If you’re new here DO NOT make a thread!

We've seen an abundance of useless threads made by new people here, so instead of polluting the board with junk,take a look at this guide here before making a new thread

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Chlomo.org user guide

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So you want to know more about Chlomo, eh. Well, you've come to the right place

1. What this place is: >>5
2. How this place works: >>6
3. Posting basics and getting started: >>7
4. Posting guidelines: >>8
5. Rules and moderation: >>9
6. Frequently asked questions: >>11
7. Glossary: >>12
8. The history of chlomo: >>9

if there's anything that's missing from this guide, request it in this thread:
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1. What this place is

This place is a fansite dedicated to Chloë Grace Moretz as well a large and devoted community of fans. It is intended for a more mature audience so if strong language or offensive jokes bother you, then this place is not for you.

This place originated from the Chloë community on 4chan but that doesn't mean we're an extension of that. We try to keep the freedom of speech that it offered but without all the trolls and crap that you'd get there and still being respectful towards Chloë and those close to her.

As long as you are a fan of hers and you abide by the rules and guidelines you will always be welcomed here
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2. How this place works

This site is an imageboard which is very similar to a messageboard/forum except that you don't have to register for an account so anyone can post, and we rely on images more than we do texts. For example people don't usually post smiley faces / emojis … they post reaction pics which different facial expressions that fit the context so instead of LOL you could post a picture of Chloë laughing, instead of posting "o_O" you could post a picture of Chloë with a shocked look on her face and so on.

There are different types of threads. First there are the main threads which are dedicated to a specific topic: news, new pictures, photoshoots, fan art etc. We try to keep these ontopic as much as possible

Then you have the numbered threads (such as "Chloë thread #712"). These are the threads for general discussions and random chat. This is where people usually post. This is where you should continue any random Chloë discussions (instead of derailing other threads). This is where you can ask different Chloë related questions or make requests. Each time a thread reaches a certain limit, a new one is made and all the discussions are continued there.

Chlomo has 3 boards where you can post:

/chloe/ - is the main one and it's for all things Chloë related (discussions, photoshoots, movies, news, etc). Random and unrelated chit chat is also allowed but if it goes on for too long then it should be taken to the pfftopic board

/offtopic/ - this is for all the content and discussions that are not Chloë related (movies that you like, videogames impressions, music recommendations etc). There are threads of various topics there and while you can't create a thread for a new topic, you can ask the mods to make one for you

/support/ - which is for things strictly related to this site (bugs, suggestions, feature requests etc). This is also the place where you should test stuff such as deleting your post, quoting and so on

Now, here are the components of chlomo:

1) The main updates
The first thing you see when entering the site is the main Chloë updates (new sets, news, trailers etc). This includes the latest 8 ones updates plus a main one (the biggest in there and the most important one). The updates go away as new ones take their place but the main one might be there for longer periods, until another major update take its place.

2) Threads list
When you enter chlomo you end up on the index page where you will see the latest threads. For each thread you'll see the OP (original post), a button to enter the thread (2A), the last 2 posts (2C) and the number of omitted posts and images (2B).

3) The navigation bar
The main component for navigation, this gives you quick access to the most important threads on each board, as well a longer list with the most recent Chloë updates

4) The footer
At the bottom of the page you'll find a large collection of useful links and functions. First you have the button to navigate to the other pages, then buttons for themes, social media links, link to search and the board catalog plus links to some of the most important threads (such as news and new pictures as well as the Chlomo gallery).

5) Top/bottom and post form buttons
Next you have two buttons for quickly navigating to the top and botttom of the page, plus the button to show/hide the posting form which you use for making a new thread or posting a reply

6) A thread
A thread is pretty straight forward. One thing to keep in mind is that we have auto-updating threads, that means new posts get added automatically to the thread.

7) A post
Each post has quite a bit of info. First you have the media (either an image or a video). Clicking it will enlarge the image / play the video. Then, on the left side you also have the poster's name (or Anonymous if he doesn't have one), a user ID or tripicode (you can read more about those below) and the image file name and size.

On the right side you have the post ID and the posts's date and time. When you rollover a post (7A) you also get the buttons to download the picture and delete that post (7B) which will open up a small popup.

You'll alsoe notice some posts have things like ">>89" attached next to them (8). Those are called cites (you can read more about those below) and when you rollover them you'll see the post that was quoted.

9) The post form
Also pretty self explanitory. You can choose to post text, a media element (image or video) or both.

10) The mobile version of the site
The mobile version of chlomo is pretty similar to the desktop one but it has some noticeable differences which are mainly grouped under the navigation bar (10). There you'll find a "show advanced info" button and a "toggle up/down" button. Also, when in a thread you'll notice a number next to the "new reply" button - those are the number of new posts in that thread.
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Posting basics and getting started

By now you probably are familiar with all the elements of the page so let's get down to the posting.

First of all you can either make a new thread or reply in an existing one. If you choose to make a thread make sure it's something that can get more than just a few replies, something that can generate into a larger discussion, otherwise you're better off by posting in the current numbered thread. For example don't make a thread asking "what interview is this picture from" when it will only get 1-2 replies. You can read more about why you should probably not make a new thread here: >>14

When it comes to making replies one thing to keep in mind is that there is a 20 seconds limit between each post.

Using a tripcode
A tripcode is a unique string of characters (such as "!a3dKSVA5Rc") that goes next to your name and serves as your personal ID to make sure no one impersonates you (otherwise anyone can simply use your name). To use a tripcode simply write in the name fields
NAME##PASSWORD (for example "dave##pass123")

Referencing/linking to a post or a thread
To reference a certain post simply write in the comment field >>POSTNUMBER (for example >>12345) or click the post id, at the top right side of each post. If you click the post ID, you will not see that quote until you open up for form.

To reference a certain thread use exactly the same syntax as when referencing a post, except that you must use the ID of the first post in that thread (for example >>3 )

If you want to link to a different board you must use >>>/BOARD/POSTNUMBER for example >>>/offtopic/9

Green text
Used mostly for quoting, it can be done by using ">" followed by the text you want, but only at the beggining of a line

Using markup
Simply use this format:
XXX your text here XXX
Where XXX should be replaced with
'' for italic
''' for bold
** for spoilers
== for headers
– for strikethrough text (double minus)

bare in mind that this only works for a single line of text so if you want to use spoilers for multple lines for example, you'll have to add spoiler tags for each line

Deleting a post
To delete a post (or its image) rollover it and press the "X". This will open up a simple popup.
Sometimes, you might find that you're unable to delete a post of yours. That might happen wheen you clear your cookies, your IP changes or for other various technical reasons. When that happens you can simply ask a mod to delete your post

Now that you grasp the posting basics it's time for you to get started. Here are some steps that you should take:

1) If you want to cut to the chase go to >>>/chloe/ , enter the latest numbered thread (or any other thread that interests you) and start posting.

2) If you want to experiment some more with posting, quoting, deleting your post and so on you can do it in this thread >>3

3) If you want more Chloë pictures to go with your posts go to the reaction pics thread: >>>/chloe/74

4) Tell us your honest opinion about this place >>>/chloe/106
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4. Posting guidelines

Do not be afraid to post
We don't bite. As long as you are a Chloë fan you are always welcomed here

Off-topic discussions
If you're posting in a thread with a specific topic such as News, Carrie, Fan-art and so on try to stay on topic, otherwise continue your discussion in the numbered thread. If your discussion has nothing to do with Chloë then take it in >>>/offtopic/

Take long debates in a separate thread
This being the internet it's unavoidable that some discussions might turn into long debates, the kind that people don't want to be a part of. In that case that debate should be continued in the Neverending Debate Thread (NED): >>>/offtopic/14
If you're a user you can simply ask those involved to continue their debate there, or ask a mod to intervene

Making a new numbered thread
Make sure the current numbered thread has at least 500 posts before making a new one.
Your numbered thread should include "Chloë Moretz" plus the thread number in the title (for example "Chloë Moretz thread #732")
Try to pick a theme, to keep things interesting

The world is full of idiots and nowhere is this more apparent than on the internetz so if you feel the need to insult someone you can do it freely. Like we said we don’t want to restrict you in any way so if you want to call other users or even mods stupid or anything of that sort you can do it, but back it up with something:

- You, sir, are a moron because …
- That mod is an asshole because …

We should definitely try and respect each other but we don’t live in an utopia and that is not always possible therefore if you need to express your opinion in a manner that might seems offensive you are free to do it. Do it once, do it twice, get it out of your system but don’t go overboard with it to the point where you’re starting to sound like a spammer, a troll or an asshole since that might result in a warning and eventually a ban.
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5. Rules and moderation

We want to make this chan as unregulated as possible but there still need to be some lines drawn and rules enforced.

The most important thing to keep in mind is: this is a site by chlobros, for chlobros, and if you act like one you’ll always be fine here.

will get you banned and your threads and posts deleted (that goes without saying)

we’ll allow trolling to a certain extent, for the lulz, (let’s call it "soft trolling”) but if it gets out of hand or there’s too much of it you’ll get a warning and if you continue you will get banned and possibly your posts deleted.

Fakes or disturbing material
posting them will get you banned as well as posting material that might be too offensive or too disrespectful towards Chloë or her family and friends.

Do not post private information about her
such as what her facebook account is or where she is staying at (unless that info is publicly available).

Bans and warnings
We don't want to kick people out and resorting to bans but sometimes that is necessary. Unless you post something really offensive then you will probably get a warning or two before receiving a ban and even if you get one that might be a small one to serve as a warning rather than be a punishment. If you get banned for no reason whatsoever then contact support@chlomo.org

Same thing if you get banned for reasons that you think are unfair
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6. Frequently asked questions

Does Chloë post here?
Not that we know of. We'll always dream about the day when she will post here but then again the site would implode if she did

Does Chloë know about this place?
Probably. There here have been many instances where she linked to a youtube or just jared page and chlomo.org was the top comment. We also got retweets from both her or trevor and the tweets contained links to chlomo. She also favorited another one of our posts linking to a gallery here so it's beyond safe to assume she knows about it. What she thinks about us though .. that's a whole different story

Anyone here met Chloë?
Yes. here's the thread for it >>>/chloe/107

Why do people use the word fag so much here?
It's an old habit from 4chan where the word was used for pretty much everything (britfag, amerifag, Chloëfag etc). Don't be offended by it, its not meant in a derogatory way

What do those characters like "!Mu5DJ1d1S" or "8b5d" next to the posters' name mean
In the case of Anonymous members those characters are an unique poster ID. It's used to differentiate between the different users who post as Anonymous. Those numbers only last for the duration of a thread (so the same user will have a totally different poster ID in another thread)

In the case of named users those characters are called a tripcode, you can read more about it here: >>7
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7. Glossary

OP - original post (guy who starts a thread is always called “OP”)

OC- original content (Your creations/photoshoped pictures, macros, etc etc…/ are called OC)

Meme - A short phrase, picture, or combination of the two that gets repeated on imageboards and other places(that stole everything from 4chan) for far, far longer then anything ever ought to be.

4Chan - the most popular imageboard on the internet, full of normal people. Entering this website requires you leave your humanity behind before entering.

/b/ - "Random" most popular board on 4chan with no rules full of misunderstood underachieving geniuses with the most bizarre fetishes living in their mothers basement, these people are called "/b/tards" go there, lurk for 5 minutes, hate it or love it, there's no in between.

Lurker - person who only lurks(sits on his ass and watches thread without contributing)

sage - word you put in the email field if you don't want to bump (automatically move thread to the top after posting to keep it alive) thread you're posting in

GETS - "GETs" happen on the approach to significant or unique post numbers on a board,(ex. "5MGET", "1234567GET", "7777777GET", etc.)

Stickie - "Stickied" threads are posts that are stuck (hence "sticky/stickied") to the top of a board's index page. A stickied thread is denoted by a small thumbtack icon placed next to its post number. Threads can only be stuck by moderators, and cannot be saged or otherwise unstuck by users.

If you want to know what terms such as chlobro, mayo, class and cupcake come from, you should visit the Chlomopedia: http://www.chlomo.org/archive/chloe/res/250612.html
8. The history of Chlomo

You can find it here: http://www.chlomo.org/history/