it was modified
"enter thread" will load by default the latest posts
18.67 KB

chloe moretz 1441484873257_chloe_moretz_if_i_stay_tour_san_francisco_083.png
  554Sweden 0736
0736chloe_moretz_if_i_stay_tour_san_francisco_083.jpg 18.67 KB, 312x238

Ah, I see. Thanks!
556Australia 3b6f
can you whitelist my ip range pls
558Australia be87
I still get captcha/invalid security token when I try to edit posts
that's because you made that post with a different IP (49.183 instead of 49.184)
try again now
560Australia 48c0
all good
2.29 MB

chloe moretz 1443642085077_gallery.png
  599Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAgallery.png 2.29 MB, 1364x1296
Are you planning to fix the tags in the gallery?
In Photosets (2015) and half of Photosets (2014) every set is tagged as - NEW. And every other older set is tagged - UPDATED.

It's pretty difficult to find actually updated and new sets like this.

Maybe updated or new set should stay tagged only for some time.
go to the gallery and Ctrl + f5
601Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
No difference :/ Tried other browsers too.
602Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Now it seems fixed :)
121.41 KB

chloe moretz 1444573270813_Screenshot_2015-10-11-23-20-10.png
  605Korea, Republic of 093b
093bScreenshot_2015-10-11-23-20-10.png 121.41 KB, 1080x1920
am i banned?
do as it says there and mail that IP that you have problems with to support@chlomo.org
607Korea, Republic of 093b
i have just sent an email
my ip is
23.04 KB

chloe moretz 1444653693160_chloe_moretz_texas_killing_fields_03.png
!CHLOE6iOUochloe_moretz_texas_killing_fields_03.jpg 23.04 KB, 265x400
GG, remember this? >>422
So, I asked Hotwheels and he said, "He could simply add a CIDR. or"
I forgot my exact IP that time so I said that for simplicity sake, let's pretend the range was 192.168.1.xxx.
" tell him to allow"
1.51 MB

chloe moretz 1445183714001_chloe_moretz_armani_prive_show_45.png
!CHLOE6iOUochloe_moretz_armani_prive_show_45.jpg 1.51 MB, 2758x4136
Thank you!
The gallery is acting weird.
Loading problems and service not available messages. Its been like this for the last 12 hours or so.
Sometimes I can't open anything.
At this moment its working again, but a minute ago nothing worked, Its very inconsistent.
5.66 MB

chloe moretz 1445621428533_avengers_2.png
!CHLOE6iOUoavengers_2.jpg 5.66 MB, 3700x2313
GG, I've some suggestions. They're mostly focused on the mobile experience side of Chlomo though:

1. It would be cool if we've a (You) written right after a the tag no. when we're quoted. For example:
>>614 (You)
It would be easier to identify if someone replied to us especially because, when using a mobile/touch device, we can't hover over it like with a mouse.

2. Maybe, there could also be some sort of on/off toggle for autoupdates, like a tick box. It's help people feel more secure that Chlomo is not eating up mobile data in the background when they're not using the phone (also as opposed to closing the browser each time and reopening it again after) and in the case of people having those horrible moments of very very slow internet connection speeds while doing other things, they can disable autoupdates when not using Chlomo to help with that as well.
617Australia 335d
whitelist please
#1 and #2 are good ideas, just not sure when/if I will get to them
619India d69f
The 5th wave movie is awesome awesome awesome and your acting is super and very good.
60.07 KB

chloe moretz 1453875834669_Funny_You_Should_Say_That.png
!CHLOE6iOUoFunny_You_Should_Say_That.jpg 60.07 KB, 313x315
You didn't like 3? :(
184.13 KB

chloe moretz 1455449284226_chloe_moretz_flaunt_magazine_10.png
  622Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
!JEEJ31tuSAchloe_moretz_flaunt_magazine_10.jpg 184.13 KB, 871x1107
Would it be possible to fix hovering quote tag on mobile version?

I mean if you touch the tag it will show you the quoted post (for a second) but also it will open full thread (the link on the quote leads to full thread not _latest). The best would be if it only showed the quouted post and didn't open whole thread. And only if the quote was outside of _latest posts it would open whole thread.

In short if you touch quote on mobile version it would just show the buble with quoted post and won't jump to the post because jumping means that it will open fx. this link:


= full thread = slow on phone = lot of data = bad
these are two fixes in one
1) tapping a post link on mobile should just show the popup, not open the link
2) clicking links to posts should remain in the short thread version (if the quotes post was from there as well)

the first issue should be pretty easy to fix
the second one I will need to dig into, but it's something that had been annoying me for a long time as well
624Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
Okay, thanks
38.65 KB

chloe moretz 1455704742058_needbrainbleach.png
  625Australia 110a
110aneedbrainbleach.jpg 38.65 KB, 370x397
When i click the link for "Chlomo and PicturePub.net present 119 exculsive pics" i get sent to a page that says "name" and "password", yet i cant find anywhere where i can create an account.
sorry about that
refresh the page and try again
I thought I fixed it days ago
surprised no one mentioned it until now
56.18 KB

chloe moretz 1458687963673_nyt1.png
  627United States f080
f080nyt1.jpg 56.18 KB, 638x800
Hello. Somewhat regular poster here.

I'm not able to post unless I include a pic or gif in the process. Any posts without one say they are automated and discarded, and suggest refreshing which changes nothing. This has gone on for over a week. Since others are still posting just text this must not be site change so something is wrong. Anyone have any solutions? Thanks.
39.28 KB

chloe moretz 1458706697850_33VNqVr.png
!CHLOE6iOUo33VNqVr.jpg 39.28 KB, 1006x381
Hi, GG. Chlondike sent you an email. He can't post or even access the site.
I need the IP

did you try the regular things like clearing cache, trying to post again in an incognito window or trying other browser?
280.76 KB

chloe moretz 1458763863178_Chloe-Moretz-partant-de-chez-Earthbar--West-Hollywood-0.png
  630United States f080
f080Chloe-Moretz-partant-de-chez-Earthbar--West-Hollywood-0.png 280.76 KB, 615x300

>>did you try the regular things like clearing cache, trying to post again in an incognito window or trying other browser?

Just cleared the cache and tried incognito, still can't post text only. Not sure why Firefox would be the issue. I used it for years here.
631United States f080
Ok, so it seems I can post using Internet Explorer. Why would Firefox be the culprit? Surely, others are using that browser too.
any extensions you might have?
633United States f080

I have exactly one extension, Ad-Block Plus which I've had for years.
did you try disabling it on chlomo?
635United States f080

Just did and posts still discarded using FF.
26.97 KB

chloe moretz 1458767135273_not_picking_my_ear.png
  637United States f080
f080not_picking_my_ear.png 26.97 KB, 126x126

If this is for deleting individual entries I don't understand the instructions. What form field is it referring to? I don't get it.

And now I can't post through IE. Getting a database error, server/socket issue.
639United States f080
After trying again and getting a post discarded/flood warning, I can use IE to post. WTH
long story short is
the issues is most likely on your side
and I can't think of no solution besides clearing cookies and form data
642United States f080

Well I'd try to clear the form data if I knew how. I'm clicking on the field here, this box, but then what? Arrow down? I'm lost.
Ctrl + shift + delete
>form and search history
644United States f080

Well I'm screwed because that didn't work either. Thanks for trying though.
look up how to create a new (blank) firefox profile and try with that as a test
additionally try restarting firefox in safe mode
284.42 KB

chloe moretz 1458805736562_045_2.png
!Mu5DJ1d1S.045_2.jpg 284.42 KB, 960x720
welp, now I'm getting it too -___-
647United States f080

Something within the site not agreeing with FF?

I can't get into safe mode anyway; I tried and instead my PC went and forced a 45-minute system check on me.
649Romania 27cc
nothing on the site changed as far as I know and I have been using firefox on it for a long while
I can post as a mod and bypass it but without that the problem persists
I tried using a different firefox profile and still got the same problem
650United States f080

Sorta relieved that it's not just me. Maybe something on the latest version of FF that's the issue.
651Romania a795
I'm hoping that's the case as well
90 KB

chloe moretz 1458963700975_cgm_N2-SHOVE-U.png
  652United States cf5e
cf5ecgm_N2-SHOVE-U.jpg 90 KB, 1231x772
I am getting a lot of "Your request looks automated; Post discarded. Try refreshing the page and posting again" errors. I'm using Firefox on Ubuntu.
653Romania f744
what version of firefox?
Because if it's 45.0.1 then it doesn't work for any of us. The only workaround so far is to post an image as well when making a post, as that seems to work
658.98 KB

chloe moretz 1459006851989_chloe-grace-moretz-4.png
  654United States cf5e
cf5echloe-grace-moretz-4.jpg 658.98 KB, 4005x2197
45.0! You got it! That's how I got my question to you posted. I realized I'd successfully posted a OC & Macro, it was just text that's fail. Thanx.
655United States f080

Me again. Newest version of FireFox installed and the problem seems to be rectified.
657Denmark b3f1
The link to the "previous thread" in the new Chloë Moretz new pictures thread v10 only works for mods
658Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
659Switzerland acb1
I love this site and I really want to download most of the Photoshoots ans Photosets but that takes AGES to do that manually, can you please add a download button to download a Set/Shoot automatically?
660Czech Republic!JEEJ31tuSA
I would suggest you to use Chlomo Folders: >>>/chloe/30117
661Pakistan 47fc
Anyway to update the flag file?
662Romania 3b1e
this is indeed the best solution: >>660

Sure. What do you want updated?
663Denmark e905
Looks like the New VIdeos Thread #3 is no longer bumping

664Denmark e905
nm, problem solved by making new thread since it was way overdue anyway.
666Denmark e905
Can I please be whitelisted to see if that will help against the constant "this post looks automated" errors.
20.69 KB

chloe moretz 1499215160158_Capture.png
  740United States!!HB99K.NCeE
!!HB99K.NCeECapture.jpg 20.69 KB, 692x245
What's this?
742United States!JEEJ31tuSA
that your IP is blacklisted somewhere. If it happens to you let me know and I will whitelist your IP.