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chloe moretz 1403516356813_chlomo_gallery.png

The Chlomo Gallery

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Introducing the chlomo gallery:

Today we mark a new step in the evolution of chlomo by launching our very own image gallery. We already had all the sets in various threads but the chan structure is not the best for viewing pics (one picture per line; too much wasted space; poor navigation). It also poses a much larger problem with updating the galleries which is a major pain in the ass.

So, out of necesity, we built our own gallery to replace the old threads. The design puts focus on the pics and uses a masonry layout to put as many pics possible in one view and wasting very little space. We also added a download button for each set so you don't have to use any browser extensions or special programs for it.

Also out of necessity, this was built from scratch, meaning it might have some bugs and need polishing here and there, but it's a solution that suits our needs perfectly.

This is currently in beta. It's perfectly functional and you have all the photoshoots and photo sets in there, but there are some improvements that I want to make before I can consider this a finished product:
- make the site responsive (it should be optimized for mobile devices)
- add related videos for each set
- add screencaps
- add movie stills/promo pics
- add videos
- add next/previous buttons to navigate between the large pictures

So there you have it, your new destination for Chloë pics. Hope you like it and mention any feedback, suggestions or bug reporting in this thread

ps: I must mention that when you click on a thumbnail in the gallery you will get a larger image - that is not the full resolution one, but one that is scaled to 1600x720. You must click the "+" button to open the full resolution image. I did this because a lot of pictures can be huge (in terms of file size) so loading images would be slow for many users.

Also, for now there is no resolution specified for each image (only the file size) and I want to have that in there but I'm not sure how do-able it is so there is the possibility that we might not get that.
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hmm, you're right
I'll look into it
346India 1831
The one with Chloë and Brooklyn has the wrong date on it!!
It says 2017…
will fix in the next gallery update
the gallery hasn't been updated in a while and won't be updated for another few weeks
the current system we have for updating the gallery is too cumbersome and time consuming to use and we're working on a new version, that will make updating the gallery much faster and will also connect it to the chlomo folders >>>/chloe/30117

that means we'll be able to update the gallery every few days instead of once a month
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Sorry my google-English
Earlier in each gallery was archive file for download all images at once.
Will be the such archive file in the new version gallery?
Thank you.
that eats up too much hosting space (it basically doubles the gallery in size, and we're talking tens of gigabytes here)
you can user a browser extension like DownthemAll https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/downthemall/ to download a set quick and easily
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Thanks, I'll try

The Chlomo Gallery is finally back in action with a new version. At first you might not notice anything different, apart from the ability to navigate between open pictures.

The biggest change however is under the hood. We have a new and improved gallery generator which will allow us to update the gallery way more often than ever before.

Keep in mind the new version is in beta, so it might have some bugs (such as showing some sets were updated and then not showing any updated pics when you open it) but rest assured to are working to fix them.

Report any problems you encounter here, and enjoy the updated version of the best Chloe gallery:
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the Let Me In london premiere and new york premiere both link to the same gallery
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you are amazing and awesome :3
you're right
I will fix it in the next update, which should be pretty soon

There are a few redirection loops when clicking the full size button.
can you provide a link to such a gallery or image?
can you provide a specific link?
by random you mean sometimes the same gallery works while sometimes it goes into a loop?
By random I mean not every set has this.

here is a link, but I can't see the pic, it says there is a loop. And it says so in all my browsers(safari/chrome/firefox) and on all my devices(imac/ipad/iphone).
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Excellent content. I am grateful for this.

There are a few, a handful maybe, of shots which I think I either have or have seen better quality versions of. Other than that, no comment on the "thing" itself. I don't know anything about web design, development, or any of that stuff. All I know how to do is break web apps. With permission granted via title authority, of course. All I have to say is maybe, possibly, sort-of, consider offering a not so "web 2.0" version for the freaks like me. Maybe even a blink tag or two, for old times sake. Just kidding, about the blink tags.

About the content:
Another site has a bigger version, maybe full rez, of https://www.chlomo.org/gallery/photosets_2012/chloe_moretz_2012_peoples_choice_awards/chloe_moretz_2012_peoples_choice_awards_038.jpg here http://chloegracemoretz.com/photos/albums/apperances/12/120111peopleschoiceawards/136796793_10.jpg

I've seen a full rez version of https://www.chlomo.org/gallery/photosets_2013/chloe_moretz_attending_carrie_stage_greeting/chloe_moretz_carrie_stage_greeting_07.jpg somewhere. I might have it saved somewhere. I'll see if I can find it when I get some time. Assuming you guys don't already have it and/or post it before then.

There's a few others, but time is limited and all that stuff.

Just as a side note, you might notice the aforementioned "other" site has directory traversal, erhm, I mean, indexing, directory indexing enabled. Handy.

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chloe moretz 1416666616319_Whaat.png
!Mu5DJ1d1S.Whaat.jpg 190.94 KB, 365x612
>the aforementioned "other" site has directory traversal, erhm, I mean, indexing, directory indexing enabled. Handy.
what "other" site?
what directory indexing?

Still works for me but someone else reported the same problem
give me a nudge when you see me on the chan
I will try switching a few things so you can tell me if it works or not
Its seems to be working.
seeing how I didn;t change anything directly related to it, it must have been some caching issues
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Hey, I first want to say great website guys. A lot of hard work goes into this and it's terrific! I was curious if it would be possible to upload pictures into sets instead of having views download them individually. It's too difficult to navigate what images you want to save, which ones you have or have not saved, and it kind of gives me a headache.
I feel having every image in a RAR or ZIP file would be very, very useful for us who want whole sets to download much more quickly.

It's a bit unclear to me what you mean. Do you want to download all the pics in a set?

Downloading all as a zip would be nice and we had that option before but we had to remove it due to technical constraints

Right now the easier options to get all pics is either to use a browser extension like DownThemAll, or, even better
use the chlomo folders which will do all the downloading and the work for you: https://www.chlomo.org/chan/chloe/res/30117.html
491United States 5d4d
Thanks for the link. Yes, I was looking something like this GG. Because the layout is weird and when I download the pictures I can easily forget what I already save and skip over pictures I want to keep when looking through all the different images.
492United States a10f
Hey, GG. I have installed Bittorrent sync and now I'm waiting for your approval for me to get the folders. Thanks again amigo. You're awesome!
you should post in the "chlomo folders" thread that I linked above
also, you shouldn't get the need for approval message
try using this link
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Every section says new or updated for all albums.
I did some change to the scripts
that was supposed to be only for your first visit to the gallery (after I made those changes)
on your second visit (which only counts if you come one day later) everything should have been in order

PS: sorry for the late reply
665United Kingdom 6319
Thank you whoever runs this site! Your doing the lords work;)